Creative Proposals

The proposal story will be told over and over again for years to come. So men (or those pioneering women), make it a good one to share. Here are some creative ideas for those of you who need a little help.

Newsworthy proposals…

* Have a commercial made on public access television. As you flick the channels with her, stop and watch yourself propose.
* Gather four of your buddies and sign up for a road race. Tell your girlfriend to wait for you at the finish line. Have each person pin a word to the front of his shirt so that it spells out “name, will you marry me?” Present the ring at the finish line.
* Create a web site dedicated just to her. Have your cover story or the late breaking news be your engagement proposal.
* Hire a plane to fly a banner that asks her hand in marriage. As you sit on the beach and it passes, get down on one knee and tell her that the banner was just for her.
* Take out ad space before the feature movie at a movie theater. Ask her to marry you on the big screen.

Just the two of you…

* Does she love to travel? Has she ever studied French, the “language of love”? Propose to her in another language.
* After a beautiful candlelit dinner, finish the meal with a cake that spells “Will you marry me?” in icing.
* Bring her to an isolated beach where you have spelled your proposal in the sand.
* Write a song and after you have performed it, get down on one knee and propose.
* Send her on a treasure hunt. Give her clues at each stop and finish the game with a ring, roses, and you dressed in a tuxedo.
* Set up a picnic dinner at a scenic and private area. Play romantic songs from a portable stereo. Ask her to dance and as the song ends, propose.

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Honeymooning in Southwest America

Enjoy the scenery and ambiance that this region provides. Perfect for the nature lover as well as the adventure seeker!

*Grand Canyon, Arizona: See nature at it’s finest. Take a helicopter tour, hike or ride a mule around the canyon. If you are particularly adventurous, consider a white-water rafting tour.

*Phoenix, Arizona: See a rodeo, dance at a hoedown, and cheer for one of their professional sports teams or go on a steamboat excursion at Canyon Lake.

*Tucson, Arizona: Watch a ballet or theater production, tour the Biosphere 2, where 8 people tried to live for 2 years, or take a short trip to the Colossal Cave Mountain Park.

*Padre Island National Seashore, Texas: Seventy miles of undeveloped, pristine beaches. Camp at designated spots along the water; watch the 350 species of birds, fish or swim along the beach.

*San Antonio, Texas: Shop at Market Square, tour the natural bridge caverns, and watch an outdoor play at the Arneson River Theatre or stroll through the Blue Star Art Complex.

*New Orleans, Louisiana: Go on a swamp tour or take a riverboat cruise. If you are looking for some crazy fun, plan on coming during Mardi Gras festivities!

*Albuquerque, New Mexico: Visit the Albuquerque Biological Park or travel to nearby Manzano Mountains State Park to hike and fish. If you go in October, be sure to check out the Balloon Fiesta!

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Honeymooning in America – West Coast

Whatever you are looking for, you can find in this region of America: from glitz and glamour, to peace and quiet.

*Mount Hood and The Gorge, Oregon:
This is a snow lover’s paradise! Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or navigating a snowmobile. This area is also known for it’s beautiful waterfalls.

*Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area:  Hike, camp, ride off-road and enjoy the huge beach nestled in between the ocean and lakes.

*Hollywood, California:  Watch the filming of a television show, go on the Walk of Fame, shop on Melrose Avenue and do a little “star gazing”.

*Palm Springs, California:  Golf, tour in a hot air balloon, view celebrity homes or explore the Indian Canyon.

*Napa Valley, California:  Ride a hot air balloon or the Napa Valley Wine Train.  Tour a winery or take a riverboat down the Napa River.

*San Francisco, California:  See the famous golden gate bridge, take a walking tour through the city and shop at the boutiques on Union Street.

*Seattle, Washington:  Stand at the observation deck of the Space Needle, visit the 92-acre Woodland Park Zoo or just take a sip from your Starbucks coffee, which originated here.

*Las Vegas & Reno, Nevada:  Make millions (hopefully!) at the many casinos.  See a show or even get married at a local wedding chapel.

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Honeymooning in America – Southeast

This region offers many tourist attractions. Below is a list of some of the more popular ones, but there are many more for a couple who likes to explore!

* Disney World, Florida: Everybody loves Mickey and the gang. If your budget is tight, consider staying outside the park at nearby Kissimmee.

* Florida Beaches: Drive your car on Daytona Beach, go diving in Panama City Beach, see movie stars at Miami Beach or go swimming in the turquoise waters of Sandspur Beach, Bahia Honda Key. This is just a sampling of the fabulous beaches located in Florida.

* Charleston, South Carolina: Shop for antiques, walk along the cobblestone streets, visit Fort Sumter and other historical sites or see a production at the Dock Street Theatre.

* Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Fish off the piers, scuba dive at a local shipwreck, sunbathe on the beach, and when night falls, eat a great meal at one of the many restaurants.

* Nashville, Tennessee: Deemed Music City, USA, you can visit the country music hall-of-fame or see “Elvis Experience” at the Texas Troubadour Theatre. When you want a taste of history, tour the outdoor history museum at Bicentennial Mall State Park.

* Savannah, Georgia: See the historic mansions, stay at a romantic bed & breakfast, and if you are looking for a thrill, go on a paddleboat murder mystery cruise called, “Murder Afloat”.

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Honeymooning in America – Great Lakes & Mid-West

Below is a list of some of the better known places, as well as some of the hidden jewels of this region.

* Pequot Lakes, Minnesota:
Fish or water-ski at one of the 450 lakes and rivers in this area. In-line skate or snowmobile the Paul Bunyan Trail. Enjoy a theater production and shop the art galleries. Don’t forget to see their famous bobber water tower!

* Illinois Beach State Park:
Camp under the stars, relax on their 6.5 mile beach nestled on the edge of Lake Michigan and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and swimming.

* Chicago, Illinois:
Hear the Chicago Symphony, visit one of the 50 museums or go shopping on State Street, one of the world’s most famous shopping districts.

* Tulsa, Oklahoma:
Come during October, and experience their famous Oktoberfest. Shop on Cherry Street or travel 14 miles to Keystone Lake for water sports.

* Hannibal, Missouri:
Visit many museums and attractions dedicated to Mark Twain, including his boyhood home and the Mark Twain Cave. If you are feeling “Twained” out, visit the optical science center, or take a romantic Mississippi River Boat Cruise.

* Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas:
Along with Heber Springs and Little Red River, this area boasts 15 parks. Swim, hike, go-cart or attend a seasonal festival. If you are lucky, you’ll come during the world championship cardboard boat festival!

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Honeymooning In America Mid-Atlantic

Go from the city, to the beach, to the mountains… all these possibilities exist in the Mid-Atlantic region of America. Below is a list of romantic spots you can go to with your honey.

* New York City: See a Broadway show, travel around Central Park via carriage, watch the views from the top of the Empire State Building and if it’s winter, skate at Rockefeller Center. When you’re hungry, take a dinner cruise around the Hudson or eat in Little Italy.

* The Poconos, Pennsylvania: Stay at a couples-only all-inclusive or in a quaint little bed and breakfast. Enjoy water sports, horseback riding, skiing or golf. Hike the mountains and marvel at the waterfalls and scenery.

* The Jersey Shore: Stay at a Victorian inn in Cape May, Spring Lake or Ocean Grove. Lay on the beach, walk the boardwalk or visit amusements at Point Pleasant, Seaside Heights or Wildwood. Shop on the main streets of many of these seaside towns or visit one of many fairs and festivals that occur annually along the coast.

* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Study your history by visiting Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Shop at the world’s largest outlet mall or get lost in one of their huge department stores.

* Washington, DC: Visit the White House and other capital buildings. Go to the Holocaust museum for a powerful and emotional look at the Holocaust. If you have time, take a trip to the National zoo.

* Williamsburg, Virginia: Enter into the 18th century at the world’s largest outdoor living history museum. Travel a few miles and go to Busch Gardens or Water Country for some great rides and thrills.

* Virginia Beach, Virginia: Go on an air tour, race at Motor World, play some mini-golf or just relax on the beach. There are many exciting resorts and hotels to stay at. Go on an air tour, race at Motor World, play some mini-golf or just relax on the beach. There are many exciting resorts and hotels to stay at.

There is a lot of fun and excitement awaiting you at these destinations. Enjoy!

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Honeymoon Tipping

From the moment you get to the airport, there will be people offering their services to help you. Especially if you haven’t traveled much before, it is hard to know how much you should give. Here are guidelines on how to tip the people who are making your honeymoon so relaxing:

* Airport Porters and Hotel Bellboys: $1.00 per bag.

* Taxi Drivers: 15% of bill.

* Waiter or Waitresses: 15-20% of food bill.

* Chambermaid: $2-$5 per night.

* Golf Caddie: 25% of his fee.

It’s your honeymoon; enjoy the pampering!

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Honeymoon in America – Plains & Mountains

The Plains & Mountains region is a skier’s and nature lover’s paradise. Enjoy the natural beauty of this region as well as the outdoor sports that are available to you. Camp under the stars or stay in a comfortable resort or ranch. Here are a few highlights:

* Aspen, Colorado: In the summer months, go horseback riding or whitewater rafting. When the snow starts falling, strap on those skis! When you’re finished with the slopes, enjoy Aspen’s music and nightlife.

* Denver, Colorado: Cheer for one of the four major league sports teams. Shop at the 16th Street Mall or catch a performance at one of the Performing Arts Complex’s 8 theaters. If you are looking for some thrills, ride the amusements at Six Flags Elitch Gardens.

* Yellowstone National Park, Montana & Wyoming: Take a Ranger-led walk, see the wildlife and marvel at the natural beauty around you. Check out Old Faithful, the Upper Geyser Basin and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

* Bismarck, North Dakota: Take a trip down the Missouri River in the Lewis & Clark Riverboat. Visit Fort Abraham Lincoln and many other historical buildings. Shop downtown Bismarck for some great souvenirs.

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Selecting a Wedding Veil

Choosing a veil can be a complicated task, but here at USABride, we want to make it a simple and enjoyable experience! USABride veils are all made with a high-quality softer tulle that drapes beautifully and are easily attached. We use metal combs (instead of plastic) to ensure a secure and comfortable fit to the head. USABride offers three lovely and elegant veil lengths. You may also choose from a one-tier or two-tier veil, as well as four different fabulous colors.

What Length is Best For Me?

ELBOW LENGTH (30” long): The elbow is our most popular length. It is generally used for gowns without a train and will enhance any detailing at or around the waist of the gown. It also compliments a gown with a full skirt (ending below a low back and above the start of the skirt). The elbow-length veil is mostly worn for formal and semi-formal weddings.

FINGERTIP LENGTH (36” long): The fingertip can be worn with any full length gown. It is not recommended for gowns with a train. It falls right at the fingertips of the bride if her hands are at her side and is used for formal and semi-formal weddings.

CATHEDRAL LENGTH (floor length): Cathedral veils are worn only for formal weddings. The veil will extend onto the floor at least six inches past the train for a very dramatic look. Cathedral length veil looks best when worn with a cathedral or semi-cathedral length gown.

Helpful Tips

* Satin Corded Wedding VeilAlways consider the detailing of your dress. The veil should accentuate and be proportional to the dress, not take away from its details. Your veil length should be cut just above or below any focal point on your dress. For example, don’t choose a veil that ends right where your bodice begins. This will visually cut you in half. If you have a sharply defined waistline, don’t choose a veil that ends right at the waistline.

* A cathedral length veil should only be worn with a chapel or cathedral length gown. Keep in mind that chapel and cathedral length veils can be difficult to maneuver and a fingertip length veil will look just as lovely with a chapel or cathedral length gown.

* It is very important to consider the placement of the veil on your head. Keep in mind that if you are wearing it toward the back of your head, the veil will be longer.

* If you are shorter than 5’4″ you should select an elbow-length veil (30” long). If you are taller than 5’7″ you should select a fingertip-length veil (36” long). If you are in between these heights, you could go with either length depending on your personal taste.

Single Layer or Two Layers?

Shimmer Bridal VeilSINGLE LAYER VEILS: One tier veils are lovely with any dress—they do not have a blusher.* They are for the bride that wants a minimal, less formal, but chic look. The one tier provides a subtle look of elegance. It is also a nice choice for the bride who wants to wear a veil in the back of the head, say to accentuate and up-do hairstyle.

* Blusher: A shoulder-length layer of the veil that is worn over the face. Typically combined with other lengths and used for both formal and semi-formal weddings. Don’t underestimate how much the blusher will soften and transform your appearance.

TWO-LAYER VEILS: Two-tiered veils are suited for nearly all dresses, but look especially nice with a semi-formal or formal gown—they do have a blusher. Two-tier veils are fuller and will frame your face beautifully. They work well with any hairstyle. Two-tier veils are for the bride that wants a more formal or traditional look, or just a splash of drama!

What Color Do I Choose?

WHITE: This a bright (stark) white color. If your gown is called “white”, this is the veil color you need to select.

DIAMOND WHITE: This color is just barely off-white. It was made for silk white gowns which are not a stark white color. It is usually the best choice for “candlelight” or “antique white” gowns also.

IVORY: Our ivory color is a very soft, light shade of ivory with subtle yellow undertones. If your gown is called ivory, this is usually the best choice for you.

CHAMPAGNE: As a special order, we offer champagne colored veils with a slight brown overtone to match champagne or dark ivory wedding dresses.

Helpful Tip: If there is any color variation between the dress and your veil, you always want to choose a veil that is a shade lighter (versus a shade darker) than your gown.

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Selecting a Tiara or Headpiece

USABride upholds the highest quality standards with all our veils and tiaras. We Use only the finest materials, including:

– Swarovski crystals
– Fresh water pearls
– Genuine Austrian crystals
– Multi-faceted rhinestones
– Glass pearl & fire polish beads
– Sterling silver or 14 kt gold plated metal

Choosing a tiara is a fun process! USABride is here to help you with your decision!

Where do I Start?

When selecting a tiara, bridal comb, headband, or hair pins, make sure the following is in place:

* Your wedding gown is selected.
* Your hairstyle is somewhat selected.

What Style is Best For Me?

Regina Crystal TiaraTIARA:
Tiaras offer the most dramatic look. They are a gorgeous accent to any style gown, from simple and contemporary to ball gown traditional. Tiaras can be worn with or without a veil and are usually accented with Austrian crystals, rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, AB crystals, fresh water pearls, and faux pearls (see below). Tiaras compliment up-does as well as all longer and shorter hairstyles.

* Austrian Crystals: Another name for rhinestones. Designates a higher quality rhinestone.
* Rhinestones: Clear rhinestones.
* Swarovski Crystals: “Brand Name” crystal. Highest quality crystal–specific cut gives it maximum shine.
* AB Crystals: Refers to Aurora Borealis Crystals. They have a “rainbow” effect when they reflect the light. Crystals can be “clear or AB.”
* Fresh Water Pearls: Oval shape and slightly off white in color. Coordinates best with diamond white, off-white and ivory dresses.
* Faux Pearls: Fake pearls, typically more stark white, completely round and coordinates with the white dresses.

Floral Garden Rhinestone TiaraHEADBAND:
Headbands are a very functional option. For brides who want to wear their hair down, a headband can be used to keep her hair away from her face. It also can be worn to accent upswept hairstyles and looks fantastic with shorter hairstyles.

Double or Triple Headband: Charlotte Wedding Jewelry
Double Headbands are the most versatile of all. They can be worn flat on the head as a headband, tilted forward in tiara style, or wrapped around a bun (depending on the style).

The newest style of headband is the headband with an ornamentation design off to one side of the headband. It gives the headpiece a modern, asymmetrical look.

A comb is a simple piece that can be worn with almost any hairstyle. It has a tiara look, but smaller. Depending on the style, it can sometimes provide for a less formal look, and can be worn on different parts of the head.

Swarovski Crsytal Bridal Hair pinHAIR PINS:
Hair pins are also very versatile. They are a great option for any hairstyle, whether formal or tussled, up or down. They have become very popular for the beach bride!

Choose a Tiara According To Your Face Shape

A tiara should draw attention to your face by framing it, not draw attention away from it. The wrong shape tiara can make your face look too long and thin or too short and full. Here is a guide:

* Round/Full face: To make your face appear longer, choose a tiara with some height or one that has a peak.
* Long face: Choose headbands or tiaras with little or no height that extend over your head from one side to the other at an even height.
* Oval face: Avoid pieces with a peak at the top, which will make your face appear longer. Choose a headband, side hair comb or hair pins.

What Color Will Match My Gown?

WHITE GOWNS: Choose a tiara that is silver-tone, rhinestone, or white pearl.

IVORY GOWNS: Choose a tiara that is gold-tone or ivory pearls.

DIAMOND WHITE GOWNS: This is a fairly new shade of gown. It is lighter than off-white but not start white. Choose either gold, silver tone, or white pearl.

CHAMPAGNE OR DARK IVORY: Choose a gold tone tiara or dark ivory pearls.

What Pattern Should I Choose? Cerise Pearl Tiara

Try to match the pattern in the detailing of your gown to the pattern in the tiara. If you have floral pattern in your gown, look for a headpiece with similar detailing. A modern, plain white gown usually looks best with a tiara with straight lines or a geometric pattern.

Helpful Tips

* Match the beading of your dress to the accents in your tiara. If your dress has pearls in the detailing, select a tiara with some or all pearls. If your dress has crystals, select a headpiece with crystal accents.
* A tiara with only Austrian crystals (rhinestones) and no pearls will match any gown.
* A tiara with pearls should match either the gown (pearl accents on the gown) or pearl necklace and earrings. Most pearl tiaras go well with off-white or ivory gowns, but some pearls are brighter white, so be sure to check the description of the headpiece.
* Be sure to take a step back and make sure that all the pieces of the bridal ensemble work together and that no one piece overwhelms another.
* Brides with Short Hair–Yes, women with short hair look absolutely beautiful wearing a tiara! You do want to choose a lighter, more delicate tiara that won’t require lots of pinning to hold it in place. Try headband style or tiaras with a more petite shape.

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