Classy Bridal Shower Games

Does anyone else out there cringe when the bridal shower small talk is over and it’s time for the bridal shower games? They’re just so… cheesy. Fun, sometimes, but sometimes cringe-worthy, too. Like please, don’t post the pics of the bridal shower games to Facebook, whatever you do. What makes a bridal shower game less than classy? Tying guests to other guests, for one. Games involving dressing funny or getting dirty. And games that get, um, a little too personal where s-e-x is concerned.

So that’s what not to do, but how about some bridal shower game to-dos? Here are some bridal shower games that will have guests smiling instead of sighing.

handbag hunt - bridal shower games

1. The Scavenger Hunt

Practically everyone has a phone with a camera so a picture scavenger hunt – even if it’s just around the neighborhood – is a fun way to get guests from different parts of the bride’s life talking to one another.

2. Guess Her Age

The hosts create a collage of the bride at different ages and guests try to guess how old she was in each photo. It’s a fun way to reminisce and a sweet way to honor the bride-to-be.

3. Words of Wisdom

Guests write words of wisdom for the bride and groom, and everyone at the shower tries to guess who wrote which tips and tricks for staying happily married. This one can veer into naughty territory sometimes but you might be surprised at who shares the sauciest advice.

4. The Cupcake Contest

This one is simple – have all the fixins on hand for guests to decorate their own cupcakes and then let everyone vote on which one is prettiest. Winner gets a prize

5. Memory Lane Mystery

Ask people to share a memory that includes the bride along with their RSVP and let guests guess who sent along which memory. It’s a fun way to get people talking about their favorite memories of the bride-to-be.

What are you favorite/least favorite bridal shower games?

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