Alternative Wedding Style: White Bridesmaids Dresses

Talk about traditional! While white bridesmaids dresses still fall outside the matrimonial mainstream, the notion of dressing bridesmaids in dresses similar to the bride’s isn’t at all new. Once upon a time, the bride’s attendants dressed exactly like her to trick the evil spirits that would inevitably be lurking around the wedding. Back in the day, apparently, evil spirits were always looking to thwart humans’ happiness.

Nowadays, we don’t have as many evil spirits skulking around waiting to mess with brides but we love the look of a bride and her attendants who are dressed all in white. We’re not suggesting the bridesmaids have to dress exactly like the bride – in fact, we love attendants in white bridesmaids dresses that are all mixed up, a la this spread for Thread:

Overall, the look is fresh, pretty, summery, and definitely romantic – plus it leaves the bride with an almost infinite number of opportunities to use her color palette in other ways!