Wedding Reception Ideas: Hit the Bar

Just for a little minute, we’d like to talk about something other than wedding jewelry. Something sweet, in fact, and sometimes savory. Agonizing over wedding reception menus is a bad habit most brides-to-be just can’t shake and we have a fun solution. Namely, letting reception guests hit the bar… the soda bar and the pizza bar and the coffee bar. What’s up with all of the wedding reception bars? Think of this refreshment style as a cousin to the common buffet, just with more themey goodness.

Don’t those photos in our wedding reception bar inspiration board look divine? And are you getting as hungry as we are? If not, you will be by the time you read through this list of some of the reception bars we’ve encountered recently:

  • Milkshake bar
  • Snow cone bar
  • Milk and cookie bar
  • Wine and cheese bar
  • Hot cocoa bar
  • Sundae bar
  • Cupcake bar
  • Soda bar
  • Trail mix bar
  • Pie bar
  • Popcorn bar
  • Candy bar
  • Pizza bar
  • Pickle bar
  • Coffee bar

Now for some couples, the reception *whatever* bar is an extra – for others, it’s the whole shebang. Both subsets of all barrin’ couples are doing it up the right way. No matter what your bar of choice is, feel free to make it a little treat or the main event at your reception. And then invite us! Because we <3 a good bar.

Images: A Beautiful Mess; Wedding Planning Fun; The Bridal District; On a Sweet Note; Oh Happy Day; Lacey in the City