Can a Bride Have Male Attendants?

JR wrote in to ask this question:

My best friend, who I have known since grade school, just happens to be a guy. My fiance has never had an issue with this – and my family has always accepted that there’s no hanky-panky there. Even when I was single. I’d really like to ask him to be my, um, Man of Honor? Is that a thing? Are people going to wonder what is up with that?

Well, people may wonder what’s up with that, but that should be their problem, not yours. Seriously. Presumably you haven’t wondered too much about what your wedding guests will *really truly deeply* think about your big day choices – at least not where your hairstyle, wedding jewelry, or shoes are concerned. Your venue? Sure. But that other stuff is the personal stuff, and choosing wedding attendants definitely falls under the label ‘personal’.

No one should have the gall to tell you who can and who can’t be in your bridal party. Should anyone have the gall, we recommend you send them our way, and we’ll set them straight. We say let the wonderers wonder! If it’s your fiance’s family you’re worried about, he may need to have a talk with your future in-laws about the fact that he knows (and likes) your bestie and is happy to call him an attendant. As for everyone else, we’re guessing that even if they think male attendants on the bride’s side are inappropriate, they’re going to keep their mouths shut. As well they should.

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