Presenting Wedding Jewelry to Your Bridesmaids

Buying wedding jewelry for your bridesmaids should be a no-brainer. Even if it’s not your actual bridesmaids’ gift, presenting your ladies with wedding jewelry is doubly awesome. First, it ensures that everyone is coordinated on the big day. And second, it takes some of the financial stress of your ‘maids. Being a bridesmaid is expensive! Not as expensive as planning a wedding, but there are lots of costs involved. When you buy wedding jewelry for your bridesmaids, that’s one less thing they have to pay for to be there for you when you say your vows.

Now, we know that the wedding jewelry a bride chooses for her bridesmaids might not be exactly what they’d choose for themselves on any given day. And whether or not they’ll wear it again is really up to their circumstances – not everyone attends events that call for crystals, after all! This is why we recommend making packaging part of the fun! It’s always more festive to package a gift beautifully, and gifts that are packaged beautifully always seem more meaningful. It’s just a matter of you having taken the time to make your bridesmaids gifts look truly lovely. And of course, we have some suggestions!

DIY Gift Boxes: There are so many tutorials online that will help you make homemade DIY gift boxes for wedding jewelry out of stuff you already have around your house. Trust us, it’s easy once you get the hang of it. We thought our yellow chandelier earrings would look particularly nice in a homemade yellow gift box.

Fabric Gift Bags: Speaking of easy, if you sew, fabric gift bags are so – pun intended – simple to make. You can also buy them. They’re versatile, too, since it’s just as easy to make big or teeny tiny fabric gift bags for wedding jewelry as it is to make a single size. And they look great displayed. We filled ours with pink drop earrings and a simple pink rhinestone bracelet.

Gift Envelopes: With a sewing machine, making gift envelopes out of fabric or even craft paper is a snap. No pattern required! This option is naturally best when your wedding jewelry is somewhat, well, flat. We put our floral blue jewelry set in one and it was perfect.

Makeup Bags: When buying sounds like a better option than making, makeup bags do double duty. First, they hold wedding jewelry – like a black rhinestone bracelet, a wedding brooch, and black chandelier earrings – and then they hold your bridesmaids’ makeup on the big day and forever after. Any gift bag option is reusable, but this is one that will actually get used and we like that.

What are you giving your bridesmaids for all their help and support?