Off-the-Shoulder Gowns Dominate the 2015 Wedding Runways

Marchesa Spring 2015 Bridal Collection - wedding dresses

Classic, ultra-femme and almost universally flattering, off-the-shoulder necklines are making a comeback on the Spring 2015 bridal runways pushing out strapless wedding dresses, cap sleeves, and asymmetrical styles in almost every collection. But lest you worry about emerging dowdiness in the bridal market, these necklines are being paired with modern silhouettes that make this look feel timeless. If you want to feel like a princess, you can do that. If you want to look fierce, you can do that, too. Romantic softness can be found and more surprisingly, super mod minimalist styles are also walking the runways. Have a look at just a handful of the off-the-shoulder styles brides will be wearing (or mimicking) next year:

Anne Barge Spring 2015

Anne Barge Spring 2015

Carolina Herrera 2015

Carolina Herrera 2015

House of Mooshki 2015 Wedding Dress Collection

House of Mooshki 2015 Wedding Dress Collection

Jenny Packham Spring 2015 Bridal Collection - wedding dresses

Jenny Packham Spring 2015 Bridal Collection

Marchesa Spring 2015 Bridal Collection - wedding dresses

Marchesa Spring 2015 Bridal Collection

Oscar de la Renta 2015 wedding dresses

Oscar de la Renta 2015

Pronovias 2015 pre-collection wedding dresses

Pronovias 2015 pre-collection

Romona Keveza Collection Spring 2015 wedding dresses

Romona Keveza Collection Spring 2015

Rosa Clara 2015 Bridal Collection - wedding dresses

Rosa Clara 2015 Bridal Collection

So how to you accessorize an off-the-shoulder wedding dress? Ready to get excited? Okay, then here’s the best news: massive amounts of visible decolletage means nothing for your bridal jewelry set to compete with. Anything goes – or just about anyway. With that much empty real estate your necklace and earrings can play center stage up top while your gown is the star of the show below!

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Yet Another Trend Alert: Blush Metallics

Rose gold? We’re sold! Remember how in our last post we said we were kind of so over pink? There’s a caveat. Merge pink with the metallics trend and you’ve suddenly got something that’s not only gorgeous, but also elegant. Blush metallics are the grownup answer to pink. A little daring. A little surprising. And a lot of wow.

blush metallics wedding inspiration

Who says the bride has to have a white wedding? A oh-so-light rose gold gown looks amazing next to deeper blush metallics on bridesmaids.

blush metallics wedding inspiration bridal shoes

Of course, if you’ve been dreaming of wearing white since you were a little girl your bridal shoes can be your pop of blush.

rose gold blush metallics

Or your wedding accessories – we love this blush and gold side comb featuring hand wired enamel flowers in the softest of pinks.

rose gold bridesmaids dresses

Don’t forget your bridesmaids! Pick blush bridesmaids dresses that have a ton of sparkle or just a tad. Either way, your girls are going to love you.

blush metallics wedding inspiration reception table

How amazing is this table? Seriously.

rose gold sequin table wedding

Or this one! (Just make sure if you outfit your reception cocktail hour tables in over the top blush metallics you don’t inadvertently have your ‘maids in matching dresses. No one likes walking into a space and realizing they look like a table.

rose gold DIY wedding

Not finding rose gold centerpieces that knock your socks off? How about making your own? All it takes is some pretty old bottles and a whole lot of blush metallic paint plus some candles. Too easy.

blush metallics wedding inspiration cake

And finally, when you’re outfitting yourself and your bridesmaids and your venue, don’t forget the cake! Rose gold looks gorgeous on wedding cake, too; especially if you can do something like edible gold foil. Très chic!

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Dare to Bare: Galia Lahav Collections 2015 Wedding Dresses

Can you say gorgeous? I know you can! Galia Lahav’s 2015 bridal collection combines just about everything I like – and even some things I don’t like but we know some of our brides like (so everyone wins). There’s drama, grace, and a whole lot of well-placed lace, which is the upcoming season’s darling detail.

galia lahav bridal

Called La Dolce Vita, the 2015 collection was inspired by the open sky, sea, and sand but don’t expect to see these wedding dresses at the next beach wedding you attend. Galia Lahav gowns are evening ready and very, very grown up. See what I mean?

galia-lahav-spring-2015-wedding-dresses-Alora B_1


galia lahav wedding dresses 2015 - detail 2

galia lahav wedding dresses 2015 - 6

galia lahav wedding dresses 2015 - 4

galia lahav wedding dresses 2015 - 1

galia lahav bridal gowns

For those brides-to-be wondering what you wear with one of these gorgeous Galia Lahav gowns, my answer would be not much! Keep your bridal accessories ultra simple and let your wedding dress take the spotlight. Think plain but luxe earrings like our Allure cz wedding earrings or a Swarovski crystal headband.

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Your Bridal Style: Dressed Up or Dressed Down?

You’re planning a wedding, focusing on your guests’ experience and creating an event that is a reflection of your and your spouse’s two hearts. It is, we know, a lot of work! There’s so much to think about… the venue, how you want people to remember the day, cake flavors, wedding favors, and more. But maybe you’re forgetting something.

Maybe you’re forgetting your own bridal style.

We’d wager you have a personal style, but maybe you want to rock something a little different on one of the most important days of your life. Could be that in the day to day you’re a dressed down tomboy and you want to glam up – hello CZ wedding jewelry – for your ceremony and reception. How do you want people to see you? Flirty and fun… or sophisticated and elegant? Dressed up or dressed down?

dressed up bridal style

The wonderful thing about planning a wedding is that when it comes to your bridal style, the sky is the limit. Be yourself, or be someone else. Your wedding is the ultimate excuse to play dress up. You can be princess for the day if you really want to – just imagine yourself as royalty! Or not, if you balk at the notion of stepping out of your favorite pair of jeans. Not that we’re suggesting you get married in them (though there’s nothing wrong with that) but we do think it’s fine to consider the real you when you’re envisioning your bridal style. Carefree and comfortable is a wonderful look to pursue.

dressed down bridal style

There are no right or wrong answers. Though do consider where you’ll be spending the bulk of your wedding… indoors or outdoors, in the heat or frosty cold, on grass or parquet floors. This is your time to shine and we recommend creating your own light instead of mimicking someone else’s. Dress up or dress down, it’s all wonderful. Create your own bridal style – one that’s relaxed, happy, confident, and beautiful.

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Brides and Bridesmaids, Lovely in Lace

When I was poring over the spring 2014 wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, trend hunting my tush off, one thing I saw over and over was lace. Let me tell you, I love lace. But is lace a trend? Can a lace wedding dress be trendy? I’m not ready to go there. This flimsy fabric has been found on wedding dresses for so long that who knows when it first found its way onto a train or bodice.

What was surprising that I was seeing lace on bridesmaids. Wouldn’t you know it, what was once the sole territory of the bride herself has trickled down into bridesmaid fashion – and how!

What’s so exciting about the lace bridesmaid dress trend – yes, I said it – is that it gives brides-to-be and brides yet another option. Bridesmaids dresses have, not by design but sometimes by default, been rather dull. The same old A-line frocks in jewel tones that virtually guarantee said dress will never, ever, ever be worn again.

But a lace bridesmaid dress? This isn’t just femme, it’s femme fatale! I’m picturing a draped back panel. An illusion neckline. A lace overskirt in any color you can imagine.

Now are you excited?!

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Illusion Necklines: No Necklace Necessary

Shopping for a wedding jewelry set? Are you sure? Sometimes separates are de rigueur and sometimes they’re absolutely, positively necessary. I nearly keeled over delightfully dead when I saw all those illusion necklines walking down the most recent bridal runway models.

On one hand, there’s nothing like finding the perfect bridal necklace to chase the pre-wedding blues away. On the other, I adore how a single flirty piece of sheer fabric can take a wedding gown from ordinary to extraordinary. I mean very few gown details can make the kind of impact that a barely there neckline can – whether it’s spectacularly embellished or simply sheer.

High drama, in either variation.

Now of course, choosing a gown with an illusion neckline does make for some interesting wedding jewelry shopping. Obviously, I hope, no necklace is necessary. If it isn’t obviously a no-no in your book, then let me just say that you should never, ever layer a necklace over an illusion neckline. If you’re desperate for the look of a bridal necklace, there are scads of illusion necklines with necklace-like adornments that are to die for.

As for the wedding jewelry you ought to be shopping for, your neckline will be your guide. Illusion necklines with gorgeous beadwork or floral embroidery should be treated as focal points in and of themselves. The same rules apply as with any style of wedding dress… your accessories should be in harmony with your gown’s embellishments.

I recommend thinking in terms of opposition. A plain illusion neckline calls for very striking wedding jewelry, while an opulent neckline is like jewelry unto itself. Stick with simple pieces in that case and let your neckline (or your bridesmaids’ necklines) do the talking.

How much do you love these gowns?

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Wedding Dresses: Embracing the Details

Have you ever wondered what makes a wedding dress feminine? A lot of guides will try to tell you what feminine wedding dresses are without really talking about the essence of the gowns they’re featuring. What makes a wedding dress fun… or romantic… or quirky… or feminine? We asked our staff stylists for input into that very question and they answered that it’s all about the details. Take the following wedding dresses, for instance. They are decidedly feminine – even if all we’ve seen is a little bit of the back.

But that’s not all there is to it. The few details we can see tell us that we’re looking at two gowns that would be just perfect for the feminine bride who wants to feel romantic, but also a little bit sexy. Again, it’s all about the details. Maybe a well-placed bridal brooch on your beach wedding dress, giving it just enough elegance to give sand some sophistication. Or a pretty bow at the waist of your otherwise sleek gown. It could be a sash or a keyhole cutout or lace at the decolletage. A plunging neckline. And even deeper plunge at the back. Seed pearls. You name it – but whatever it is, know that it is saying something about your bridal style.

You can capitalize on that simple fact by thinking in terms of the details when you’re shopping for wedding dresses, be the frocks that melt your heart tend to be feminine or beachy or sexy or sophisticated or some combination of all four. Sure, you could focus entirely on the big picture and end up with a perfectly passable dress. But never forget, it’s the details that will truly make your wedding dress stand out from the crowd.

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Get Ready (in Advance) for the 2014 Wedding Dress Trends!

Can you believe that there are only a few months left of 2012? That means that a lot of brides-to-be are getting set to say their vows in 2013 – and some early wedding planners are even looking forward to 2014 ceremonies and receptions! Time really flies when you’re having fun, so even though 2014 may seem like it’s ages away, it’ll be here before you know it. So we thought it would be fun to take a look at what’s trending among 2014 brides when it comes to wedding dresses.

Are you excited? Because we’re really excited! Read on for what’s on track to be hot on brides at weddings in 2014:

Vintage wedding dresses will continue to be popular among brides, but the next wave of gowns is going to be less 1940s/1950s and more Flapper chic. Expect to see 1920s style wedding dresses (and accessories) continue to trend up. That said, don’t be surprised if you see a little bit of the 1980s in the ensembles planned by very fashion forward brides.

Futuristic fabrics, cuts, and embellishments will be all over – even on otherwise traditional wedding dresses. Metallic fabrics, specialty high-tech lace, and other unique details will prove that more brides want a runway moment rather than a day spent as Cinderella. In other words, wedding dresses are growing up.

A bride shopping for classic wedding gowns will still find them, but tiny touches will ensure that everyone knows that she’s not wearing her mother’s wedding dress. Think angular bows, dramatic cut-outs, ethnic embellishments, and even masculine touches that will add major interest to traditional silhouettes.

Gold will find its way into white wedding dresses in the form of not only rich bordering but also sequins, flecks, and other surprising details that go way beyond embroidery.

Look for layers! Sheer paneling is no longer showcasing skin, but rather satin and silk.

And finally, we’ll be seeing more colored wedding dresses on the runways, but that may or may not be the case when it comes to what brides are actually buying. Our feeling is that roughly the same number of brides will choose colored wedding gowns, but that the colors available in 2014 will be more vivid, more varied, and more beautiful than ever before. The same will hold true for prints.

What emerging wedding dress trends are you most looking forward to?

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