Trend Alert: Pastel Bridesmaids Dresses

Pastel-Bridesmaid-Dresses - After Six Bridesmaid

Looks like pretty in pink is giving way to pastels from periwinkle to lavender and beyond, and that’s just fine by us. Not that there’s anything wrong with pink – it’s still one of our faves, as this selection of After Six Bridesmaid dresses shows. It’s just that pastels are back in a big way – expect to see them at plenty of 2015 weddings – and we’re in love with how brides are using them.

bridesmaids in pastels

While nothing says spring wedding like a bunch of bridesmaids dressed all in shades of post-winter blossoms there’s no reason not to explore pastels for winter weddings or in the summertime. Mint and peach both have grownup appeal – an important disclaimer for anyone worried that pastels are best left to newborn layettes.

pastel bridesmaid inspiration

From beach to garden or even indoors, pastel bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous. Especially when brides and their girls mix it up a little! Pastels are so warm and inviting every shade above harmonizes beautifully with the bride’s gold wedding gown.

pastel bridesmaid dresses

Though the pastels worn by these bridesmaids look just as beautiful next to a more traditional white wedding gown.

pastel bridesmaids dresses

Even wedding accessories like shoes can get into the game!

bridesmaids in pastel dresses

We just can’t get enough of how this brilliant bride coordinated her ‘maids and the simple flower arrangements they’re carrying!


Alternate idea: put the flower girl in her very own shade of pastel dress. That way, she’s more likely to be able to use it again – trust us when we say her parents will thank you.

pastel bridesmaids

And one more set of beautiful bridesmaids wearing pastel dresses, just because!


Will your bridesmaids be wearing pastels?
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All the Alternative Wedding Cakes You Could Ever Want

Hate cake? I can’t say I’m right there with you but I totally respect your choice NOT to have wedding cake at your reception. Some people will hem and haw on and on about how you can’t have a wedding without c-a-k-e but that’s a big fat lie. Aside from the vows that make the wedding official (notice I didn’t say legal because it takes all kinds) you can have a wedding without nearly anything. No dress? No problem. No bridesmaids? Same. No wedding accessories, wedding favors, bridal heels, or open bar? You’ll be just as married. Heck, you don’t even need guests. But if you don’t have wedding guests, who will eat all these goodies? Because today I wanted to share some of my favorite wedding cake alternatives for the bride-to-be who would rather not have her cake and eat it, too.


Who doesn’t like doughnuts? Whether you’re a diehard Dunkin Donuts fan or you say Krispy Kreme for life or you’re all about the gourmet indie doughnuts, a stack of wedding doughnuts can go a long way toward satisfying your guests’ sweet teeth.

cheese as wedding cake

Sweets for the sweet? Hardly when you sub out the traditional wedding cake for a more cosmopolitan last course of cheese. This isn’t wedding cheesecake but wedding cheese… as cake, tiers and all.

crepes as wedding cake

Wedding crepes as cake lets you have all the icing you could want in a “cake” that’s a step up from sponge. It’s even more striking when you use dark chocolate ganache between the layers.

ice cream as wedding cake

I scream, you scream, we all scream for wedding ice cream. Help guests beat the heat at summer weddings with this kid-friendly dessert option. Afraid of the mess? Opt for a sundae bar.

macaron wedding cake

For an epically colored wedding dessert can’t can’t beat French macarons as a cake alternative.

wedding cake alternativesBut wait, there’s more! Naked wedding cakes are still cake but with a twist for those couples who can’t stand frosting. Then there are wedding parfaits and the three-tiered wedding Rice Krispies treat.


But save your fork because there’s gonna be pie.

Are you going to be serving wedding cake at your reception – or one of these awesome wedding cake alternatives?
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