Gifts for Bridesmaids: Give Your Girls the Gift of Bling

We’ll admit it… buying the perfect attendants gifts is hard. On top of everything else the bride-to-be has to do to plan an amazing wedding, suddenly she has to think about buying gifts for her best girls. We used to say, back when we were planning our weddings, that the practice of having to buy gifts for bridesmaids should be outlawed for the bride-to-be’s sanity. Then we realized we had the perfect solution at our fingertips! Goodbye, attendants gift stress. Hello, crystal bridesmaid jewelry!

After all, your favorite ladies in the whole wide world are already buying the bridesmaid dresses and the shoes. The least a bestie bride can do is pick up the tab for some sweet, perfectly coordinated wedding day bling for her girls.

Why are we such fans of crystal bridesmaid jewelry in particular? It’s all about the sparkle! And nothing says sparkle like genuine Swarovski crystals and Austrian rhinestones. With that in mind, here are a few of our favorite crystal bridesmaid jewelry sets and pieces that will get your gals smiling:

The Passion Crystal Jewelry Set makes a great gift for bridesmaids who are wearing anything that coordinates with red, blue, or soft lavender. This set, with it’s eye-catching drop and dazzling sparkle quotient is hand-crafted with a mixture of crystal beading and Swarovski crystals. The flower detail is subtle, but striking and the whole set catches the light in a most beautiful way. There’s even a matching tiara for those brides who want their bridesmaids to feel like princesses on the big day!

Turquoise is still hot everywhere we look, and we’re still in love with these delicate Swarovski Crystal Turquoise Drop Earrings. Three clusters of brilliant turquoise and topaz rhinestones are paired with a large Swarovski crystal that will catch the light whenever your bridesmaids move. You may be tempted to pair these earrings with white or turquoise bridesmaid dresses, but consider being daring and matching them with yellow bridesmaids dresses or even dresses in this year’s hot color, tangerine tango.

Remember the other day when we mentioned floral wedding jewelry? Here’s a prime example, in shades of classic topaz and gold. In this bridesmaid jewelry set, it’s not only the crystals that shine. Here, design plays a leading role alongside gems that give the whole look a lot of sparkle. Get this set for your bridesmaids gifts and your attendants will be rocking two trends at once!

Are you buying crystal bridesmaid jewelry as gifts for your bridesmaids or will you be letting your bridesmaids choose their own accessories for your wedding day?