Bride Has Got Back: The Newest Trend in Wedding Dress Design

Have you gone wedding gown shopping lately? If so, you’ve probably noticed that while the simple wedding dresses are still there there is a revolution in style underway. You have to remember that gown fashion changes slowly. Think about how long strapless dresses reigned supreme! But change is afoot in the world of wedding fashion and I, for one, am loving what I’m seeing!

wedding dress backs beaded

Gorgeous beaded and otherwise embellished backs are suddenly all the rage. And it makes sense when you think about it. How much time might a wedding guest spend staring at a bride’s back during the ceremony or while she’s being waltzed around the dance floor? Answer: plenty!

Veluz Bride wedding gown

While the traditional long line of pearl buttons will probably never go out of style, there’s nothing to say a bride can’t wish for a little flair on top of the shine! Designers like Veluz Bride are delivering in droves with lace, pearls, beading, and other tricks and treats that make bridal jewelry all nearly unnecessary.

Anna Campbell gown

Gorgeous, no? Think of it like a little something sweet for your wedding guests – and your wedding photographer! But p.s., I was only kidding about not needing wedding jewelry. You might choose to skip the necklace, but wedding earrings are still a must. Choose jewelry and accessories that share the same elements as your embellished back, like lace and pearls or sparkling rhinestones. Coordination is key to creating a harmonious wedding day look!

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Who Needs Jewels? Not In These Wedding Gowns!

For 2015/2016, backless gowns are IN. Wedding dresses with amazingly complex embellishments in back are just as hot. And now we’re excited to say that bodices are finally catching up. This is one of the few times you’re going to see me say wedding jewelry? Meh. These gowns bring their own sparkle and shine to the table, no necklaces necessary. Brides, prepare to be inspired!

Riki Dalal

Serious neckline love from Riki Dalal

essence of australia wedding gowns

Bling is the thing at Essence of Austrlia

Calla Bridal

Old Hollywood glamor from Calla Bridal

Marchesa wedding dress

Perfect art deco style from Marchesa

Hayley Paige Bridal

I can’t take my eyes off this Hayley Paige Bridal neckline

Hayley Paige Bridal Spring 2015 2

Here’s a closer look – LOVE!

Monique Lhuiller

Super sparkle (and great fit) from Monique Lhuiller


Big balance from BHLDN’s Harlow gown

prom dress as wedding dress

Not sure who made this beauty but wow!

Monique Lhuiller

A simply gorgeous gown from Monique Lhuiller


More from BHLDN


This Elie Saab gown is a very cool nod to the past

Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham has clearly made necklaces unnecessary

Are you loving these new lovely necklines as much as I am?

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You’re Not Fully Bridal Without…

wedding jewelry mistakes - bridal jewelry tips

A veil! That is if bridal veils are your thing. Many women just don’t feel like a bride without one and that’s okay. How often to you get to wear a veil, anyway? If you’re like most of us, not that often. And that’s probably what makes bridal veils feel so special. Put one on and you immediately feel different. More regal. More beautiful. More bridal!

wedding veil - lace wedding veils - rhinestone bridal veilCan you be a bride without a veil? Of course, you’re every bit the bride even if you’re saying your “I dos” in jeans. But even if you have never considered wearing a bridal veil, don’t miss out on the opportunity to don a very fun wedding accessory because it’s unfamiliar. When you’re gown shopping, try one on!

In fact, try on several in different lengths to see what you like, what you definitely don’t like, and what works with the dresses you love. Even if you end up buying your bridal veil online (which I highly recommend you do for the discounts) trying on a multitude of veils in person is the best way to find the one you really and truly want.

wedding veils lace

While it might seem like veils are a pretty straightforward wedding accessory, they’re actually quite complex when it comes to the options available. In general, longer veils are considered more formal and shorter veils less – birdcage veils being the least formal of all. But length isn’t your only option! There are rhinestone and lace edges, thick and thin, single, double, and triple layers, corded veils, beaded veils, and more. It’s actually a bit dizzying when you’ve already been asked to choose a dress and jewelry and all the other bits and pieces that will become your wedding day look.

bridal veils - lace bridal veilYou’ll never hear me faulting a bride for skipping the veil, of course. I didn’t even wear one myself! But if I can tell you a little bitty secret, I actually kind of regret it. I felt beautiful on my wedding day but not particularly bridal, and since I don’t plan on ever getting married again it’s an experience I’ll never get to have.

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Why Where You’re Getting Married Matters

No one is going to wear a winter coat to the beach. Or a tank top while skiing. Would you wear club attire to church – or vice versa? So doesn’t it seem just a little weird that no matter what the season, what the setting, and what the weather, wedding dress options seem frightfully limited? Even when you’re saying your vows, your surroundings should play a role in your sartorial choices.

fall wedding dresses

Walking down the aisle in 2015? Consider not only the who and the how, but also the where. Here are four things to consider:

Air temperature and humidity: Did you know some fabrics can literally wilt in the heat? I, for one, didn’t until I started researching this post. If you’re getting married outdoors in somewhere like Florida look at lightweight gowns first. Fabrics like cotton eyelet will keep you cooler, more comfortable, and looking great for longer. On the other hand, do you really want to freeze your buns (and your bust) off in a strapless gowns in the dead of winter? A jacket works wonders out of doors but some ceremony venues can be surprisingly frosty.

winter wedding accessories - dresses

The Mood: Kicky little 1950s style wedding dresses and simple pearl wedding jewelry looks amazing when the backdrop is city hall. A longer-than-long cathedral train? Not so much, but inside an actual cathedral and you’re rocking it. The one crossover option seems to be the basic sheath. You can dress it up with your bridal jewelry or wear it dressed down, Bohemian style, making it the chameleon of the wedding gown world.

summer wedding dresses - wedding accessories

Your backdrop: Will you be walking down the aisle in a church, a museum, or down on the farm? Will you dance the night away in a barn floor or on an old fashioned parquet floor? If it’s the former (and the barn hasn’t been entirely converted into an event venue) pass on the long, lace train and wear a lace wedding veil instead. In any weather, outdoor weddings call for dresses that won’t attract too much schmutz.

The laws of the land: Culture, religion, and even a family’s own culture can dictate what is appropriate and what isn’t when it comes to bridal fashion. Some religious faiths demand that brides wear modest gowns – and what modest means in any given faith can be quite different. One church may have different guidelines from another even within the same faith! Lots and lots of bridal jewelry is customary in some cultures. The less is more approach in others. When in doubt, ask or risk committing a faux pas that’s captured forever in your wedding photos!

How is your wedding venue driving your choices when it comes to your dress, shoes, and accessories?

Images: Sareh Nouri

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The Most Gorgeous Simple Wedding Dresses of 2015

What’s better than a blog post featuring one gorgeous gown? How about a post featuring all of my favorite 2015 wedding dresses in one place! I am not kidding when I say you are going to adore these dresses – which are beautiful and simple and perfect for accessorizing excessively. You know, if you’re into that. These are the kinds of wedding dresses that let you go absolutely crazy when it comes to your wedding jewelry and accessories. Ready to fall in love? Okay, let’s do this!

2015 bridal collection of Rosa Clara wedding dress 2

Rosa Clara 2015

2015 bridal collection of Rosa Clara wedding dress

Rosa Clara 2015

Aire Barcelona 2015 Bridal Collection

Aire Barcelona 2015

Amsale Spring 2015 Wedding Dresses

Amsale 2015

Delphine Manivet 2015 Collection

Delphine Manivet 2015

Marchesa Spring 2015 Bridal Collection

Marchesa 2015

Romona Keveza Collection Fall 2015 Wedding Dress

Romona Keveza 2015

Rosa Clara 2015 Bridal Collection 2

Rosa Clara 2015

Rosa Clara 2015 Bridal Collection 3

Rosa Clara 2015

Rosa Clara 2015 Bridal Collection

Rosa Clara 2015


Sarah Seven 2015

Vera Wang 2015 1

Vera Wang 2015

watters wedding dresses

Watters 2015

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Simply Beautiful: Baby’s Breath Bridal Bouquets (and More)

babys breath wedding ideas

Baby’s breath is more than just a bouquet filler. This lovely and delicate bedding plant is a beauty in its own right. Light and elegant, it looks like nothing so much as little fluffy clouds when used well. It makes an airy addition to place cards, a bridal headpiece, or boutonnieres, and a fresh, modern, and feminine bridal bouquet when used all on its own or with a few other blooms. What’s not to love?

babys breath bridal bouquet 2

babys breath bridal bouquet 5

babys breath bridal bouquet 3

babys breath bridal bouquet 4


babys breath bridal bouquet 6

babys breath bridal bouquet 7

How simple would this bouquet be to DIY? And yet the results are so gorgeous!

babys breath bridal bouquet 8

babys breath bridal bouquet 9

babys breath bridal bouquet 10

Love how this next bride’s bouquet has become a part of her bridal accessories thanks to a pretty bouquet charm!

babys breath bridal bouquet 11

babys breath bridal bouquet

Are you thinking of using baby’s breath in your bouquet or centerpieces as something other than a filler? Let’s hear your best ideas!

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Yet Another Trend Alert: Blush Metallics

Rose gold? We’re sold! Remember how in our last post we said we were kind of so over pink? There’s a caveat. Merge pink with the metallics trend and you’ve suddenly got something that’s not only gorgeous, but also elegant. Blush metallics are the grownup answer to pink. A little daring. A little surprising. And a lot of wow.

blush metallics wedding inspiration

Who says the bride has to have a white wedding? A oh-so-light rose gold gown looks amazing next to deeper blush metallics on bridesmaids.

blush metallics wedding inspiration bridal shoes

Of course, if you’ve been dreaming of wearing white since you were a little girl your bridal shoes can be your pop of blush.

rose gold blush metallics

Or your wedding accessories – we love this blush and gold side comb featuring hand wired enamel flowers in the softest of pinks.

rose gold bridesmaids dresses

Don’t forget your bridesmaids! Pick blush bridesmaids dresses that have a ton of sparkle or just a tad. Either way, your girls are going to love you.

blush metallics wedding inspiration reception table

How amazing is this table? Seriously.

rose gold sequin table wedding

Or this one! (Just make sure if you outfit your reception cocktail hour tables in over the top blush metallics you don’t inadvertently have your ‘maids in matching dresses. No one likes walking into a space and realizing they look like a table.

rose gold DIY wedding

Not finding rose gold centerpieces that knock your socks off? How about making your own? All it takes is some pretty old bottles and a whole lot of blush metallic paint plus some candles. Too easy.

blush metallics wedding inspiration cake

And finally, when you’re outfitting yourself and your bridesmaids and your venue, don’t forget the cake! Rose gold looks gorgeous on wedding cake, too; especially if you can do something like edible gold foil. Très chic!
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An Elegant Barn Wedding On a Gorgeous Day

Since we all have summer on the brain over here I was so jazzed when photographer Kayce Howard of Purple Opal Photography contacted me to share some photos of an outdoor barn wedding she shot recently. It was a simple affair – casual, even – but still sophisticated. Some things stood right out. The couple? Looked comfortable in their clothes. We can get behind wedding fashion for brides and grooms that feels as good as it looks! And the setting? Was to die for. Check it out:



Is that look not adorable? Check out this bride’s natural curly ‘do below. It’s super inspiring for all the curly-haired brides-to-be dreaming of keeping things au naturel. You can do it, ladies!


How about these colors? These are bridesmaids dresses you could really and truly actually wear again. My guess is that the bridesmaids themselves had a hand in picking them.



They are too cute.



How can you not love a bride and groom who look like they’re having an amazing time?




This natural wedding arch is the kind of wedding decor you can’t replicate. It has to be Mother Nature or nothing.




Like I said, it was simple. Simply beautiful, when it comes down to it. Wedding tables don’t need to be fussy to make guests happen. Very few people will remember your centerpieces or the color of your linens, anyway.



Every couple needs a shot like this.




Are you a wedding photographer who’d like to share your work on our blog? If you have a set of wedding photos you love, email christa d terry at gmail (no spaces) to find out how to have them featured. Brides, we’d love to feature your favorite wedding photos, too!
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All That Glitters: Silver Wedding Inspiration

silver wedding backdrop

All that glitters ISN’T gold. Consider silver – who you might think of as gold’s second cousin. Great for winter weddings? Sure. But also just plain stunning in every season for its shine. It pairs with almost anything whether you’re talking about silver wedding dresses or silver shoes for a wedding or bridal accessories or the cake! It’s not the metallic, after all; it’s how you use it. Consider the following:


There are flowers – pink roses, I think – in there somewhere but I can’t stop looking at that silver bouquet wrap! The brooches in the blooms are one thing but that wrap could be used on almost any style of bridal bouquet featuring a thick stem arrangement. You could get the same effect with a thinner wrap, too, so maybe sky’s the limit! Grab this one at LXdesigns on Etsy!

silver brooch bouquet - silver wedding color

Of course, you could go whole hog (in the best way possible, of course) with a big, bold, and beautiful brooch bouquet that pairs silver settings with big luscious gems. The concept may not be making headlines anymore but I guarantee that it’ll be a showstopper in person. Buy it or one like it at Lilybuds Bouquets on Etsy!

silver boutonniere grooms wedding

In which case, skip the flowers for the groom and go straight for something a little less dazzling but no less eye-catching. This silver boutonniere swaps out feathers for flora making it perfect for guys with allergies and at weddings where the effects of high heat on flowers is a concern. Plus, this is a great way to do silver without getting too fussy.

silver bridal earrings - silver wedding inspiration

These CZ earrings. Seriously. Put them on the bride or the bridesmaids and they’re equally amazing. Yes, they’re delicate but at 2.5″ long they have a presence that more than makes up for said delicacy.

silver bridesmaids - wedding colors

Silver on bridesmaids? Again, there’s no reason to wait until wintertime to surround your besties in silver. Depending on the dress, they might even (gasp) wear it again. For example, check out this Alfred Sung dress:

silver bridesmaids dressesIt’s just cute enough for a wedding but no one would look at this Dupioni silk frock and think it’s seen a wedding or two in its time.

silver wedding headband - flower headpiece

But back to the bride! On her, silver really shines. Especially on brides with dark hair, accessories like this floral styled bridal headband. I love all things delicate but there’s just something about a stand-out silver headpiece that knocks my socks off.

silver wedding shoes - silver wedding colors

Silver from head to toe? Maybe not, but how about head to toe? If you love all things silver and simply must have it as part of your wedding day look but coordination is making that tough look no further than your feet for the solution. There are thousands of amazing silver bridal shoes out there for you to love!

silver ties groom - wedding inspiration

Grooms get back in on the action with two shades of silver in one perfect tie. What’s not to love?

silver wedding decor inspiration

Now on to the silver wedding decor! You can give your wedding some serious sparkle with special touches like these letters from HollywoodRose on Etsy. Put them on the sweetheart table, the cake table, or anywhere, and then after you say “I do” put them on your mantle forevermore!

silver wedding inspiration

How about DIY silver wedding table decor? I see a jam jar, a juice bottle, a Coke bottle, and a few other easy to find and basically free things that some crafty bride-to-be probably hit with simple spray paint. You have to love that! A couple of succulents, greens, simple roses, and baby’s breath, and you have yourself a centerpiece!

silver wedding cake inspiration

And finally, the cake. Silver is not something you see on most wedding cakes but a primo wedding cake designer will have decorating options that go beyond those little balls. Silver sugar and even silver cake wraps can turn an ordinary white wedding cake into something extraordinary!

silver wedding cake

Are you loving all things silver right now? Share your favorite silver wedding finds here!
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