Mature Wedding Dresses: For the Second Time Bride, the Modest Bride, or Old Souls

Not that there’s anything wrong with playing princess, but for some brides the flouncy bouncy ballgown just isn’t the IT dress. Maybe it’s that they’ve been married before and so for a second wedding they want a gown that’s a lot elegant but also a little lower key. Maybe it’s that they feel most comfortable in sleeves, sans decolletage. And some brides just aren’t into the whole princess for a day thing. I know that the word mature probably conjures up images of adorable geriatric brides but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe the dresses I’m about to show you. They’re grown up. But also versatile – many look just as polished paired with a cage veil as they do with a cathedral veil. You’ll find no girlish giggles here – these gowns are all woman!

mature bride wedding dresses

mature wedding dresses 2

mature wedding dresses

wedding dresses for mature brides plus size 2

second wedding dress

wedding dresses for mature brides FADELLA

wedding dresses for mature brides FADO

wedding dresses for mature brides FATIMA

wedding dresses for mature brides OUI-33


wedding dresses for mature brides plus size

Who said growing up can’t be gorgeous?

Christa Terry is a wedding expert
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Modern Wedding Cake Inspiration That’ll Knock Your Socks Off!

With all the options there are now, choosing a wedding cake can be almost as fraught with indecision as choosing bridesmaids dresses! The right wedding cake designer can create almost everything under the sun, from cakes that look like anything you can imagine to traditional wedding cakes with a twist. Currently hot is the modern wedding cake – which means different things to different people. In general, though, if you’re browsing around Pinterest for modern wedding cakes you’re going to see plenty of sharp angles, solid colors, geometric shapes, thick lines, and contemporary color choices. The designs on modern wedding cakes tend to look more like art than aliment, though one hopes the flavors inside are just as delicious as the exteriors are gorgeous. Here are some examples of what I think of when I’m thinking of modern wedding cakes:

modern wedding cake 1 (1)

modern wedding cake 1 (2)

modern wedding cake 1 (3)

modern wedding cake 1 (4)

modern wedding cake 1 (5)

modern wedding cake 1 (6)

modern wedding cake 1 (7)

modern wedding cake 1 (8)

modern wedding cake 1 (9)

modern wedding cake 1 (10)

Remember to meet with your wedding cake designer well in advance of the wedding to talk about what kind of cake you’re looking for. It helps to bring pictures, so queue up your wedding cake inspiration board on your phone or tablet before the meeting!

Have a sweet week!

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Wedding Reception Table Number Ideas

Want to spice up your reception table decor while also helping your wedding guests find their seats? Then look no further – these wedding reception table number ideas are cute, fun, and EASY!

wedding reception table number ideas 1

Keep it simple with inexpensive picture frames and hand-painted table numbers. Not a crack hand with a paintbrush? Print out whatever you want in your table number frames and then carefully go over that with acrylic paints until you get the look you want. It’s an easy and fairly impressive DIY and no one has to know how simple it really is.

wedding reception table number ideas 2

But if you ARE actually a crack hand with a paintbrush, go nuts! There’s nothing saying that your reception table numbers need to be framed. Decoupage them onto cinder blocks, lean them up against your floral arrangements, or hang them from the ceiling. Get creative with your placement – just make sure guests can find their tables.

wedding reception table number ideas 3

Want your table numbers to have a more personal touch? Childhood photos of you and your spouse-to-be will dress up frame reception table numbers and give your guests something to bond over. Plus, how cute were you? People should see that!

wedding reception table number ideas 4

How cool is this? While it may be just a little more difficult to keep track of ten wedding guestbooks, you have to love the idea of NOT making guests wander off toward a little overly dressed table in the corner to share their well wishes. With the guest book at the table, I’ll bet you get more congratulatory notes from more people who actually take the time to write something more personal than ‘best wishes xoxo’.

wedding reception table number ideas 5

And these? These table numbers are just plain cute!

wedding reception table number ideas 6

And these are not only glitzy, glamorous, and fun; they’re also a super easy pre-wedding DIY project! Bases and numbers can be found in any craft supply store, as can glitter and some Mod Podge. Make sure they stay pretty (and don’t scatter glitter everywhere) by spritzing them with some spray acrylic before the big day.

wedding reception table number ideas 7

Reception table numbers that double as drinkables or the best wedding favor ever? Yes, please. Bonus points if you can find local wines that give your wedding guests a taste of what your neighborhood has to offer. Print your own or look on sites like Etsy for custom wine bottle labels.

wedding reception table number ideas 8

Going the rustic route? This wedding reception table number idea has barn wedding written all over it. My favorite part is that you can get everything you need to DIY these numbers at your closest hardware store. And putting them together won’t take a lot of skill so it’s a perfect intro project for brides and grooms who aren’t sure how much they want to take on themselves.

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Ten 2015 Wedding Trends That You Need to Know About

1. Back to basics! Not every wedding has to be a production fit for the pages of the Rue Magazine wedding issue but you wouldn’t know that because Pinterest lies. And when I say consider having a simple wedding I don’t mean a wedding fit for the pages of Real Simple, either.

pearl bridal earrings

2. Pearls! This mainstay of bridal fashion is back in a big way – possibly because brides-to-be really are going back to basics. Are pearls and pearl wedding accessories a wedding trend? I say they’re timeless.


3. Simple ceremonies! Do we really all need the same rituals to feel wed? I do, you do, we do and we’re done – whether that includes your own vows or the standard vows of your people (whoever they may be) your guests will thank you for jumping on this wedding ceremony trend.

4. And simple wedding photos! The days of the overly processed wedding pics are numbered. Seriously, trends come and go but your wedding photos are forever. Trust me when I say it’s nice to look back at wedding photos in which you will look like you and not some filtered version of you.

5. Wedding cake! Like, just wedding cake. While it’s nice to offer guests options when it comes to edibles the idea that couples need to provide full-on buffets is pretty ludicrous. Have wedding cake alternatives or a full spread of sweets if you want, but don’t feel obligated. And candy bars? They’re a great way to end up with lots of leftover candy.

6. Personal hashtags! Wedding photo booths were definitely cute but all the pics of guests with faux mustaches are starting to look a little derivative. You’ll get more personal, more meaningful shots by snagging your loved ones’ IG pics thanks to your hashtag. Share it on your wedding invite and wedding website so guests know to tag pics from the ceremony and reception.

cinder block wedding centerpieces DIY

7. Cinder blocks! DIYing your reception with pallets and rusty old bathtubs is way five minutes ago. The cool new DIY material can be found in the contractor aisle at Home Depot. Or check Craigslist for freebies.

8. Industrial weddings! Barns are out, factories are in. I’m so done with burlap and lace and mason jars – if that’s your absolutely favorite look great but if your goal is to be on trend then leave the farm to the chickens.

After Six Bridesmaid Dress 6667

9. Vibrant colors! Muted palettes were all the rage a while back and were nice but when I got to a wedding I want to be wowed. We’re loving bright yellows, raspberry, navy, rose gold, and tangerine on bridesmaids, on tables, in bouquets, and even on brides.

10. Bubbles! Wedding sparklers for reception send-offs were big but frankly always made me nervous. That many people with sparks around a wedding gown? Yikes, right? Meanwhile bubbles are fun for all ages (making them great for weddings that include kids), won’t hurt anything or anyone, and maybe most importantly ARE NOT ON FIRE.

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Yet Another Trend Alert: Blush Metallics

Rose gold? We’re sold! Remember how in our last post we said we were kind of so over pink? There’s a caveat. Merge pink with the metallics trend and you’ve suddenly got something that’s not only gorgeous, but also elegant. Blush metallics are the grownup answer to pink. A little daring. A little surprising. And a lot of wow.

blush metallics wedding inspiration

Who says the bride has to have a white wedding? A oh-so-light rose gold gown looks amazing next to deeper blush metallics on bridesmaids.

blush metallics wedding inspiration bridal shoes

Of course, if you’ve been dreaming of wearing white since you were a little girl your bridal shoes can be your pop of blush.

rose gold blush metallics

Or your wedding accessories – we love this blush and gold side comb featuring hand wired enamel flowers in the softest of pinks.

rose gold bridesmaids dresses

Don’t forget your bridesmaids! Pick blush bridesmaids dresses that have a ton of sparkle or just a tad. Either way, your girls are going to love you.

blush metallics wedding inspiration reception table

How amazing is this table? Seriously.

rose gold sequin table wedding

Or this one! (Just make sure if you outfit your reception cocktail hour tables in over the top blush metallics you don’t inadvertently have your ‘maids in matching dresses. No one likes walking into a space and realizing they look like a table.

rose gold DIY wedding

Not finding rose gold centerpieces that knock your socks off? How about making your own? All it takes is some pretty old bottles and a whole lot of blush metallic paint plus some candles. Too easy.

blush metallics wedding inspiration cake

And finally, when you’re outfitting yourself and your bridesmaids and your venue, don’t forget the cake! Rose gold looks gorgeous on wedding cake, too; especially if you can do something like edible gold foil. Très chic!
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Trend Alert: Pastel Bridesmaids Dresses

Pastel-Bridesmaid-Dresses - After Six Bridesmaid

Looks like pretty in pink is giving way to pastels from periwinkle to lavender and beyond, and that’s just fine by us. Not that there’s anything wrong with pink – it’s still one of our faves, as this selection of After Six Bridesmaid dresses shows. It’s just that pastels are back in a big way – expect to see them at plenty of 2015 weddings – and we’re in love with how brides are using them.

bridesmaids in pastels

While nothing says spring wedding like a bunch of bridesmaids dressed all in shades of post-winter blossoms there’s no reason not to explore pastels for winter weddings or in the summertime. Mint and peach both have grownup appeal – an important disclaimer for anyone worried that pastels are best left to newborn layettes.

pastel bridesmaid inspiration

From beach to garden or even indoors, pastel bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous. Especially when brides and their girls mix it up a little! Pastels are so warm and inviting every shade above harmonizes beautifully with the bride’s gold wedding gown.

pastel bridesmaid dresses

Though the pastels worn by these bridesmaids look just as beautiful next to a more traditional white wedding gown.

pastel bridesmaids dresses

Even wedding accessories like shoes can get into the game!

bridesmaids in pastel dresses

We just can’t get enough of how this brilliant bride coordinated her ‘maids and the simple flower arrangements they’re carrying!


Alternate idea: put the flower girl in her very own shade of pastel dress. That way, she’s more likely to be able to use it again – trust us when we say her parents will thank you.

pastel bridesmaids

And one more set of beautiful bridesmaids wearing pastel dresses, just because!


Will your bridesmaids be wearing pastels?
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All That Glitters: Silver Wedding Inspiration

silver wedding backdrop

All that glitters ISN’T gold. Consider silver – who you might think of as gold’s second cousin. Great for winter weddings? Sure. But also just plain stunning in every season for its shine. It pairs with almost anything whether you’re talking about silver wedding dresses or silver shoes for a wedding or bridal accessories or the cake! It’s not the metallic, after all; it’s how you use it. Consider the following:


There are flowers – pink roses, I think – in there somewhere but I can’t stop looking at that silver bouquet wrap! The brooches in the blooms are one thing but that wrap could be used on almost any style of bridal bouquet featuring a thick stem arrangement. You could get the same effect with a thinner wrap, too, so maybe sky’s the limit! Grab this one at LXdesigns on Etsy!

silver brooch bouquet - silver wedding color

Of course, you could go whole hog (in the best way possible, of course) with a big, bold, and beautiful brooch bouquet that pairs silver settings with big luscious gems. The concept may not be making headlines anymore but I guarantee that it’ll be a showstopper in person. Buy it or one like it at Lilybuds Bouquets on Etsy!

silver boutonniere grooms wedding

In which case, skip the flowers for the groom and go straight for something a little less dazzling but no less eye-catching. This silver boutonniere swaps out feathers for flora making it perfect for guys with allergies and at weddings where the effects of high heat on flowers is a concern. Plus, this is a great way to do silver without getting too fussy.

silver bridal earrings - silver wedding inspiration

These CZ earrings. Seriously. Put them on the bride or the bridesmaids and they’re equally amazing. Yes, they’re delicate but at 2.5″ long they have a presence that more than makes up for said delicacy.

silver bridesmaids - wedding colors

Silver on bridesmaids? Again, there’s no reason to wait until wintertime to surround your besties in silver. Depending on the dress, they might even (gasp) wear it again. For example, check out this Alfred Sung dress:

silver bridesmaids dressesIt’s just cute enough for a wedding but no one would look at this Dupioni silk frock and think it’s seen a wedding or two in its time.

silver wedding headband - flower headpiece

But back to the bride! On her, silver really shines. Especially on brides with dark hair, accessories like this floral styled bridal headband. I love all things delicate but there’s just something about a stand-out silver headpiece that knocks my socks off.

silver wedding shoes - silver wedding colors

Silver from head to toe? Maybe not, but how about head to toe? If you love all things silver and simply must have it as part of your wedding day look but coordination is making that tough look no further than your feet for the solution. There are thousands of amazing silver bridal shoes out there for you to love!

silver ties groom - wedding inspiration

Grooms get back in on the action with two shades of silver in one perfect tie. What’s not to love?

silver wedding decor inspiration

Now on to the silver wedding decor! You can give your wedding some serious sparkle with special touches like these letters from HollywoodRose on Etsy. Put them on the sweetheart table, the cake table, or anywhere, and then after you say “I do” put them on your mantle forevermore!

silver wedding inspiration

How about DIY silver wedding table decor? I see a jam jar, a juice bottle, a Coke bottle, and a few other easy to find and basically free things that some crafty bride-to-be probably hit with simple spray paint. You have to love that! A couple of succulents, greens, simple roses, and baby’s breath, and you have yourself a centerpiece!

silver wedding cake inspiration

And finally, the cake. Silver is not something you see on most wedding cakes but a primo wedding cake designer will have decorating options that go beyond those little balls. Silver sugar and even silver cake wraps can turn an ordinary white wedding cake into something extraordinary!

silver wedding cake

Are you loving all things silver right now? Share your favorite silver wedding finds here!
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6 Ways to Use Cherry Red in Your Wedding

Love cherries? Us, too. When we searched for cherry wedding inspiration, it’s not that surprising that cherry blossoms dominated. Who doesn’t love that gorgeous pale pink? But that’s not what we were looking for. We think it’s time to get BOLD with some totally saturated, gorgeous cherry red wedding inspiration that’ll knock your socks off. Ready? Here are six ways to incorporate cherry red into your wedding day:

Real Wedding at Café Felix {Elmiene & Johan} | SouthBound Bride

A pop of color: You may be dressed all in white but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a pop of color to your wedding day ensemble in the form of a bridal jewelry set or an amazing pair of sunglasses.

Real Wedding at Café Felix {Elmiene & Johan} | SouthBound Bride

Wrap your toes in red: Sunglasses too much? Then how about your bridal shoes? Wedding accessories are the perfect place to play with a little (or a lot) of color!

cherry wedding inspiration - red bridesmaid jewelry

Your bridesmaids’ jewelry: In this red bridesmaid jewelry set the color of red ripe cherries isn’t the only inspiring thing. We love how the shape of the vivid pearls brings cherries to mind.

Or their dresses: Red bridesmaids’ dresses are amazing already- cherry red bridesmaids’ dresses? To die for. We’re not going to say they’ll ever wear them again but pick the right cut and they might!

A tasty treat: Cherry red is more than just a color when you use it as flavor inspiration for your reception meal or wedding cake. Great caterers will get creative when it comes to using cherry – think savory foods infused with this awesome flavor.

The cake: Not a fan of cherry? Bright red cherry blossoms – which, yes, isn’t the norm – on your cake will wow your guests.

Cherry Blossom Wedding Cakes Idea

Cherry red probably won’t be the dominant color in your wedding color scheme but it is literally one of the most beautiful accent colors there is. If you’re still looking for that perfect accent color, consider it!

Images via: Southbound Bride; The Wedding Library; Love My Dress UK
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Love Orange? Here’s What It Says About You:

Orange-loving brides-to-be, rejoice! Whether or not your favorite shade of this color is trendy at any given time, your attraction to orange says a lot about you – and just about everything it says is good.

orange bridesmaids dresses

For instance, brides who lean toward shades of orange when choosing either a wedding color palette or wedding jewelry tend to be vibrant, spontaneous, energetic, and bold. There’s no denying that this is a happy color, and that mood is reflected in the personalities of the people who love it.

So how should you use orange in your wedding planning?

First, it helps to know that most brides-to-be choose not only a dominant color – seen in wedding invitations, bridesmaids’ dresses, and flowers, but also a secondary color – found in tablescapes, bridesmaid accessories, and some décor – and sometimes also an accent color – which serves to highlight your one or two main colors.

orange bridesmaids dresses I

Next, consider the mood you’re trying to set. Do you envision your wedding being bright and happy or rich, spicy, and exotic? Lighthearted or serious? Warm or cool? This will help you choose just the right shade of orange, and may also help you figure out whether you want orange to be your primary wedding color or your secondary or accent color.

orange wedding flowers

Finally, if your primary wedding color will be orange then it’s time to pick the colors that will complement it. White is a no-brainer. Eggplant may be harder to imagine but hop onto Pinterest and you’ll see plenty of gorg orange and eggplant pairings. Pink and yellow are fun and flirty, if obvious, choices. Sea foam green, on the other hand, is a little daring. Black and white or gray and white make a classic palette. And orange plus brown is evocative of all things fall.

However you use orange in your wedding color scheme, have fun with it! Considering your love of this versatile color, we’ve not a doubt in the world that you will.
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Hot Colors: A Yellow and Pink Wedding Inspiration Board

Far from being girly or immature, the pairing of pink and yellow is incredibly versatile when it comes to wedding colors. Because most shades of these two hues don’t qualify as trendy (mustard aside) you can choose between a wide variety of palettes and accent colors without having to worry that your color choice will look incredibly dated in two years. Yellow can encompass everything from light cream to saturated sunny shades, just as pink includes the palest rose – as in our Rose Garden pink jewelry set – and the most vivid salmon.

Brides-to-be who choose this pretty – and often feminine – combo are usually happy and searching for a color scheme that’s fun, bright, and vibrant. There can be plenty of drama, too, if you highlight these two colors with black, stark white, or deep blues. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of sunshine to your ceremony and reception or you are searching for pink’s perfect partner, have a look at our latest inspiration board for some fun, beautiful, and creative ideas to make your pink and yellow wedding pop!

yellow and pink wedding inspiration board

Is this your wedding color palette? What yellows and pinks are you using?
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