Our Favorite Simple Wedding Centerpieces

simple wedding centerpieces 6Can I just tell you how much I am loving the return to simplicity that I have been seeing at this year’s weddings? While there will always be over-the-top everything from ten-tier cakes to wedding jewelry so heavy it gives the bride a migraine, it’s nice to see so many things that are just plain – well – nice. Doable for those of us who weren’t born with the Colin Cowie gene, even.

Wedding centerpieces for reception tables tend to be at the forefront of this return to all things simple – possibly because if you’re not a natural born designer or hiring an all purpose planner who’s wrangling the flowers for you, centerpieces can be tricky. Too small and they look dinky on a ten-person table. Too big and your guests are knocking the salt cellar onto the floor every time they take a bite.

But when you keep things simple, it’s a lot easier for the lay-bride to see what works and what doesn’t. Nothing too fussy. Mostly a lot of glass and flowers and candles – all of the kinds of things you can grab at a craft store on the cheap, in fact. Not that DIY wedding centerpieces have to look cheap, mind you. Some of the least expensive weddings I’ve been to have been some of the most arresting and amazing visually thanks to brides who put in the time.

If you’re thinking you’d rather put in the time than spend the money for gorgeous wedding centerpieces, here are some ideas I’m loving right now:

PrintI can’t imagine these are actually drinking glasses but they do look an awful lot like drinking glasses. One bloom per glass and you have the perfect centerpiece for a long rectangular table.

simple wedding centerpieces 3Bedazzling glass jars and vases was all the rage on Pinterest a while back so you’ll have no trouble finding a how-to. Pick the right receptacle and you can once again get away with one bloom per.

simple wedding centerpieces 5Not a fan of flowers? Simple sticks and floating candles make for surprisingly striking centerpieces.

simple wedding centerpieces 8Or ditch the twigs and go for greenery. Wouldn’t this setup be lovely with succulents or cacti?

simple wedding centerpieces 7Here’s another idea – twin greenery into a vine and trail it along the table. A few tea lights in glass complete the look. It’s very fresh and in keeping with the trend toward more botanicals!

simple wedding centerpieces 9It doesn’t get much simpler than this! Check Etsy for these candle holders or give DIY a try.

simple wedding centerpieces 4Did I say it couldn’t get any simpler? I lied. Beach stones and lilies are a perfect pairing.

simple wedding centerpiecesIt might take some time to collect all the tiny glass bottles you need to mimic this look, but don’t you think the results will be worth it?

DIY always takes time, of course. But the result can be a more beautiful, more personal wedding than you might otherwise have had. Scared to dip your toe into the wide world of wedding DIY? Centerpieces are a great place to start.

(Images via StyleMePretty, AFloral.com, Project Wedding, The Frisky, Burnetts Boards, Colin Cowie Weddings, A Low Country Wedding, and How to Be Perfect Woman?)

christa terry author of iDo
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Stunning Flower Girl Dresses You Just HAVE to See!

Finally, a roundup of pretty things for flower girls! It’s not a topic we hit very often. Flower girl jewelry and accessories tend to be small – dainty, you might say – and understated. And the dresses? Can be super, well, last-minute. An afterthought mirroring the bride’s gown or something chosen simply because it matches the bridesmaids’ dresses. We say nuts to that! Flower girls deserve their moment in the spotlight, too. If you’re shopping for a tiny attendant, whether she’s your little girl or a loved one’s, try one of these gorgeous flower girl dresses on for size:

maliposha clothes flower girl dresses

From Maliposha Clothes

Weddington Way flower girl dresses accessories

From Weddington Way

Olivia Kate Couture flower girl dresses jewelry

From Olivia Kate Couture

usabride flower girl accessoriesFrom USABride

tutu du monde flower girl dress

From Tutu Du Monde

Kirstie Kelly Design flower girls accessories

From Kirstie Kelly Design

GillyGray flower girl jewelry

From GillyGray

usabride flower girl accessories dressesFrom USABride

GillyGray flower girl dresses accessories

From GillyGray

Cassies Closet flower girl accessories

From Cassie’s Closet

How are you going to dress your flower girl?
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Wedding Trend Alert: FERNS!

If you’re looking for a modern botanical to use in your wedding decor, why not ferns? They’re everywhere so you’re not going to spend as much as you might on something more exotic. They’re lush and lovely. And there is something really elegant about this simple plant, but it’s earthy, too. It’s like it grows at the intersection of mod and classical. Or maybe it’s just trending right now, but so what? If you love ferns, have I got some wedding inspiration for you!

fern bridal headpiece

Frond as bridal headpiece? A little different, sure, but hey, it works. And I’m loving that mini fishtail braid she’s sporting.

fern place settings wedding inspiration

Simple and beautiful, yet another single frond. This time to beautify the table settings and place cards.

fern wedding boutenniere

And you knew there had to be a boutonniere coming. Adore the mini frond here. Maybe not the feather – replace it with more greenery or another botanical.

fern wedding cake 2

Who needs fancy wedding cake decorations when you have Mother Nature’s best?

fern wedding cake

A fern frond here and a frond there, and you’ll have the best dressed wedding cake of the season.

fern wedding ceremony decor

Ditto for your ceremony seating. Can you DIY this aisle decor idea? Oh yes you can.

fern wedding decor

Another sweet wedding decor idea – this time a rustic welcome sign – featuring ferns and not much else. Another great DIY possibility.

fern wedding invitations

Invitations featuring ferns? Love.fern wedding photography bride

I’m not going to suggest posting with a fern frond – unless you really want to!

fern wedding tablescape

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Fresh Botanical Wedding Inspiration

The leaves are finally falling off the trees around our studio but since the brides planning autumn weddings are hopefully done by now or have a year – or more – yet to go, we’re feeling springy! Maybe you’re a bride-to-be who still has long months and months to wait before you say “I do,” in which case you’re probably pouring over Pinterest every chance you get to find something gorgeous, whether it’s bridal jewelry or ceremony decor or wedding dresses or whatever.

We love Pinterest, of course – omg follow us – but we wanted to give you something gorgeous right this second! And here it is, botanical wedding inspiration that’ll knock your socks off. You’ll swear it was springtime!

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding bridal bouquet

I love everything about this bridal bouquet from the HUGE pink blossoms to the surprising amount of greenery – the greens to blooms ratio, you might say.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding bridal headpiece

Bridal headpiece au naturel? More blooms than you might find in most bouquets make a pretty radical statement.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding cake

Wedding cake alternative plus big, bold, and beautiful blossoms? YES.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding ceremony backdrop

This wedding ceremony backdrop is definitely different. Don’t expect to see one at the next wedding you’re at unless that wedding is your own.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding ceremony decor

Ditto for this UHMAZING outdoor wedding ceremony decor.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding escort cards

No blooms to be found here, but plenty of botanicals! These reception escort cards come complete with a tiny touch of Mother Nature’s best.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding invitations

Love the font. Adore the styling for the photoshoot. Who needs vases?

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding reception decor

When it comes to wedding DIY, it doesn’t get much easier than this dramatic arrangement of greenery above and plain white pillar candles below. Adore it.

Just remember, if you’re using natural greens in your wedding you want to treat them as carefully as your flowers so they look fresh all day long!
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Simply Beautiful: Baby’s Breath Bridal Bouquets (and More)

babys breath wedding ideas

Baby’s breath is more than just a bouquet filler. This lovely and delicate bedding plant is a beauty in its own right. Light and elegant, it looks like nothing so much as little fluffy clouds when used well. It makes an airy addition to place cards, a bridal headpiece, or boutonnieres, and a fresh, modern, and feminine bridal bouquet when used all on its own or with a few other blooms. What’s not to love?

babys breath bridal bouquet 2

babys breath bridal bouquet 5

babys breath bridal bouquet 3

babys breath bridal bouquet 4


babys breath bridal bouquet 6

babys breath bridal bouquet 7

How simple would this bouquet be to DIY? And yet the results are so gorgeous!

babys breath bridal bouquet 8

babys breath bridal bouquet 9

babys breath bridal bouquet 10

Love how this next bride’s bouquet has become a part of her bridal accessories thanks to a pretty bouquet charm!

babys breath bridal bouquet 11

babys breath bridal bouquet

Are you thinking of using baby’s breath in your bouquet or centerpieces as something other than a filler? Let’s hear your best ideas!

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No More Bitty Bouquets: Brides with Big Paper Flowers

Go big or go home is not usually something you hear people say about wedding flowers but so what? Brides who want to go big with their bridal bouquets shouldn’t let convention – of all things – hold them back. Alternative bridal bouquets are one idea but the problem for some brides is that these options are not so alternative anymore. The wire bouquet. The prayer book. The lantern. The brooch bouquet. You get the idea. Of course, just because something is no longer making headlines in bridal magazines doesn’t mean it should be off the table. Love wire bouquets and want a big one? Go for it! Just like if what’s trending doesn’t appeal, kick it to the curb.

If you are committed to going big in all things related to your wedding, have we got the idea for you! Big… no, make that HUGE paper flowers carried in lieu of traditional bouquets are gaining speed as an alt bouquet and we love them.

giant paper flower

Here’s the idea: they’re like an awesome alternative nod to traditional wedding flowers and the bridal bouquet itself. After all, brides have been carrying single blossoms for, like, ever. Hello, calla lilies! This is just a new, fresh, and kind of rebellious take made from paper or silk – not an attempt to reinvent the wheel. Which is good if you’re basically a fan of all things traditional but want to incorporate something a little sassy into your ceremony.

giant paper flower
Brides carrying huge flowers ARE sassy – and you have probably already discovered how hard it is to inject the sass into the ceremony half of your big day. After all, saying “I do” is a pretty momentous event. Some even go so far as to call it somber. We say be as playful as you want to be with your bridal accessories and otherwise.


Remember, it’s okay to be a rule breaker. Who cares how big a bridal bouquet should be? If you’re satisfying the basic requirements of etiquette as they pertain to taking care of your guests, you are golden. Giant flower. Colored wedding gown. Tart instead of cake. Whatever.

giant bridal flower

Will there be comments? Girrrrrrl, there are ALWAYS comments. Good, bad, and strangely insensitive, there will be comments. People can’t help opening their mouths to breathe their unwanted opinions on brides-to-be and the brides they become. Such is life. For whatever reason, our culture considers engaged women and brides to be public property.

giant single flower bouquet

Carry what you want. Do what you love. You’re going to look beautiful no matter what!
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