10 Tips for Brides: Looking Great in Wedding Photos

It doesn’t matter what kind of bride you are. Whether you want to say your vows on a mountain top or in a cathedral… whether you fall in love with a vintage-look feather fascinator or a pearl bridal tiara… whether you want a traditional white tiered cake or wedding pie. Wedding jewelry, the venue, and so on are on some level less important than looking great in wedding photos. Have you ever met a bride who didn’t want to look great in wedding photos? Neither have we. So here are 10 tips for looking not only beautiful on the big day, but gorgeous in your wedding album.

1. Don’t pose or mug for the camera. Don’t even look at it! Just be yourself, have fun, and enjoy your ceremony and reception. Your happiness will shine through in your photos and you will look like yourself.

2. Have an engagement session with your wedding photographer. This will give you a chance to meet him or her and for you all to get to know one another. You’ll be more comfortable on your wedding day for having already worked together.

3. Practice smiling in the mirror. Yes, it sounds silly, but if there’s something you don’t like about your smile – too much gum? crinkly eyes? – you can teach yourself how to smile naturally without that something.

4. Don’t go crazy with your makeup – unless that’s how you wear it every day. Like we said once already, and may say again, you’ll look your best in your photos if you look like you.

5. Stand with one shoulder toward the camera if you are doing formal shots, as opposed to having your whole front facing the lens. You’ll look poised and elegant, and slimmer, too.

6. Natural light, for those not having evening weddings, is more flattering so try to get as many shots as possible outside and near windows.

7. Let yourself laugh. Even if you usually don’t like the way you look when you laugh in pictures, laugh anyway. A big cheesy grin that’s truly happy will always look better than a model-like glare.

8. When you feel your face tensing up, take a minute to relax your features – even if it means pausing the portraiture.

9. Avoid orangey makeup and faux tans and keep glitter to a minimum. The former can make you look like an Oompa Loompa in wedding photos and the latter may make you look sweaty.

10. Stand up straight! Even if you’re not feeling confident – and some brides don’t really like being the center of attention – stand tall. Good posture will translate as confidence in your pics.

Photo by Ben Chrisman Photography