Scrumptious for Summer: Floral Combs

We love when spring and summer brides look to Mother Nature for their wedding accessory inspiration because that means flowers. So many gorgeous flowers! And when all the world’s awash in flowers, why shouldn’t you deck yourself out in blooms and petals, too?

floral headpiece - floral comb

Though we’ve seen plenty of floral and flower-inspired skirts and bodices in the wedding fashion rags as of late, floral bridal combs are a traditional staple of brides who want to go au naturel without going overboard.

Can you go overboard if you want to? We’re certainly not going to be the ones to stop you, but don’t think wearing a flower in your hair means you have to flaunt your flower power from top to bottom. One flower will certainly do.

Want yet another reason to love floral headpieces? Brides who go weak in the knees for that asymmetrical style but wouldn’t dream of walking down the aisle in a gown with an uneven hem or décolletage can get their asymmetry on with a beautiful bloom behind the ear.

floral headpiece - floral comb

Now, of course, the question is how natural is natural? There are floral combs and headpieces that mimic Mama Nature down to the last petal and floral headbands that don’t just add gems to the mix, but ARE crafted from gems and pearls, feathers and net. Just the thing for anyone who’s dreamed about taking nature to a whole new level.

Are you a spring or summertime bride who’s taking a page from nature’s book when it comes to accessories? What are you wearing?
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10 Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts

In our continuing March series of dos and don’ts for brides-to-be, we naturally had to tackle hair!

While we don’t deal directly in hairstyles, your wedding day do will influence the kind of wedding jewelry and accessories you wear… not to mention your wedding veil, and vice versa. Here are our favorite tips:

  • DO make time for the hair trial. As much as you love your stylist, there’s no way to know whether her vision of the world’s greatest wedding hairstyle will match your own. And if you’re using someone new, you need to know they can do what you want.
  • DON’T assume your regular stylist is the best choice when it comes to your wedding day. Loyalty is important, but this is your wedding we’re talking about!
  • DO bring pictures, which really can speak a thousand words apiece. It’s a lot easier to point at a picture and say “This!” than to explain how big of a bun you want or what loose means to you.
  • DON’T hesitate to explain exactly what you want. Your stylist won’t know that you really hate fussy updos unless you actually tell her. She’s not a mind reader. Speak up!
  • DO bring your wedding headpiece to every meeting you have with your stylist, including your first chat before the hair trial. Seeing your tiara or comb will give her an idea of how to incorporate it into your style.
  • DON’T be afraid to ask for suggestions. Your stylist is a pro and might have some amazing ideas!
  • DO let your stylist show you some alternate styles. You may love long, loose looks, but your dress may be screaming for a half-up/half-down do. Remember, you can always veto styles you don’t like so there’s no reason not to experiment.
  • DON’T assume you’ll remember every style you see at your trial. Taking pictures of all the options will help you make your final decision.
  • DO make sure you’ll have plenty of time with your stylist on your wedding day. How many hairstyles will she be handling? Ask how much time she thinks she’ll need and then pad that, just in case. More time to get ready means less stress for everyone.
  • DON’T forget that button down shirt! Wearing a t-shirt could mean having to cut that t-shirt off to get out of it and into your gown.

P.S. – We are running a sweet promo this month for 20% off all veils, so if you’re going for the traditional bridal look check out our selection!
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Wedding Tiara vs. Wedding Headband

Choosing a wedding dress is an epic undertaking, but it’s not the end of a bride-to-be’s journey. Once she has the gown of her dreams, she still has to choose the bridal accessories that will complete her wedding day look. Most brides are drawn to wedding tiaras and wedding headbands – two beautiful bridal accessory options that have so much in common but can be quite different.

A wedding tiara is the most traditional bridal accessory option and often seen as the most romantic. Wedding tiaras are also still the most popular bridal accessory. The wedding headband, on the other hand, has a lower profile and may be more subtle – but not necessarily. But a headband can be every bit as elaborate and opulent as a tiara, and both can be worn with a variety of bridal hairstyles.

Is one better or more beautiful than the other? You’ll never hear us say so! Every bride-to-be has to make her own decisions, after all. Whether she chooses a wedding tiara or a wedding headband could depend on the style of her gown, her hairstyle, her own tastes, the formality of her wedding, or many other factors. Some brides-to-be gravitate toward one or the other because their mothers or grandmothers have passed down an heirloom headpiece. Other brides just want the princess experience or they love the vintage look of asymmetrical wedding headbands.

In the end, whether you choose a wedding tiara or a wedding headband – or bridal hair pins or some other hair accessory – is entirely up to you. Don’t let what’s trendy sway you. Just pick the bridal accessories that will make you feel blissful and beautiful!
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Wedding Headband Styles for Every Style Bride

Bridal headbands are all alike, right? Nah! There is as much variation in the world of wedding headbands as there is among any other bridal accessory. While it wouldn’t be possible to categorize every wedding headband – we’d be writing this post forever if we tried – most bridal headbands fall into one of the following types:

Simple Wedding Headbands

The most basic bridal headbands are slim and feature a single strand of pearls, rhinestones, or metallic detailing like filigree. Because they tend not to be overly detailed, these headbands work beautifully in almost any bridal hairstyle.

Brooch Style Wedding Headbands

This style of bridal headband is the perfect alternative to a hair brooch for the short-haired bride or any bride who is concerned about combs and brooches staying put. A slim, simple band is accented at the top or on the side with a brooch style side ornament – usually featuring rhinestones, pearls, or feathers.

Double and Triple Strand Wedding Headbands

This versatile style of bridal headband features different profiles and is often adjustable. For example, a triple strand wedding headband could be worn with each row spaced widely apart for a lot of impact in a low key hairstyle or closer together for the perfect accent to a more dramatic updo or half-and-half style.

Floral Wedding Headbands

If you’ve toyed with the idea of wearing a flower in your hair on your wedding day but don’t want to deal with wilt, a floral headband might be the perfect compromise. Similar to brooch style headbands, floral wedding headbands feature delicate or striking flower embellishments – usually situated to the side.

Ribbon Wedding Headbands

Ribbon wedding headbands differ from other bridal headbands in that they feature embellishments on a delicate ribbon rather than a metal loop. Other than that, ribbon headbands can be thick or thin and may be similar to brooch or crown style headbands.

Reverse Wedding Headbands

Most bridal headbands are meant to be worn like the headbands you might wear on any given day, but reverse headbands are worn around the back of the head – typically over a low placed veil or as part of the bride’s hairstyle.
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Inspiration Board: Ribbon Wedding Headbands and Winter Weddings

While summer weddings may get almost all of the attention, there are plenty of frost-loving brides out there who choose to brave the elements and plan winter weddings. And why not? Winter weddings have all the beauty of frost on a window pane – delicate lace outside, with warm comfort within. What’s more elegant than snowflakes? We love wedding photos that see the bride and groom posing in snow drifts, complete with boots. It’s the perfect time to add some wintery elegance to your hairstyle with a ribbon wedding headband embellished with tiny sparkling gems. Not to mention that winter weddings tend to be less expensive since winter is definitely considered the off season by most.

Love the idea, but need a little more inspiration? Check out our winter wedding inspiration board for loads of winter wedding design ideas:

Maybe you’re worried that even with all the shimmer, a winter wedding will leave your guests feeling cold. Well, we say it doesn’t have to be that way! Make your ceremony and reception feel cozy with small touches like lots of candles, soft textures, and details that evoke feelings of warmth, like a mulled cider or hot chocolate bar. Think carefully about saying your vows or having your receiving line outside. If you really want to have part of your wedding take place in the elements, make sure it’s fast. Really fast. Nothing can kill a festive mood like frosty fingers. Create a winter menu that features in-season goodies like squash, but make sure that whatever you serve, the meal leaves guests feeling warm and full. And consider having your ceremony and reception at the same location to avoid travel issues related to the winter weather.

That’s it! The rest is up to you! Some of the most beautiful and memorable weddings we’ve attended have been winter weddings so we know how wonderful they can be.

Shown: The double strand wedding headband; pine seedling wedding favors (Image via Nancy Gould Photography); a beautiful winter wedding cake; a bride and her bridesmaids in stoles to keep warm; a bride in boots (via Greg Gibson Photography); a winter snowflake wedding cake topper; adorable cocoa wedding favors (via Simply Photography and Andrea Dozier Photography; a winter wedding style shoot (Binita Patel Photography)
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Feathers, Feathers Everywhere!

How many brides-to-be are too afraid to get a little trendy because they’re worried that their wedding photos will look dated in 25 years? To which we say, honey, all wedding photos will look dated eventually.

Right now, we can all gush over our grandmother’s 1950s and 60s weddings because that look is in. Two decades ago, brides-to-be would have laughed at the idea of copying that look – and justified their derision by saying that it was all too old fashioned. So if nothing else, let that ease your mind. Today’s classic looks will probably seem just as dated to your daughters as today’s on trend bridal ideas. When you’re planning your wedding and choosing accessories like wedding headbands and jewelry, go with what you like and don’t worry about what the future will think about your choices.

One on trend look we’re loving right now is feathers in weddings. Timeless? Maybe, but like every other trend, it goes around and comes around. Feathers may not be iconic, but they’re ‘in’ more often than not – and right now? They’re hot. Have you seen some of the feather wedding dresses walking down runways lately? They’re nothing short of amazing. Expensive, but amazing. Let’s say you love the look of feathers, but don’t want to spend that much on your wedding dress and you don’t want your guests’ first thought upon seeing you to be ‘Big Bird’. Not a problem! There are so many wonderful ways to incorporate feathers into your wedding!

Obviously, wedding accessories are one place feathers can play a starring role. We love feather wedding headbands because they’re flirty and romantic and glamorous without being too overwhelming. A feather bridal comb in your updo takes it down a notch without sacrificing any of the glamour. Feathers on your bridal shoes? Yes, please! We love these gorg pumps from BHLDN, for example. Or how about a luscious feather clutch to store your wedding day essentials?

Then again, you as the bride shouldn’t have to carry the full load when it comes to feathers! We love feather wedding centerpieces of all sorts, from tall to small. And feathers on your wedding cake? Why not! Just make sure the design you go with makes it easy to remove the feathers before serving so none of your guests end up looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. Some brides have figured out that flouncy feathers beat droopy flowers in bouquets and are having some or all of their bouquet made not with flowers, but with feathers. And we’ve seen feathers on invitations, post-ceremony when guests pelted brides and grooms with feathers instead of rice, on garters, as table décor, and more!

Are feathers trendy? Could be. Should it matter if you really love them? We say no.

Shown, bottom right: The amazing Demi feather wedding headband
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Superstition and Shopping for Your Something New

Are you a superstitious bride? If so, you may be interested to know that bridal superstitions go way beyond something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and putting a silver sixpence in your shoe.

For example, sewing a piece of hair – yes, hair – into your wedding dress is supposedly good luck. It was also considered good luck to break a piece of wedding cake over the bride’s head. She was guaranteed fertility, though her hairdo and her wedding headband or tiara probably suffered in the short term, ick.

Tearing your wedding dress or veil accidentally? Good luck, as is finding a spider in your gown on the big day. And the best old bridal superstition we could find was that a bridesmaid can ensure the bride’s lasting happiness by sticking her arm with a pin. Ouch!

Now, aren’t you glad that the only one of these superstitions to survive intact is the ‘something old’ rhyme? Better that, than a market for bridesmaid survival kits that come complete with sharp pins and live spiders.

Anyway, let’s talk about your something new. Many brides-to-be find that getting something old is easy, especially when there are multiple grannies and moms who all want to share an heirloom. The same goes for something borrowed, for similar reasons. When it comes to something new, though, it’s usually up to the bride – and most brides are of the opinion that the dress itself doesn’t count.

That’s why when brides come to us asking if we have a recommendation for their something new, we recommend bridal accessories. After all, you’re already likely shopping for a wedding headband, a bridal jewelry set, a satin clutch, or maybe a statement necklace or a gorg pair of earrings.

Wouldn’t you agree that this is the optimal time to grab your something new?

Shown: Our freshwater pearl bracelet and the Rosina wedding headband

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Have You Heard About Keshi Pearls?

Pearls have long been a favorite of brides. It’s a fantastic fit, if you think about it. White wedding gowns… that bridal glow… brides and pearls have a lot in common! We love pearls on everything from wedding dresses to bridal earrings to pearl wedding headbands and even in bouquets. We’ve seen beautiful wedding cakes with edible pearl embellishments and vintage style wedding invitations decorated with pearl brooches. Pearls on bridal shoes? You better believe it! Pearls are everywhere!

But did you know there are different kinds of pearls? We’re all familiar with the perfectly round cultured pearls and the oval, slightly textured freshwater pearls, but there are other forms of pearl. In particular, Keshi pearls – a unique and lustrous pearl that forms accidentally as a byproduct of the pearl culturing process. These pearls are formed when the oyster spits out the ‘seed’ of a pearl or is otherwise damaged and a pearl is formed in the resulting pearl sac.

What makes Keshi pearls particularly exceptional is that unlike most pearls, which have an inner nucleus made of something like sanded mussel shells, Keshi pearls are solid nacre. That makes them quite brilliant, which more than makes up for their irregular shapes and sizes. These variations actually make them wonderful for use in Keshi pearl jewelry, since there are so many ways you can use a flattened oval where a sphere wouldn’t quite work.

Interestingly, where Keshi pearls used to be very common and thus less expensive, new pearl culturing techniques have made them more much rare and so prices have gone up. Not everywhere, though! The Keshi pearl jewelry we carry for brides is still priced right – so if these sound like the pearls for you, enjoy!

Shown: Our Keshi pearl headband; rum pink bridal headband; and Florencia pearl wedding headband
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Pairing Wedding Headbands with Dresses

Have we mentioned we’re loving the trend toward wedding headbands? Oh, tiaras still have a spot in our hearts, but judging by the popularity of headbands as an alternative we think they’re here to stay. And why not? You’ve seen them on the Red Carpet and, if you’re the kind of girl who finds herself attending yet another wedding every other weekend, you’ve probably seen them on more than a few brides.

Wedding headbands are whimsical and romantic… sometimes! They can also be fun and funky, or vintage chic. Ribbon headbands are soft and feminine. The right headband could be regal or elegant or trendy. You name it, and it’s out there. That’s because the headband as a canvas can become anything with the right embellishments. A Swarovski crystal flower with twisting vines and leaves on the side (not center) of a bridal headband is a modern take on the trend. For the traditional bride, a simple wedding headband of rhinestones to accentuate a beautiful bridal hairstyle might be the perfect choice.

Hair? Anything goes with a headband! And no veil necessary! Wedding headbands look great paired with updos, upswept loose hairstyles, half up – half down dos, long and loose wavy hair, or hair that’s pinned low. Short-haired brides are winners here, too, since short hairstyles look great with headbands. The possibilities are endless!

So how do you wear them? Here are three dress, hairdo, and headband pairings that would work beautifully on brides or bridesmaids:

Shown: Our purple accent wedding headband; Lela Rose Bridesmaid Dress LR159; the Melody gold bridal headband; Dessy Bridesmaid Dress 2845; the Lucia crystal headband; and Sandals Beach Wedding Dress 1035
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Wedding Headbands for Bridesmaids? Why Not!

If you think wedding headbands are just for brides, prepare to be wowed. It turns out that this latest ‘it’ accessory is just as beautiful on bridesmaids as it is on brides, and a great way to unify a bridal party. Mismatched bridesmaids? Make sure they all stand out by give them all sparkly, stunning wedding headbands for the ceremony and reception.

This modern alternative to tiaras is actually quite traditional, with headbands having been an element of updos for hundreds of years. What differentiates a wedding headband from a tiara? Just the peak! A tiara comes up from the hair while a wedding headband sits flat on the head. Wedding headbands for bridesmaids are versatile – they look great on hair that’s long and loose, in short hairstyles, as part of the half up, half down styles that are so popular at the moment, and incorporated into updos.

In fact, that’s what makes wedding headbands such a great option for bridesmaids, who may all have different hairstyles on your wedding day. We mentioned bridal party unification, and if your ladies will all be sporting different dos, headbands are definitely the way to go. Functional? You bet! Wedding headbands, like any headband, can be used to ensure that you and your bridesmaids don’t spend the whole of the reception flicking hair out of your eyes.

Your style options, as always, are just about endless, but we recommend that brides buy their bridesmaids wedding headbands that are one step down on the glitz scale from their own. Maybe you’re wearing a striking Swarovski crystal headband while your ‘maids wear color coordinating wedding headbands that match their gowns or harmonize with your wedding colors.

How are you accessorizing your bridesmaids?

Shown: The Ella rhinestone wedding headband; the Ella wedding headband in black; the pink vine wedding headband
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