Wedding Trends: Dusty Rose and Antique Gold

For holiday weddings or weddings hosted during the holiday season, metallics are always in style. But it’s entirely possible to take the brilliance of gold or silver too far, which is why both need a balancing color to temper the shine. Or run the risk of channeling 1980s chic, and not in a good way.

Right now, we’re in love with dusty rose as a complementary color for gold – especially antique gold – for the color combo’s softness, prettiness, and femininity. It’s elegant without being too showy. And it’s the kind of color palette that is always on wedding vendors’ radar so you’re never going to have trouble finding accessories for yourself or your venue.

For example, Lela Rose bridesmaids dresses can all be had in a gorgeous, soft dusty rose – and we have just the gold bridal tiara to match!

This is an amazing wedding color palette for any bride-to-be who loves a traditional, vintage look or wants her wedding to have a Victorian vibe. Even subtle touches in dusty rose and gold paired with creamy white and be stunning. Think gold chargers, pink peonies and white roses with gold ribbon, edible gold and rose ribbons on a wedding cake, and top it all off with real or glass pearls. For the DIY inclined, we love the sparkling pink heart toothpicks above.

Or go all the way with a gorg dusty rose wedding dress!

Like we said, this is a combo that will never go out of style so your options will be almost endless. A stress-free palette? Dusty rose and gold is probably as close as you can get!

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