Short vs. Long: How Does Your Wedding Day Look Stack Up?

Today we’re waging a battle of short versus long, and all kinds of wedding accessories – and a few dresses – are taking a stand. Speaking of stands, where do you stand in the battle of short against long? Yes, sometimes it depends on the dress, but personal preference can play a big part in the kind of bridal jewelry and accessories you choose. It may even influence how you dress your bridesmaids!

Whether you go short or long with your crystal bridal jewelry (or pearl set) may have less to do with preference and more to do with decolletage. A higher neckline necessitates a shorter necklace, and vice versa. Essentially, you don’t want to leave an expanse of real estate unadorned. Here, we pit our rhinestone floral choker against our stunning crystal drop jewelry set.

Short versus long in the earring world is often a matter of hairstyle. Updos almost cry for longer bridal earrings (like our Maria Theresa earrings) because they help draw attention to your graceful neckline. Shorter earrings, like the brushed gold dangle earrings, work amazingly well with half up/half down dos.

The old rule that the bridesmaids’ hem should match the bride’s is no longer an actual rule. It’s more like a guideline, and one meant to be broken. How do you like this Alfred Sung bridesmaid dress best? We like the abbreviated version, in case you were wondering!

Cage veil versus fingertip veil? Here’s where the bride’s preference matters more than anything. Yes, there are experts who will tell you that your dress and your ceremony venue *must* determine your veil length, but can we not-so-respectfully disagree? Wear the bridal veil that YOU like best, short or long!

Bridal gloves are an unusual choice these days, but still a classic and elegant look for the women who choose to wear them! Long bridal gloves – aka opera length bridal gloves – are more popular than their short cousins, but who knows! Maybe a short bridal glove is just what you’ve been searching for to go with your ballet length dress.

So where do you stand on the short versus long issue? How will your wedding day look stack up?