Wedding Headband Styles for Every Style Bride

Bridal headbands are all alike, right? Nah! There is as much variation in the world of wedding headbands as there is among any other bridal accessory. While it wouldn’t be possible to categorize every wedding headband – we’d be writing this post forever if we tried – most bridal headbands fall into one of the following types:

Simple Wedding Headbands

The most basic bridal headbands are slim and feature a single strand of pearls, rhinestones, or metallic detailing like filigree. Because they tend not to be overly detailed, these headbands work beautifully in almost any bridal hairstyle.

Brooch Style Wedding Headbands

This style of bridal headband is the perfect alternative to a hair brooch for the short-haired bride or any bride who is concerned about combs and brooches staying put. A slim, simple band is accented at the top or on the side with a brooch style side ornament – usually featuring rhinestones, pearls, or feathers.

Double and Triple Strand Wedding Headbands

This versatile style of bridal headband features different profiles and is often adjustable. For example, a triple strand wedding headband could be worn with each row spaced widely apart for a lot of impact in a low key hairstyle or closer together for the perfect accent to a more dramatic updo or half-and-half style.

Floral Wedding Headbands

If you’ve toyed with the idea of wearing a flower in your hair on your wedding day but don’t want to deal with wilt, a floral headband might be the perfect compromise. Similar to brooch style headbands, floral wedding headbands feature delicate or striking flower embellishments – usually situated to the side.

Ribbon Wedding Headbands

Ribbon wedding headbands differ from other bridal headbands in that they feature embellishments on a delicate ribbon rather than a metal loop. Other than that, ribbon headbands can be thick or thin and may be similar to brooch or crown style headbands.

Reverse Wedding Headbands

Most bridal headbands are meant to be worn like the headbands you might wear on any given day, but reverse headbands are worn around the back of the head – typically over a low placed veil or as part of the bride’s hairstyle.