Bridesmaid: Can You Really Wear that Dress Again?

Let’s talk truthy about bridesmaid dresses. They’ve come a long way from bright pink and blue taffeta (complete with dyed shoes to match)! But even so, let’s be honest. Has anyone ever worn their bridesmaid dress again? I have – when the bride was sweet enough to let all her ‘maids choose their own frocks in a specific color. When that happens it’s easy to find a bridesmaids dress you can wear again because the dress you pick is just your style.

But should it happen that you are a bride who isn’t a fan of the idea of letting bridesmaids choose their own dresses, there are still things you can do when choosing bridesmaids dresses to increase the odds your girls will wear their frocks more than just the once.

bridesmaids dresses wear againImage: We Heart Photography

First of all, the styles of bridesmaid dresses have improved dramatically over the past few years. Today, we’re seeing a lot of A-line dresses which look great on all different body shapes and sizes.

blue bridesmaids dresses mismatchedImage: Andrew Mark Photography

The hottest styles right now are still mostly sleeveless. Also very popular are column style dresses, floor length, halter top or straps criss-crossing over the back and asymmetrical. But keep in mind that anything floor length or overtly formal will be harder to re-wear than cocktail length bridesmaids dresses. That said, there are always exceptions!

sparkling bridesmaids dressesImage: Erich McVey Photography

These days, designers are getting very creative when it comes to color and fabric. It’s not just pale pinks and blues anymore. Platinum is very in at the moment, as well as very vibrant colors that would be at home on stylish peacocks. And yet earth tones and natural colors never go out of style and are especially versatile when it comes to everyday wear.

tan and gold bridesmaids dresses

Accessories can really enhance the look of bridesmaid dresses – adding to the formality or funkiness. Statement necklaces add a bolder touch to relatively simlpe bridesmaid attire and look really stunning with all the sleeveless styles.

two piece bridesmaids dresses

Floral looks and patterned bridesmaids dresses are appearing at growing numbers of weddings. Maybe because they can be worn again or maybe because we’re all finally over plain Jane matching styles. But if you love matching bridesmaids dresses – and that’s okay – think about having your ‘maids wear striking shoes in different colors and styles.

floral bridesmaids dresses

The vintage aesthetic is also still trendy, especially with the more “retro” style dresses. Rhinestone barrettes and combs are lending a stylish touch to bridal parties wearing vintage styles. What makes these dresses so re-wearable is that their silhouette is more fun and less formal.

retro bridesmaids dressesImage: Briana Purser Photography

Happy shopping, ladies!coral bridesmaids dresses

Christa Terry is a wedding expert

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Mature Wedding Dresses: For the Second Time Bride, the Modest Bride, or Old Souls

Not that there’s anything wrong with playing princess, but for some brides the flouncy bouncy ballgown just isn’t the IT dress. Maybe it’s that they’ve been married before and so for a second wedding they want a gown that’s a lot elegant but also a little lower key. Maybe it’s that they feel most comfortable in sleeves, sans decolletage. And some brides just aren’t into the whole princess for a day thing. I know that the word mature probably conjures up images of adorable geriatric brides but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe the dresses I’m about to show you. They’re grown up. But also versatile – many look just as polished paired with a cage veil as they do with a cathedral veil. You’ll find no girlish giggles here – these gowns are all woman!

mature bride wedding dresses

mature wedding dresses 2

mature wedding dresses

wedding dresses for mature brides plus size 2

second wedding dress

wedding dresses for mature brides FADELLA

wedding dresses for mature brides FADO

wedding dresses for mature brides FATIMA

wedding dresses for mature brides OUI-33


wedding dresses for mature brides plus size

Who said growing up can’t be gorgeous?

Christa Terry is a wedding expert
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8 Bridal Veils for Every Bridal Style

Let’s get a hip hip hooray to celebrate the fact that veils are back in a big way. This time, they’re anything but traditional so if you’ve ever thought of bridal veils as stuffy and old fashioned, take another look. Sure, the bridal veil has a long and storied history. Some veils protected brides from evil spirits. Later on, they represented chastity and purity. Veils have been a status symbol for the rich and famous. And a fun retro accessory for the rest of us.

Most veils scream femininity, which makes sense because unlike shoes or jewelry, veils are pretty much just for us ladies. Maybe in all the excitement of shopping for your wedding dress, you’ve pushed thoughts of bridal veils aside. Once you have your gown on order, though, hair accessories and headpieces should be at the top of your pre-wedding shopping list. With that in mind, here are my veil pics for every bridal style:

bride cage veil vintage retro

An abbreviated cage veil with a side comb is a nod to 1960s brides, so if vintage glam translated into modern punk is your aesthetic this is for you. It’s light, see through to the extreme so you get all the fun of a veil without the headache or blurred vision.

flower cage veil retro bride

If something less funky is more your speed but you love the cage veil look, try a floral cage veil. It’s a little more femme but still plenty retro, and it’s just divine if you can’t get enough of the 1920s.

two layer veil no edging

Simple and elegant, a two-layer veil is all about the options. Wear it under your updo for a contemporary elegant look or go full traditional over the hair with a layer flipped over in front of your beautiful visage. Don’t worry – it’s still light enough and soft enough for dancing and all-day comfort.

edged wedding veil bridal

Want something the tiniest bit more elaborate but still relatively simple? Take a cut-edge veil and add a pencil edge for a finished look. A pencil-edge wedding veil gives a little more definition to a bridal veil so it stands out that much more.

mantilla bridal veil

The mantilla bridal veil represents a nod to tradition but with a twist. This mantilla veil has amazing floral lace detailing that gradually becomes delicate beading for a modern take on a classic look.

pearl edge bridal veil beads

Love pearls? Then max out on them on your wedding day with a bridal veil that combines two layers of soft bridal tulle with gorgeous sewn-in seed pearls. This pearl bridal veil is the perfect veil for girly-girl brides who want their veils to stand out.

ribbon edge bridal veil

Ribbon edge bridal veils are the ultimate must-have accessories for modern brides! The thicker the ribbon, the more impact it will have. These veils look amazing with mod column gowns without a lot of embellishment.

cathedral length bridal veil

And we can’t forget the ultimate in classic chic, the cathedral veil. It’s long, luxurious, and FORMAL. While the rules for wearing the longest bridal veil have relaxed somewhat, keep your wedding venue in mind before choosing this type of veil.

What type of veil will YOU be wearing?

P.S. – This month only you can get 15% of all bridal veils with coupon code MYVEIL15! Happy shopping!
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Too, Too Demure: Victorio & Lucchino at Barcelona Bridal Week Spring 2015

If you’ve dreamed of getting married in something a little more modest but feared that your options would be few, you’re going to find this is a great year to be a bride!

Included in your frock choices you’ll find the 2015 wedding dress collection from Spain’s Victorio & Lucchino, which is called Amor, Amor – a more than appropriate because we love, love it! It’s definitely a pioneering collection in the bridal fashion world. It debuted at Barcelona Bridal Week with diaphanous and luxuriant wedding dresses with lots of covered shoulders and hardly a peek of decolletage.

The look is ultra feminine and just a little old fashioned, and Victorio & Lucchino’s 2015 collection definitely is on trend with its emphasis on the back! Stunning backlines reveal while otherwise modest lines conceal. Barcelona Bridal Week’s description said the collection is imbued with a message of love, and we couldn’t agree more. Nothing says romance like gauze, georgette, organza, Mikado silk, and soft tulle along with more than a few yards of lace!

Have a look:

Victorio Lucchino - Barcelona Bridal Week Spring 2015 1

Victorio Lucchino - Barcelona Bridal Week Spring 2015 2

Victorio Lucchino - Barcelona Bridal Week Spring 2015 3

Victorio Lucchino - Barcelona Bridal Week Spring 2015 4

Victorio Lucchino - Barcelona Bridal Week Spring 2015 5

Victorio Lucchino - Barcelona Bridal Week Spring 2015 6

Victorio Lucchino - Barcelona Bridal Week Spring 2015 7

Victorio Lucchino - Barcelona Bridal Week Spring 2015 8

What’s your favorite 2015 bridal collection?
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DIY Friendly Favors: Wedding Terrariums

Are wedding terrariums trendy? You bet. But even as this hipster bride must-have becomes ubiquitous, I still think it’s a wonderful idea. I mean, a wedding reception centerpiece your guests can take home? What is not to love? They can get a little expensive – even if you’re buying the tiniest ones – for a wedding with 100+ guests but there are ways to cut costs.

wedding terrariums 1

wedding terrariums 2

wedding terrariums 3

It’s not the most difficult DIY in the world once you get the knack for arranging terrariums at speed. There are even kits. And my guess is that even if you’re not the fastest terrarium arranger, there are much more stressful to-dos to check off of your wedding checklist. Arranging plants and flowers – some people do that to relax. Maybe this is one DIY that will actually lighten your load.

wedding terrariums 4

wedding terrariums 5

wedding terrariums 6

But wait, what is a wedding terrarium, anyway? Wikipedia says: A terrarium is a type of miniature ecosystem of plants. Not all plants require or are suited to the moist environment of closed terrariums. Tropical plant varieties, such as mosses, orchids, ferns and air plants, are generally kept within closed terrariums due to the conditions being similar to the humid and sheltered environment of the tropics. Open terrariums are better suited to dry plants such as succulents.

I say opt for succulents. They’re totes in and they’re just about the easiest plant to care for so you’re not saddling wedding guests with a new plant that requires an extra green thumb.
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All That Glitters: Silver Wedding Inspiration

silver wedding backdrop

All that glitters ISN’T gold. Consider silver – who you might think of as gold’s second cousin. Great for winter weddings? Sure. But also just plain stunning in every season for its shine. It pairs with almost anything whether you’re talking about silver wedding dresses or silver shoes for a wedding or bridal accessories or the cake! It’s not the metallic, after all; it’s how you use it. Consider the following:


There are flowers – pink roses, I think – in there somewhere but I can’t stop looking at that silver bouquet wrap! The brooches in the blooms are one thing but that wrap could be used on almost any style of bridal bouquet featuring a thick stem arrangement. You could get the same effect with a thinner wrap, too, so maybe sky’s the limit! Grab this one at LXdesigns on Etsy!

silver brooch bouquet - silver wedding color

Of course, you could go whole hog (in the best way possible, of course) with a big, bold, and beautiful brooch bouquet that pairs silver settings with big luscious gems. The concept may not be making headlines anymore but I guarantee that it’ll be a showstopper in person. Buy it or one like it at Lilybuds Bouquets on Etsy!

silver boutonniere grooms wedding

In which case, skip the flowers for the groom and go straight for something a little less dazzling but no less eye-catching. This silver boutonniere swaps out feathers for flora making it perfect for guys with allergies and at weddings where the effects of high heat on flowers is a concern. Plus, this is a great way to do silver without getting too fussy.

silver bridal earrings - silver wedding inspiration

These CZ earrings. Seriously. Put them on the bride or the bridesmaids and they’re equally amazing. Yes, they’re delicate but at 2.5″ long they have a presence that more than makes up for said delicacy.

silver bridesmaids - wedding colors

Silver on bridesmaids? Again, there’s no reason to wait until wintertime to surround your besties in silver. Depending on the dress, they might even (gasp) wear it again. For example, check out this Alfred Sung dress:

silver bridesmaids dressesIt’s just cute enough for a wedding but no one would look at this Dupioni silk frock and think it’s seen a wedding or two in its time.

silver wedding headband - flower headpiece

But back to the bride! On her, silver really shines. Especially on brides with dark hair, accessories like this floral styled bridal headband. I love all things delicate but there’s just something about a stand-out silver headpiece that knocks my socks off.

silver wedding shoes - silver wedding colors

Silver from head to toe? Maybe not, but how about head to toe? If you love all things silver and simply must have it as part of your wedding day look but coordination is making that tough look no further than your feet for the solution. There are thousands of amazing silver bridal shoes out there for you to love!

silver ties groom - wedding inspiration

Grooms get back in on the action with two shades of silver in one perfect tie. What’s not to love?

silver wedding decor inspiration

Now on to the silver wedding decor! You can give your wedding some serious sparkle with special touches like these letters from HollywoodRose on Etsy. Put them on the sweetheart table, the cake table, or anywhere, and then after you say “I do” put them on your mantle forevermore!

silver wedding inspiration

How about DIY silver wedding table decor? I see a jam jar, a juice bottle, a Coke bottle, and a few other easy to find and basically free things that some crafty bride-to-be probably hit with simple spray paint. You have to love that! A couple of succulents, greens, simple roses, and baby’s breath, and you have yourself a centerpiece!

silver wedding cake inspiration

And finally, the cake. Silver is not something you see on most wedding cakes but a primo wedding cake designer will have decorating options that go beyond those little balls. Silver sugar and even silver cake wraps can turn an ordinary white wedding cake into something extraordinary!

silver wedding cake

Are you loving all things silver right now? Share your favorite silver wedding finds here!
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Wedding Planning Questions: Can I wear a sleeveless gown for my fall or winter wedding?

We get SO many brides-to-be asking if they can wear sleeveless or strapless gowns for winter weddings or fall weddings. The weather, after all, doesn’t lend itself to baring arms unless you live somewhere down south. But that’s why bridal caps, bridal stoles, and bridal jackets were created! Sleeveless wedding dresses and strapless wedding dresses are still the norm, even with all manner of beautiful sleeved wedding gown options out there.

So, what’s the short answer to the question of sleeveless in cold weather?

Absolutely! Today’s most popular wedding gown styles include strapless and sleeveless gowns that you can wear year round if you bundle up.

With the help of some easy to wear bridal accessories, you can stay warm for your outdoor travels, events, or photo ops without sacrificing that traditional wedding day look. You can add a satin or faux fur wrap, bolero jacket, or glamorous long gloves. We love this amazing silk bridal jacket from Amada Wakeley:

winter wedding accessories - winter wedding coat - bridal coat

The best part? Cold weather bridal accessories can add additional drama to your wedding photos. First, it’s jacket on and then jacket off… or jacket blowing in a chilly wind. Or think of a gorgeous fur or faux fur stole dripping from your bare shoulders. Sounds beautiful, no? And warm, too! We don’t want our brides to freeze their buns off no matter what the weather.

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The Meaningful Bridal Bouquet

The language of flowers sounds romantic, but the original Victorian glossary of flower meanings is actually much more complex. It was originally created, so the story goes, to make courtship a little easier in a time when letting your feelings show was all but verboten. Now it remains a little quirk of history – an oddity you can draw inspiration from or not when you’re thinking about your bridal bouquet, reception flowers, bouquet jewelry, etc.

pink orchid bridal bouquet

Creating a meaningful bridal bouquet isn’t easy, though. It turns out that those Victorians were sometimes a dreary bunch. I guess if you’re using flowers to communicate clandestinely with potential partners, you’re eventually going to be using them to facilitate your secret breakups. Consider an arrangement of bright daffodils and daisies wrapped in delicate fern leaves – you might give this to a crush whose innocence you value. On the other hand, a bouquet containing pretty asphodel speaks only to the giver’s regrets.

Lilacs? Mean love. Lavender? Can mean distrust. Yellow carnations communicate rejection and disdain, whereas striped carnations are a straight up “no”.

Though it’s fun to scroll through lists of flower meanings, I don’t recommend using the Victorian language of flowers to create your bridal bouquet. First, it’s highly unlikely that none of your wedding guests will know what your floral choices mean – or give a fig about them if they do. And second, cobbling together a bouquet of symbolic blooms probably won’t result in the bridal bouquet of your dreams. Better to turn a blind eye to this antiquated code so you and your floral designer can create something beautiful, seasonally appropriate, and just right for your ceremony.

What’s your bridal bouquet’s inadvertent meaning?
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I’m Loving: The Composite Bouquet

Of all the bridal bouquet styles out there, one of the most beautiful and most complicated is the composite bouquet aka glamelia. It’s also one that a lot of brides-to-be have never heard of. They’re kind of old school – truly actually really vintage; as bouquets for brides go they’ve been out of the limelight for decades upon decades. But now they’re back and I’m in love!

What is a composite bouquet, you ask? In this retro bouquet, individual flower petals (usually from roses and gladiolas) and blooms are used to create what looks like a single giant blossom. They are just as amazing as you might imagine. They’re also not at all easy to make and so tend to be on the pricey side. But if flowers are a big part of your budget and you love all things vintage, they’re worth looking into.

Composite bouquets are also sometimes called malmaison roses, fantasy flowers, or rose duchesse – so if your florist doesn’t know what you’re talking about, try asking for this bouquet by a different name.
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Glam Up with a Floral Brooch

Remember the Carrie Bradshaw flower corsage? My homegirl could put a flower on anything and still look amazing. Observe:


BUT just because she made a giant bloom seem femme and flirty – versus, oh, ridiculous – doesn’t mean I’d recommend pinning a mega bloom to your wedding dress. The spring 2014 wedding dresses hitting the runways took the flower corsage model and morphed it into something the rest of us can pull off, thank goodness. However, what happens when you adore the flora, but don’t actually get teary eyed when you look at the gown attached to it?

Here’s what happens… you find that perfect wedding dress that gives you goose bumps and then you buy the perfect glam crystal floral brooch to pin to your, well, whatever. Shoulder. Décolletage. Sash. If you have a willing helper, you can even pin a floral brooch to the point where your bodice meets your skirt to add visual interest to the part of your dress your guests will be looking at during the reception. AKA your back.

I know what you’re probably thinking. Floral brooches are for the springtime bride, right? Yes, they are, and also for the wintertime bride who wants to incorporate some warm-weather touches into her look. Maybe for the anytime bride. I would never suggest you not rock something floral just because a chill wind is blowing. After all, weather doesn’t stop brides and bridesmaids walking the aisle in December.

Just don’t forget to choose a bridal brooch that coordinates with your other wedding accessories!

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