Will You Have an Attendants’ Dance?

While you may be busy picking out dresses and buying wedding jewelry for your bridesmaids, trying to coordinate shoe colors, and decide how you’ll handle your attendants’ hair and makeup on the morning of the wedding, have you stopped to think about your reception? Specifically, whether or not you’ll have an attendants’ dance where the bridesmaids dance with the groomsmen. It’s not something you see at every wedding, but it’s a wedding tradition that a lot of couples fall in love with. After all, what could be better – especially from a photographic perspective – than seeing your best friends dancing together?

Of course your attendants’ dance doesn’t have to be the awkward slow dance of yesteryear. Take it from us… we’ve been bridesmaids forced to dance with groomsmen who didn’t exactly float our boats and it didn’t make for happy wedding memories. This picture from Ciro Photography shows one half of what we think is a great alternative: The fast and fun attendants’ dance! You’ve probably seen choreographed reception dances on YouTube but that’s so 2009. We suggest just letting your bridal party get down with their bad selves, solo or in pairs, to a song that’s clean enough not to offend granny but sexy enough to put everyone in a dancing mood.

Are you planning on having your attendants cut a public rug at your reception?