Do You Want to Be Princess for the Day?

The crystal wedding tiara remains one of the most popular bridal accessories, even if wedding headbands and other trends are gaining ground. Our quickie theory is that brides still want to capture that princess for a day feeling at their ceremonies and receptions, and there are few bridal accessories as regal as the traditional tiara.

We think there are two camps when it comes to the princess for a day attitude. First, there are the brides-to-be who want to embrace the whole mythology of weddings, complete with ball gown and long train and wedding tiara and a carriage ride to the reception. Then there are brides-to-be who want to distance themselves from it because they feel it’s an outdated way to look at love and marriage. And there are even – we’re not pointing any fingers, though – the brides-to-be who think being a princess for a day means their will is law, yikes!

Needless to say, we think dressing like a princess on your wedding day, complete with wedding tiara, is a fabulous idea. But we’d like to caution our bridal princesses to look at real princesses for their inspiration. True royalty is defined by graciousness, gentility, and a kindness that is absolutely incompatible with today’s cartoonish bridezillas – so we think being a princess for a day, in dress, certainly, but more importantly in demeanor, is a lovely idea.

Do you want to be a princess for the day?