6 Tips for Brides: Asking Someone to Be Your Bridesmaid

For some brides-to-be, finding bridesmaid jewelry is actually easier than picking bridesmaids. And then once the on-paper picking is done, there’s still the matter of asking the chosen ones to actually be a part of the ceremony and reception. This can actually be kind of anxiety inducing – especially among brides-to-be who are unsure that their best friends will be able to (or want to) handle the commitment. But never fear! We’re here to help you over the hump of asking your girls to become your bridesmaids, and we’ve chosen six of our favorite ideas to inspire you. Can you just text ‘do u want 2 b my bm?’ to your favorite friends? Sure, but if you have a little time or some spare wedding cash, why not get creative!

1. Get Bookish: When you ask each potential ‘maid to join your bridal party, present her with a how to be a bridesmaid type book. Or let the book do the talking, and wrap it up like a present before popping the question.

2. Do It In Style: If you have the budget for it, think of something that each potential bridesmaid has been coveting for a while and buy it. Then use it as the vehicle to ask each gal pal to be in the bridal party. For example, a Coach purse (or maybe a wristlet) could hold a card reading ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’

3. Make Bridesmaid Boxes: Painted cigar boxes (see above) become beautiful keepsakes and a way to share the relevant details of your ceremony and reception with potential attendants. You can stick to wedding ideas or use the opportunity to share precious memories from your relationships with each of your friends.

4. Label Them: It doesn’t get much clearer than handing over a tank that spells out ‘bridesmaid’ in sparkling letters. This method also does double duty since it gives your ‘maids something fun to wear on the night of your bachelorette party.

5. Propose, Literally: Can bridesmaid jewelry come before the bridesmaid? Why not! A beautiful box, the perfect moment, and a gorgeous bridesmaid jewelry set can make that moment when you pop the question feel special. And who doesn’t like getting jewelry?

6. Bridesmaid in Bulk: If all of your besties live close to one another, gather every one of your gal pals for a fancy lunch and invite them all into the wedding party at once. Presuming everyone says yes, that lunch has just become your first pre-wedding party!

Image: Bethany from Rinse. Repeat.