Stunning Flower Girl Dresses You Just HAVE to See!

Finally, a roundup of pretty things for flower girls! It’s not a topic we hit very often. Flower girl jewelry and accessories tend to be small – dainty, you might say – and understated. And the dresses? Can be super, well, last-minute. An afterthought mirroring the bride’s gown or something chosen simply because it matches the bridesmaids’ dresses. We say nuts to that! Flower girls deserve their moment in the spotlight, too. If you’re shopping for a tiny attendant, whether she’s your little girl or a loved one’s, try one of these gorgeous flower girl dresses on for size:

maliposha clothes flower girl dresses

From Maliposha Clothes

Weddington Way flower girl dresses accessories

From Weddington Way

Olivia Kate Couture flower girl dresses jewelry

From Olivia Kate Couture

usabride flower girl accessoriesFrom USABride

tutu du monde flower girl dress

From Tutu Du Monde

Kirstie Kelly Design flower girls accessories

From Kirstie Kelly Design

GillyGray flower girl jewelry

From GillyGray

usabride flower girl accessories dressesFrom USABride

GillyGray flower girl dresses accessories

From GillyGray

Cassies Closet flower girl accessories

From Cassie’s Closet

How are you going to dress your flower girl?

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Is Flower Girl Jewelry a Must-Have?

Let’s talk flower girl jewelry. If a flower girl is little enough, the jewelry she wears at a wedding may be some of the first real jewelry she ever receives. You can probably guess that it’s not unusual for the bride and groom to give the flower girl a gift of a necklace and bracelet and maybe even earrings if she has pierced ears. But is flower girl jewelry a must-have line item on the average wedding budget? The short answer is no.

In terms of actual responsibility, the parents of the flower girl are typically on the hook for the flower girl dress and accessories. That said, we love the idea that our hypothetical flower girl will always think back on her first time in a wedding party as the first time anyone – in this case, the bride – gave her a special gift of jewelry.

Flower girls don’t even have to wear jewelry when it comes right down to it, of course, but what little girl wouldn’t go gaga over the opportunity to wear a grownup jewelry set? We say if you’re on the fence about putting flower girl jewelry in your wedding budget, consider that these accessories in miniature are usually very reasonably priced – and the sparkle in your flower girl’s eyes when you present her with her very own wedding jewelry set will make the cost worth every penny.

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FAQ: Wedding Jewelry for Your Flower Girl? Sure!

Brides-to-be often have the most questions about dressing flower girls – especially when it comes to wedding jewelry and accessories. Here are some of the questions we’ve been asked in the past:

What style of jewelry is appropriate for flower girls?

You should look for flower girl jewelry that’s similar to the wedding jewelry your bridesmaids are wearing, whether that’s pearl wedding jewelry or rhinestone wedding jewelry. Your flower girl will look beautiful in whatever you choose, as long as you pick accessories that harmonize with your whole bridal party’s style.

Should I ask my flower girl’s parents for input?

Only if you want to. They’ll have a good idea of whether she’ll tolerate wearing a necklace or tiara for the length of the ceremony or if she’s one of those little girls who can’t seem to avoid snagging necklaces and undoing hairstyles.

Are there special wedding jewelry options for flower girls?

Yes! Flower girls are typically younger and so will look best in more delicate jewelry – plus, necklace lengths are typically designed for the adult frame. You can always have a jeweler shorten a necklace or bracelet for your flower girl, but consider that many flower girls would much rather wear a flower girl tiara than a necklace set.

Are the rules the same for wedding jewelry for junior bridesmaids?

In our experience, a junior bridesmaid can be anywhere from 7 years old to in her upper teens. Think about the girl herself when buying wedding jewelry for a junior bridesmaid. If she’s on the younger side, choose smaller, more delicate pieces that won’t look overwhelming. But for older junior bridesmaids, we recommend buying the same wedding jewelry you’re buying for your of-age ‘maids.

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