Forever Floral: Bridesmaid Dresses Decked Out with Flowers are Here to Stay?

Last year’s spring wedding fashion season brought with it an interesting botanical twist… wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses with floral embellishments and floral patterns that were unlike anything seen before. This was not your delicate, tiny floral print that would only be obvious to someone giving the wearer a squeeze or itty-bitty rosettes. Runways all over the U.S. and beyond played host to gowns that looked like giant blossoms and overt prints. As always, the ferocity of the runway was realized in a somewhat less blatant form in playful floral embellishments and other toned down frippery.

And we’re not shy about admitting we loved it. To see all things floral – bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, and more – take center stage was absolutely delightful! Of course, we also had to wonder whether the trend for florals would persevere and stand the test of time or fade away as so many bridal trends do. Right now, only just into 2012, it feels like it may just be too early to tell. Designers are still producing beautiful floral bridesmaid dresses botanically inspired bridal jewelry, and finding new ways to integrate nature into their designs.

Personally, we don’t see the patterned bridesmaid dress trend as one that did or will every really take off. Which is a shame, but the brides have spoken! Where we do see flowers living on is in floral embellishments on bridesmaids’ dresses from a wide variety of designers and in floral bridal jewelry, too. Are the blossoms we’re seeing on actual bridesmaids as striking as the ones we saw last year on the runway? Of course not. But they’re there, in oversized rosettes and other floral embellishments on shoulders and waists, on bridal belts and in headbands, and sometimes on places you’d never expect, like shoes!

So when it comes to whether flowers are forever, we may not shout a resounding yes – but we’ll happily admit that floral bridesmaid dresses and all that good stuff are for right now. What do you think about florals on bridesmaids? Is this a trend with staying power or are you already over it?

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