Wedding Tiara vs. Wedding Headband

Choosing a wedding dress is an epic undertaking, but it’s not the end of a bride-to-be’s journey. Once she has the gown of her dreams, she still has to choose the bridal accessories that will complete her wedding day look. Most brides are drawn to wedding tiaras and wedding headbands – two beautiful bridal accessory options that have so much in common but can be quite different.

A wedding tiara is the most traditional bridal accessory option and often seen as the most romantic. Wedding tiaras are also still the most popular bridal accessory. The wedding headband, on the other hand, has a lower profile and may be more subtle – but not necessarily. But a headband can be every bit as elaborate and opulent as a tiara, and both can be worn with a variety of bridal hairstyles.

Is one better or more beautiful than the other? You’ll never hear us say so! Every bride-to-be has to make her own decisions, after all. Whether she chooses a wedding tiara or a wedding headband could depend on the style of her gown, her hairstyle, her own tastes, the formality of her wedding, or many other factors. Some brides-to-be gravitate toward one or the other because their mothers or grandmothers have passed down an heirloom headpiece. Other brides just want the princess experience or they love the vintage look of asymmetrical wedding headbands.

In the end, whether you choose a wedding tiara or a wedding headband – or bridal hair pins or some other hair accessory – is entirely up to you. Don’t let what’s trendy sway you. Just pick the bridal accessories that will make you feel blissful and beautiful!