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Simply Beautiful: Baby’s Breath Bridal Bouquets (and More)

Posted by: admin

babys breath wedding ideas

Baby’s breath is more than just a bouquet filler. This lovely and delicate bedding plant is a beauty in its own right. Light and elegant, it looks like nothing so much as little fluffy clouds when used well. It makes an airy addition to place cards, a bridal headpiece, or boutonnieres, and a fresh, modern, and feminine bridal bouquet when used all on its own or with a few other blooms. What’s not to love?

babys breath bridal bouquet 2

babys breath bridal bouquet 5

babys breath bridal bouquet 3

babys breath bridal bouquet 4


babys breath bridal bouquet 6

babys breath bridal bouquet 7

How simple would this bouquet be to DIY? And yet the results are so gorgeous!

babys breath bridal bouquet 8

babys breath bridal bouquet 9

babys breath bridal bouquet 10

Love how this next bride’s bouquet has become a part of her bridal accessories thanks to a pretty bouquet charm!

babys breath bridal bouquet 11

babys breath bridal bouquet

Are you thinking of using baby’s breath in your bouquet or centerpieces as something other than a filler? Let’s hear your best ideas!


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Yet Another Trend Alert: Blush Metallics

Posted by: admin

Rose gold? We’re sold! Remember how in our last post we said we were kind of so over pink? There’s a caveat. Merge pink with the metallics trend and you’ve suddenly got something that’s not only gorgeous, but also elegant. Blush metallics are the grownup answer to pink. A little daring. A little surprising. And a lot of wow.

blush metallics wedding inspiration

Who says the bride has to have a white wedding? A oh-so-light rose gold gown looks amazing next to deeper blush metallics on bridesmaids.

blush metallics wedding inspiration bridal shoes

Of course, if you’ve been dreaming of wearing white since you were a little girl your bridal shoes can be your pop of blush.

rose gold blush metallics

Or your wedding accessories – we love this blush and gold side comb featuring hand wired enamel flowers in the softest of pinks.

rose gold bridesmaids dresses

Don’t forget your bridesmaids! Pick blush bridesmaids dresses that have a ton of sparkle or just a tad. Either way, your girls are going to love you.

blush metallics wedding inspiration reception table

How amazing is this table? Seriously.

rose gold sequin table wedding

Or this one! (Just make sure if you outfit your reception cocktail hour tables in over the top blush metallics you don’t inadvertently have your ‘maids in matching dresses. No one likes walking into a space and realizing they look like a table.

rose gold DIY wedding

Not finding rose gold centerpieces that knock your socks off? How about making your own? All it takes is some pretty old bottles and a whole lot of blush metallic paint plus some candles. Too easy.

blush metallics wedding inspiration cake

And finally, when you’re outfitting yourself and your bridesmaids and your venue, don’t forget the cake! Rose gold looks gorgeous on wedding cake, too; especially if you can do something like edible gold foil. Très chic!

USABride is your complete source of wedding jewelry and wedding accessories. Save 10% off your order of $50 or more at www.usabride.com.
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Trend Alert: Pastel Bridesmaids Dresses

Posted by: admin

Pastel-Bridesmaid-Dresses - After Six Bridesmaid

Looks like pretty in pink is giving way to pastels from periwinkle to lavender and beyond, and that’s just fine by us. Not that there’s anything wrong with pink – it’s still one of our faves, as this selection of After Six Bridesmaid dresses shows. It’s just that pastels are back in a big way – expect to see them at plenty of 2015 weddings – and we’re in love with how brides are using them.

bridesmaids in pastels

While nothing says spring wedding like a bunch of bridesmaids dressed all in shades of post-winter blossoms there’s no reason not to explore pastels for winter weddings or in the summertime. Mint and peach both have grownup appeal – an important disclaimer for anyone worried that pastels are best left to newborn layettes.

pastel bridesmaid inspiration

From beach to garden or even indoors, pastel bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous. Especially when brides and their girls mix it up a little! Pastels are so warm and inviting every shade above harmonizes beautifully with the bride’s gold wedding gown.

pastel bridesmaid dresses

Though the pastels worn by these bridesmaids look just as beautiful next to a more traditional white wedding gown.

pastel bridesmaids dresses

Even wedding accessories like shoes can get into the game!

bridesmaids in pastel dresses

We just can’t get enough of how this brilliant bride coordinated her ‘maids and the simple flower arrangements they’re carrying!


Alternate idea: put the flower girl in her very own shade of pastel dress. That way, she’s more likely to be able to use it again – trust us when we say her parents will thank you.

pastel bridesmaids

And one more set of beautiful bridesmaids wearing pastel dresses, just because!


Will your bridesmaids be wearing pastels?

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How to Look Like Kate Middelton on Your Wedding Day

Posted by: admin


Who wouldn’t want to look like Kate Middleton, anyway? No matter what, you’ll feel like a princess on your wedding day but if you want to look like a princess – well, Duchess – our founder and bridal stylist Dareth Colburn has some tips!

kate middleton tiara wedding - royal wedding

Loving that headpiece? Grab our Kate Middleton tiara!

USABride is your complete source of wedding jewelry and wedding accessories. Save 10% off your order of $50 or more at www.usabride.com.
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Beach Wedding Ideas for Every Couple

Posted by: Dareth Colburn

A beach theme wedding can certainly be a lot of fun but it’s no easier planning a beach wedding than it is planning any other wedding. It’s simply an opportunity to take advantage of the romance of the ocean and the fun of the sandy shore. You can have a formal wedding beach side at a cabana or at a beach side garden. Or you can have an informal beach wedding right on the sand. Here are just some ideas to get you started:

beach wedding arch - beach wedding inspiration 2

Weddings on a sandy beach are beautiful with a white arch covered in flowers and ribbons. Even if you don’t have your wedding at the beach, you can use these ideas to convey the same feeling in a landlocked locale!

beach wedding arch - beach wedding inspiration

Start with your invitations. Traditional invitations in a color scheme inspired by the sea will set the stage early for your beach theme. Have chairs set up for your guests, or even ask them to bring their own chair or towel (for more casual affairs). Remember to consider how you will get less mobile guests to the seating area – walking on sand isn’t easy for everyone.

beach wedding signs

Decorate your reception and ceremony sites with sea shells and candles in beachy colors. Tiny sea shells sprinkled on tables or placed in colorful bowls will attract attention.

beach wedding 1

Add shells, pearls, and other beachy stuff to your flower arrangements and your tables. Decorating with what Mother Nature provides can be a real money saver for the budget bride.

beach wedding cake - beach wedding inspiration

Consider having a clam bake or lobster reception – or go all out with Hawaiian shirts and surf shorts. If you relax, your guests will, too! That said, there’s no reason a catered clambake has to be too casual. It’s all in the presentation.

Visit tourist shops near beaches for special items that will help set the mood.

beach wedding sunglasses

Bright coral-inspired colors, beach towels with summery designs, and scallop shell decor can evoke happy memories of lazy days on the beach. Don’t go overboard unless you really want to – after all, you’re already AT the beach so there’s no need to belabor the point!

planning a beach wedding

Add white chocolate sea shells to your wedding cake. Use a lighthouse or starfish as a cake topper. Don’t feel like you have to make your whole wedding cake into a beach scene, though. Pay homage to the sea with the colors you choose and a few well-placed embellishments.

beach wedding shoes - bridal shoes

Don’t forget your wedding accessories! Ditch the shoes in favor of something that makes walking down a sandy aisle easier and choose beachy accessories like starfish hair pins and even a starfish bridal garter!

For favors, do guests a favor (ahem) and pass out small bottles of sunscreen tied with a ribbon. You can also have a bucket of sunglasses ready for guests as they arrive at the ceremony because so many of the people you care about will probably have forgotten sun protection.

USABride is your complete source of wedding jewelry and wedding accessories. Save 10% off your order of $50 or more at www.usabride.com.
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Brides, Roll with the Punches

Posted by: Dareth Colburn

The backstory: This couple was posing for their wedding photog when they were photobombed by a random gent. And the bride and groom are still smiling. Maybe even smiling bigger because that one photo has a little more flavor for the weirdness of the moment.

how to have a perfect wedding

Is every wedding misstep or mishap cause for celebration? Of course not. But no wedding is perfect. Not ours, not yours, no bride’s. You can get pretty close to perfect – if you’re lucky. Luck plays so much into it, honestly. Consider the weather.


You can’t do anything about it if you’re planning to say your vows outdoors. Just like you can’t do anything about your mouthy Aunt Edna who says whatever comes into her head, come what may. Some things? You can control. You pick your bridal jewelry. You pick your wedding dress – which isn’t to say that something horrid can’t happen along the way because it can. But you can’t help moments like this one.

Point being, there’s no sense in getting incensed when the inevitable happens and something goes amiss. Bad things happen and as much as you’d like to plan for every wedding day emergency, you can’t. Maybe you open your garment bag and your gorgeous gown has a stain that came from who knows where but it’s there now. Maybe the best man never shows. The caterer delivers a sit down meal for half as many guests as you actually have.

Maybe the dock where you were taking pics sinks out from under your wedding party’s feet.

Or maybe it’s something as simple as a photobomb.

How you react to wedding day disasters big and small may just set the stage for how you react to the kind of everyday disasters every married couple has to deal with. The fridge goes bust. There’s a leak coming from inside a wall. Or you’re arguing about the dishes. Again. Make your wedding day a day where you practice a skill you’ll need for the rest of your life. Bad things happen; it’s how you deal with them that matters, now and for the rest of your marriage!

USABride is your complete source of wedding jewelry and wedding accessories. Save 10% off your order of $50 or more at www.usabride.com.
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An Elegant Barn Wedding On a Gorgeous Day

Posted by: Dareth Colburn

Since we all have summer on the brain over here I was so jazzed when photographer Kayce Howard of Purple Opal Photography contacted me to share some photos of an outdoor barn wedding she shot recently. It was a simple affair – casual, even – but still sophisticated. Some things stood right out. The couple? Looked comfortable in their clothes. We can get behind wedding fashion for brides and grooms that feels as good as it looks! And the setting? Was to die for. Check it out:



Is that look not adorable? Check out this bride’s natural curly ‘do below. It’s super inspiring for all the curly-haired brides-to-be dreaming of keeping things au naturel. You can do it, ladies!


How about these colors? These are bridesmaids dresses you could really and truly actually wear again. My guess is that the bridesmaids themselves had a hand in picking them.



They are too cute.



How can you not love a bride and groom who look like they’re having an amazing time?




This natural wedding arch is the kind of wedding decor you can’t replicate. It has to be Mother Nature or nothing.




Like I said, it was simple. Simply beautiful, when it comes down to it. Wedding tables don’t need to be fussy to make guests happen. Very few people will remember your centerpieces or the color of your linens, anyway.



Every couple needs a shot like this.




Are you a wedding photographer who’d like to share your work on our blog? If you have a set of wedding photos you love, email christa d terry at gmail (no spaces) to find out how to have them featured. Brides, we’d love to feature your favorite wedding photos, too!

USABride is your complete source of wedding jewelry and wedding accessories. Save 10% off your order of $50 or more at www.usabride.com.
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All the Alternative Wedding Cakes You Could Ever Want

Posted by: Dareth Colburn

Hate cake? I can’t say I’m right there with you but I totally respect your choice NOT to have wedding cake at your reception. Some people will hem and haw on and on about how you can’t have a wedding without c-a-k-e but that’s a big fat lie. Aside from the vows that make the wedding official (notice I didn’t say legal because it takes all kinds) you can have a wedding without nearly anything. No dress? No problem. No bridesmaids? Same. No wedding accessories, wedding favors, bridal heels, or open bar? You’ll be just as married. Heck, you don’t even need guests. But if you don’t have wedding guests, who will eat all these goodies? Because today I wanted to share some of my favorite wedding cake alternatives for the bride-to-be who would rather not have her cake and eat it, too.


Who doesn’t like doughnuts? Whether you’re a diehard Dunkin Donuts fan or you say Krispy Kreme for life or you’re all about the gourmet indie doughnuts, a stack of wedding doughnuts can go a long way toward satisfying your guests’ sweet teeth.

cheese as wedding cake

Sweets for the sweet? Hardly when you sub out the traditional wedding cake for a more cosmopolitan last course of cheese. This isn’t wedding cheesecake but wedding cheese… as cake, tiers and all.

crepes as wedding cake

Wedding crepes as cake lets you have all the icing you could want in a “cake” that’s a step up from sponge. It’s even more striking when you use dark chocolate ganache between the layers.

ice cream as wedding cake

I scream, you scream, we all scream for wedding ice cream. Help guests beat the heat at summer weddings with this kid-friendly dessert option. Afraid of the mess? Opt for a sundae bar.

macaron wedding cake

For an epically colored wedding dessert can’t can’t beat French macarons as a cake alternative.

wedding cake alternativesBut wait, there’s more! Naked wedding cakes are still cake but with a twist for those couples who can’t stand frosting. Then there are wedding parfaits and the three-tiered wedding Rice Krispies treat.


But save your fork because there’s gonna be pie.

Are you going to be serving wedding cake at your reception – or one of these awesome wedding cake alternatives?

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We’re Loving: 1950s Wedding Dresses (and Accessories, too!)

Posted by: Dareth Colburn

Everything old is new again. Again. I think when summer rolls around brides-to-be (and the rest of us) can get a little nostalgic for times past – whether or not we lived them ourselves! 1950s wedding fashion is always a good bet if you’re a lover of all things vintage. It’s cute. It’s femme. And there’s nothing dowdy about it. For once I’m going to say that choosing wedding accessories is easy since there are plenty retro-inspired jewelry sets and headpieces to choose from. Here are some looks to inspire you and a few of my choices for cute must-haves for the 1950s wannabe.


The 1950s bridal style is playful, for sure. A big hat… a winter hat. Lace gloves or even fingerless bridal gloves! Have fun with your look and you’ll look amazing.

50s wedding dress

Or keep it super simple with a wedding jewelry set that gives your look just a little bit of sparkle but lets your 1950s wedding dress take center stage.

1950s style wedding dresses

Tea length or ballet length – it’s all gorgeous.

1950s-wedding-dressesA simple bridal headband, a sash (with a flower if you’re a nature lover), a pair of CZ bridal earrings and you are all set.


This is a great look to pair with the new lace trend that has been setting the bridal runways on fire! Opt for a little lace or a lot like the bride in the picture above.

1950s wedding clutch 2

Don’t forget the accessories! I love this CZ necklace and earring set and an adorable satin clutch for their old fashioned charm and, in the case of the clutch, usefulness. It never hurts to have somewhere to stash your lippy!

vintage wedding shoes 1950s bridal

Are you going to rock the 1950s style at your wedding?

USABride is your complete source of wedding jewelry and wedding accessories. Save 10% off your order of $50 or more at www.usabride.com.
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Dare to Bare: Galia Lahav Collections 2015 Wedding Dresses

Posted by: Dareth Colburn

Can you say gorgeous? I know you can! Galia Lahav’s 2015 bridal collection combines just about everything I like – and even some things I don’t like but we know some of our brides like (so everyone wins). There’s drama, grace, and a whole lot of well-placed lace, which is the upcoming season’s darling detail.

galia lahav bridal

Called La Dolce Vita, the 2015 collection was inspired by the open sky, sea, and sand but don’t expect to see these wedding dresses at the next beach wedding you attend. Galia Lahav gowns are evening ready and very, very grown up. See what I mean?

galia-lahav-spring-2015-wedding-dresses-Alora B_1


galia lahav wedding dresses 2015 - detail 2

galia lahav wedding dresses 2015 - 6

galia lahav wedding dresses 2015 - 4

galia lahav wedding dresses 2015 - 1

galia lahav bridal gowns

For those brides-to-be wondering what you wear with one of these gorgeous Galia Lahav gowns, my answer would be not much! Keep your bridal accessories ultra simple and let your wedding dress take the spotlight. Think plain but luxe earrings like our Allure cz wedding earrings or a Swarovski crystal headband.

USABride is your complete source of wedding jewelry and wedding accessories. Save 10% off your order of $50 or more at www.usabride.com.
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