Wedding Headbands for Bridesmaids? Why Not!

If you think wedding headbands are just for brides, prepare to be wowed. It turns out that this latest ‘it’ accessory is just as beautiful on bridesmaids as it is on brides, and a great way to unify a bridal party. Mismatched bridesmaids? Make sure they all stand out by give them all sparkly, stunning wedding headbands for the ceremony and reception.

This modern alternative to tiaras is actually quite traditional, with headbands having been an element of updos for hundreds of years. What differentiates a wedding headband from a tiara? Just the peak! A tiara comes up from the hair while a wedding headband sits flat on the head. Wedding headbands for bridesmaids are versatile – they look great on hair that’s long and loose, in short hairstyles, as part of the half up, half down styles that are so popular at the moment, and incorporated into updos.

In fact, that’s what makes wedding headbands such a great option for bridesmaids, who may all have different hairstyles on your wedding day. We mentioned bridal party unification, and if your ladies will all be sporting different dos, headbands are definitely the way to go. Functional? You bet! Wedding headbands, like any headband, can be used to ensure that you and your bridesmaids don’t spend the whole of the reception flicking hair out of your eyes.

Your style options, as always, are just about endless, but we recommend that brides buy their bridesmaids wedding headbands that are one step down on the glitz scale from their own. Maybe you’re wearing a striking Swarovski crystal headband while your ‘maids wear color coordinating wedding headbands that match their gowns or harmonize with your wedding colors.

How are you accessorizing your bridesmaids?

Shown: The Ella rhinestone wedding headband; the Ella wedding headband in black; the pink vine wedding headband