Something Fun for Friday

Unless your wedding is this weekend, you’re probably spending inordinate amounts of time browsing wedding gown designers’ websites, looking at wedding jewelry, weighing the pros and cons of this or that reception site, thinking about your vows, and generally trying to stay sane while going out of your mind. So to take your mind off of the wedding planning stress, here’s a generally awesome wedding photo taken by Adam LeSage Photography:

Why do a lot of brides, grooms, and attendants love the gag pics? Funny photos like this one can be a great way to ease some of the wedding day stress you might be feeling – and the pressure that your whole wedding party may be feeling, too! Letting the tension out makes the rest of the day a lot more fun and can set the tone for the reception. We totally get that not every bride and groom will want to get crazy with their photogs, but if you’re on the fence about having a lightsaber duel we say why not go for it? Even if you aren’t in love with the resultant pic, you’ll probably still have a great time getting it!