Wedding Gowns: Is Too Much Ever Just Right?

Some brides accentuate their wedding gowns with a little touch of color here and there. Think bright bridal shoes or colored wedding jewelry. Maybe a jewel tone sash. A striking red flower in her hair. We think that most brides-to-be, whether intentionally or unintentionally, think in terms of color orbiting a white dress – though some gravitate toward colored wedding dresses. And for that select few, you see designers like Vera Wang creating entire lines of colored gowns. Pink and red wedding dresses are practically mainstream. If you really, really want a blue or green or purple wedding dress, you will find one. While we might not have worn them ourselves, all of us here love colored gowns.

Of course, there is this sort of thing, in this case from Sugar Kei:

Now, you’ll never hear us say anything other than ‘to each her own’ when it comes to what a bride is wearing, but our first impression when looking at these is bride-wearing-a-couch. An old couch that someone is desperately trying to give away on Craigslist. Or the old couch our grandparents keep trying to give us even though it really ought to have been tossed out years ago once the cats started to use it as a scratching post. But maybe we’re being too judgy and these wedding dresses are just too awesome for us traditionalists to appreciate.

What do you think? Is too much ever just right?