The Top 8 Reasons to Delay Your Honeymoon

1. You won’t have to deal with the stress of planning a wedding and a honeymoon simultaneously, and even better, you won’t have to deal with the stress of getting through the ceremony and reception and then going to the airport, getting on a plane, and checking into a hotel back to back. In other words, you can avoid the post-wedding rush.

2. The perfect wedding weather in your local area may not coincide with the perfect honeymoon weather at your dream destination. Avoiding monsoon (or blizzard or tourist) season during your honeymoon might mean waiting a few weeks or even months to celebrate your newly married status. Don’t worry, though – no one is going to check that you’re actually newlyweds.

3. Deciding to delay a honeymoon can mean more funds to devote to the wedding – or the honeymoon. That might mean you can spend bigger bucks on real pearl wedding jewelry or the catering or hire a live wedding band instead of a DJ. Budget brides may find themselves scrimping on the reception to pay for a honeymoon or vice versa. A delay can mean more money for one, the other, or even both.

4. Speaking of money, if you happen to have generous friends and relatives who give checks instead of gifts, waiting until after you’ve opened all those congratulatory envelopes can mean the difference between a fun honeymoon and the trip of a lifetime.

5. Waiting to take a honeymoon could mean you get to take a longer vacay, especially if you’re already taking a few days off for your wedding and you didn’t have that many vacation days to begin with.

6. Destination brides and grooms considering turning the wedding weekend into a honeymoon can avoid having to say they shared their honeymoons with moms, dads, aunts, and uncles by taking a separate honeymoon a few months or a year later. Trust us when we say that trying to maintain that honeymoon mood isn’t easy when you have relatives knocking on your door!

7. Waiting gives you time to decompress after the wedding and to focus on things like combining households (if you didn’t already live together), return unwanted wedding guests, deal with your wedding gown, finish paying your wedding vendors, and just breathe.

8. Being able to plan a honeymoon for any point in the year may let you grab crazy discounts on hotel rooms, cruises, airfare, and other honeymoon costs. For some couples, being able to score first class tickets or a luxury suite is worth the wait!