Splurges and Steals: Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is almost here?

Well, we can’t. It just snuck right up on us while we were busy in our design studio playing with Swarovski crystals or on the phone with brides helping them pick the perfect bridal jewelry sets. We’ll admit it – our job has some amazing perks. But sure, we do get distracted from time to time. Who wouldn’t, if their job was looking at wedding accessories all day! That, in a nutshell, is why Valentine’s Day was not even on our radar.

But it is now! And we’re ready for it. Are you? If not, we’d love to help. Whether you found your way to us because you’re planning a wedding, a maid of honor or bridesmaid, or shopping for prom, chances are that Valentine’s Day will be here before any of those big events. And we offer rush shipping!

Now you may have a date or not for Valentine’s Day, but our stance is that it doesn’t matter. A romantic candlelit dinner and a night out on the town with friends celebrating your singleton status both deserve something special, and we have put together a little Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration based around the breathtaking Christian Louboutin Ernesta T-Strap pump. Could you not just pass out looking at that shoe?

The Louboutins are the splurge element of this ensemble, of course, but the rest falls squarely into steal territory. Mega steal territory. Our Lela Rose dress is just shy of $200, the ruby red crystal bridal earrings are a mere $35.95, the oval crystal bridal bracelet is just $29.95, and the red satin clutch? Not even $40!

Altogether, this is a Valentine’s Day getup that is sure to get you noticed. Maybe by your date… or maybe by a date you haven’t met yet!

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Would You Put a Crystal Bridal Brooch in Your Bouquet?

If you read our guide to the hottest 2012 wedding trends, you may remember that item number five in our lengthy list was brooches. For the bride… for the bridesmaid… and for bouquets? Yep!

Bridal brooches are making a comeback, and not only as hair accessories and gown embellishments. Brides are finding creative and quirky ways to use rhinestone bridal brooches in their wedding finery, and that includes nestling them among the flowers!

There are so many ways to get on board the brooch bouquet trend!

Brides who have serious love for blingy crystal bridal brooches are creating amazing DIY bridal bouquets made almost entirely of brooches – with a little floral wire, Styrofoam, and hot glue in the mix but out of sight. These bling-heavy bouquets are like bridal jewelry taken to a beautiful extreme and can often be seen in weddings that have vintage flair. This option? Is definitely for the non-traditional bride.

Then there are the brides who mix flowers and brooches in equal measure (as shown above). With plenty of sparkle, these brooch bouquets still incorporate lots of florals like ranunculus and roses along with crystal brooches for a look that’s intensely eye-catching. The bling can’t be ignored, but it’s tempered by the soft femininity of the blooms that surround them. It’s like a traditional bridal bouquet, but better!

A third option takes a beautiful bridal bouquet and gives it a dazzling focal point in the form of a single, substantial crystal brooch like our Vanessa Side Bridal Brooch. It puts just the right amount of sparkle in a bouquet without overwhelming the beauty of the flowers themselves.

Who’s on board with this wedding trend? Any bride who is looking for more ways to personalize her wedding day ensemble, from her head right down to her toes. Whether you fancy a brooch bouquet that forgoes flowers or a single dazzling bridal brooch is all you dare put in your posy, we’d love to hear how you’re personalizing your bridal bouquet!

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Forget Something New, Something Old Is Where It’s At!

Old Hollywood style can be seen all over celebs these days, and you know that whatever we’re seeing on the red carpet will make its way into the wedding world soon enough! Nowadays, brides are gushing over vintage everything, whether that means a sleeves that would have been at home in the 1930s, a ballet length wedding dress straight out of the 1950s, borrowed vintage wedding accessories from the 1960s, or 1980s glam sequins from head to toe.

Anything goes, as long as it’s something your mother, grandmother, or great grandmother would have loved!

Let’s start with your accessories. Bird cage veils are still a fun and flirty option for brides who want the feel of a veil without the weight of one. For a surprising take on the bird cage veil, a feather bridal hat paired with a cage veil is one way to wear it. Not a bridal veil (or bridal hat) fan? A crystal hair brooch is a glamorous vintage-look choice that can give your wedding hairstyle some sparkle! Vintage bridal jewelry is still IN, which means that you can easily find accessories that would look right at home in almost any era. Need even more? Top everything off with a vintage crystal brooch on your bodice!

For your bridesmaids, sleeves are still a surprising choice, but unless you’re getting married in the height of summer, they may be a welcome one. We’ve seen sleeves on everyone from Angelina Jolie to Anne Hathaway to Leighton Meester, and wedding dresses are once again getting the sleeve treatment. Our guess? Bridesmaids dresses with sleeves can’t be far behind!

Now how about incorporating vintage flair into your wedding itself? One idea we love also incorporates family (which is why we love it). At your reception, have a table just for displaying pictures of your ancestors – their wedding photos, if possible. Vintage and vintage-look frames can be found at thrift stores and flea markets, and if you have the time, a quick coat of paint and some glaze can give any picture frame a retro look that coordinates with your wedding colors.

So now you tell us – are you loving the vintage wedding accessories thing as much as we are? How are you incorporating vintage touches into your bridal look?

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Bold Bridal Jewelry Sets are About Getting Comfortable with Color

Brides, are you still looking for that perfect something blue? (Or pink or red or purple…?) Then have we got news for you. Color, once the sole territory of attendants, is not just for bridesmaids anymore! As more and more brides-to-be look to make a statement with unique, playful, and funky bridal jewelry sets, color has slowly but surely crept in to the daring bride’s arsenal of accessories.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy to think in color! Over the past year, brides have come to us with a lot of questions about the new bolder bridal jewelry on the market today. A common query: How are colored bridal jewelry sets worn… and with what and by whom?

Trust us, we understand the average bride’s misgivings. She has a color scheme picked out, but when she envisions her own wedding day look, she sees the white and she sees the sparkle, but color hasn’t come into play. That doesn’t mean she’s afraid of color, however. Far from it! Her concern is not with choosing her colors – trust us, she’s got that down – but how to use them when it comes to her jewelry.

Blue bridal jewelry might seem like a no-brainer – the aforementioned something blue – but red bridal jewelry? Black bridal jewelry? Green bridal jewelry? Aren’t those just too bold for the bride on the street? We say no! Weddings in 2012, no matter what the budget, are becoming more original and more interesting than ever before. Today’s brides-to-be aren’t willing to settle for a wedding that looks like a clone of a 2011 wedding or *gasp* a 2005 wedding. They’ll settle for nothing less than a creative and innovative look that’s not going to be an echo of the weddings of yesteryear.

For those brides-to-be who are still a little in awe of colored bridal jewelry sets and what to do with them, let us offer up some advice that piggybacks on our article about 2012 wedding trends. When colored bridal jewelry feels a little too bold a statement for your ceremony, pull a switcheroo. Before you and your new spouse are introduced at the reception, that’s when you don the pink bridal jewelry or the purple bridal jewelry. That way, you not only get to make a bold statement, you also get to rock the two look 2012 wedding trend without having to buy a second dress.

Does that sound like you? Are you planning on doing a bridal jewelry quick change before your reception? Or planning to go ultra bold with colored bridal jewelry?

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Top Trends for Bridal Accessories (2012 Edition)

Crystal Pageantry Jewelry Set
JS-528 Crystal Pageantry Jewelry Set

This is going to be an exciting year for bridal accessories. Whether it’s jewelry or wedding hair accessories 2012 trends are all about creating a personalized, one-of-a-kind look. Sure, everyone talks about the wedding dress, but it’s the right bridal accessories, that really complete the bride’s wedding day garb. Read on to find out how the 2012 trends can help you create a bold statement that really says – “WOW… Here comes the bride!”

1. Color, a Little or a Lot

The hottest word in bridal accessories is color. Forget white on white with white, or even a touch of cream, 2012 is all about bold hues. Think a fuchsia belt or a peacock feather fascinator. Many brides are showing some “peek-a-boo” color with bright red or purple shoes. Jewelry is also getting a makeover, with brides choosing wedding baubles in a fantastic array of colors, adding a strong element of personality, fun, and a modern twist to the traditional bridal ensemble. The hottest color accent trend for 2012? Definitely black! I’ve fallen in love with black sashes and black birdcage veils, for starters.

2. Make a Statement with Statement Necklaces

One of my favorite 2012 trends for bridal accessories is the statement necklace. I love them, because this is where accessories meet fun. Brides can really create a “one-of-a kind” look with these exquisite pieces – be they funky, bright, cheeky, or unusual. A stand-out statement necklace gives the bride a real couture, high-fashion look. My favorites? Anything with bold colors and textures or long layers, and pearl and crystal necklaces!

Bliss Swarovski Side Headband
TI-3062 Bliss Swarovski Side Headband

3. Headbands Among the Top Bridal Accessories

Say goodbye to tiaras, headbands are the new standard in feminine, playful wedding hair accessories. And now they’re available in so many interesting and beautiful options. Ribbon headbands with rhinestone and crystal embellishments… headbands with a side embellishment are a modern chic twist! There are so many options: rhodium plating, with crystals or oversized, chunky rhinestones in intricate floral and geometric patterns. Even silk flowers and feathers are showing up on headbands, in fun colors, too.

4. Veils Are Back

As far as bridal accessories go, there may be nothing more traditional than the veil, but today’s veils are cut from a different cloth. 2012 brides are opting for shorter, updated veils. Birdcage veils are still wildly popular and give you an automatic vintage glam look. But let’s not forget that Kate Middleton also helped to bring back the longer, lacier veil styles, which means that 2012 trends for veils are going to be both short and long!

Large Couture Wedding Brooch
JP-1147 Large Couture Wedding Brooch

5. Not Your Gram’s Brooch

Brooches stodgy? Hush your mouth. I’m not talking about your grandmother’s brooch here. This year’s crop of brides-to-be is finding creative ways to incorporate these heirloom bridal accessories into their ensembles. Wear them as wedding hair accessories, on your bridal belt, on your gown for that signature sparkle, or even as shoe clips! And pssst, brooches make amazing bridesmaid gifts!

6. Did I Mention Bridal Belts?

This is one trend that has come a long way, baby. Once an anomaly in the bridal accessory world, bridal belts are now taking their place front and center among sashes as a simple, glitzy way to “dress-up” a simple wedding gown. Bridal belts are the ultimate in versatility… dress your look up with a rhinestone-embellished sash or get romantic with a cluster of soft, blush silk roses. Contrasting fabrics, eye-catching colors, and unusual designs can make a statement no wedding dress can make on its own. As for color, I love a black or champagne sash embellished with chunky stones, pearls and even lace!

7. It’s All About Vintage Style

We’ve mentioned birdcage veils, bridal belts, and brooches, all of which could be found gracing brides three generations ago. Vintage style? Still in. This has been on my trend list for three years running, and it has made the 2012 trends list, too, telling me vintage isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Think lacy patterns in rich rhodium plating, accented with hand-cut Swarovski crystals, intricate beading and huge, breathtaking rhinestones, chunky pearls, all entwined in an asymmetrical pattern.  With all this and more, how can you not love vintage-style?

And now, for a bonus 2012 trend. I’ve been seeing a strong, growing trend that has brides-to-be shopping for not one, but two bridal looks. As in a formal ensemble for the ceremony and a fun, sexier look for the reception. The double dress trend that seemed so unusual in 2010 is now almost the norm – but still an overly pricey option for most. That’s where bridal accessories come in. Your jewelry, your wedding hair accessories, and your shoes can take your wedding dress from day to night, from formal to casual… in other words, from ceremony to reception! Need an example? Picture a long, lacey veil for the ceremony paired with an elegant set of pearls. A quick change before the reception, off comes the veil and pearls, and add a pair of bold chandelier earrings along with a stunning side comb or fun feather accent. Voila! You get the double dress effect, without the cost of a second dress. Now that’s a trend everyone can admire!

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