Holiday and Sports Themed Favors

Personalized Golf Tees
Denise, Green Bay, WI

My fiancé and I are golfers, so we had personalized golf tees printed up with our names and wedding date on them and we’re putting them in tulle with chocolate golf balls. The card will read:Fit to a Tee Favor

Now we’re linked;
we’ve stopped puttering ’round
And our lives are fore-ward bound
You’ve joined us to celebrate and filled us with glee
To say thanks, we share this tee
As we go on our married fair way
We’ll always remember this special day.

Golf Balls
Mary, Rockland, MA

My fiancé is in the golf industry and we both share a love for the game. With the increased popularity of golf these days, we thought it would be cute and practical to give out golf balls! We had them printed up with our names and wedding date, had them individually boxed, wrapped in tulle and tied with pearl garland and a couple of tees. They look great and we have a few extras to put in our own golf bags!

Fish Pens
Cristi, Mechanicsville, MD

Michael is an avid fisherman and I am a marine biologist so we found a pen in a corporate promotional catalog that has the end bent around in the shape of a fish. The pen says, “It’s no fish story… Michael and Cristi got hooked! October 9, 1999”. We’re really excited about giving a gift that people will use!

Hockey Pucks
Stacy, Saginaw, MI

My fiancé and I are huge hockey fans. For the balloon weights for the tables I bought real hockey pucks and made labels for the front which had our name and wedding date on them.

Juggling Balls
Linda, Sulphur Springs, TX

My fiancé and I are jugglers as are some of our friends. We are giving juggling balls as favors. A balloon filled with sand inside two more balloons and the last one having our names and wedding date on it. These also double as stress relievers.

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Themed Favors

Wildflower Seeds
Gayla, Bridgewater, NJ

Since my wedding is in May, we decided to give out beautifully packaged wildflower seeds. The seeds contain black-eyed susans, daisies, and other assorted flowers. One side of the seed packet has the actual seeds, while the other side has a beautiful poem written about how “…every year when the flowers bloom, think about your favorite bride and groom”. It is simple, economical, and I am hoping useful.

Sapling Trees
Krista, Salt Lake City, UT

I’m giving little sapling trees for people to take home and plant. They come in tubes, and I will decorate them with raffia ribbon tied around the tubes in my wedding colors. I got them from the department of conservation – they are the ones they use to replant the forests with.

Watering Cans
Linda, Bass Lake, CA

We are having a garden reception. To keep with the theme I am (with help) making favors using flower seed packets. We are placing the seed packets into metal tin watering cans that are approximately 2″ tall. I found theses at various craft stores. With ribbons that we can tie on that have our names and wedding date, we will personalize each one.

Miniature Plant Pots
Becky, Portland, Maine

I had miniature plant pots which had been ‘antiqued’ with gold and silver finishes. They contained miniature plants which I grew in my apartment on a window sill. They were tied with satin ribbon embossed with our names and wedding date. The plants were cheap, the seed packets cost 25 cents each and contained about 20 seeds. The pots were “antiqued” using easy antiquing kits found at an art store, for about $4.00 each. The miniature pots were $5.00 a case (24).

Clear & Green Bottles with Flowers
Katie, NYC

We are getting married on the beach. In keeping with a beachy theme, I am collecting bottles of all shapes and sizes in shades of clear and green. Our florist will be putting wildflowers in the bottles (3-5 bottles per table) and those will be the favors the guests take home.

Seed Packets & Tiny Pots
Corri, McKeesport, PA

We used flower/herb seed packets wrapped in ribbon and tiny flower pots with flowers or ivy already planted.

Flower Bulbs
Diane, Gainesville, FL

I went to an early spring wedding where the flower theme was spring bulbs. The bride and groom gave away individual bulbs wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbons that matched their wedding colors. The guests could take their bulbs home and plant them, enjoying the flowers at home.

Terra Cotta Pot
Lorelei, Minneapolis MN

I am going to plant an inexpensive flower that matches my colors in a terra cotta pot found at most craft stores. I am painting the pot white or silver and wrapping tulle around the pot and tying a bow at the stem. This is so the flowers can still be seen. I have two ideas the wording of an attached note.

1. All things grow with Love- Lori and Justin
2. Just as a flower blooms and grows, so does the love between family and friends. Thank you for sharing this special day with us. Lori and Justin

It will add color to the tables and guests will take home a practical favor.

Long Stemmed Rose CandleLong Stem Silk Rose
Lisa Anne, Livonia, MI

Each place setting will have a long-stem rose (silk) with ribbon streamers and a tag with our sentiment, names, and wedding date. We are hopeful that our guests will find use for the roses in their own homes. The children’s table will be similarly adorned, only with chocolate roses instead of silk ones.

Michelle, Buffalo, NY

We will be using daises for our wedding flowers. I will make small organza pouches, fill them with daisy seeds, and attach the pouch to a small card with colored ribbon. You could use just about any kind of flower seed you like!

The card reads:
He loves me, he loves me not;
He loves me, we tied the knot!
Scott & Michelle, July 25, 1998

Tulip Bulbs

Try using tulip bulbs in a box tied with ribbons in the same color as your wedding.

Flower Seeds
Jennifer, Cheney, WA

We designed an envelope the size of a seed packet with a design made from Microsoft Word and filled the envelopes with wildflower seeds. We included an instruction paper and put it inside the envelope reading, “Spread the seeds of our love with us.” Perfect for a garden theme wedding. Inexpensive too when you make the envelopes yourself.

Diana, Reading, PA

We are having our ceremony in a rose garden and wanted to go natural. We are going to use teacups that have a small houseplant in them as our favors… something to remind them of how our love has grown.

Decoupaged Glass Plates
Stacey, Streetsboro, OH

I was able to find glass plates from a Dollar Store for 3/$1.00. I decoupaged a torn piece of paper with “Love” written on it to the back, then sponged gold paint over the whole plate. They looked fabulous, were very cheap and had all the guests thinking they were taking $30.00 plates home!

Victorian Fans
Pat, Portland, Me

For my daughter’s August Victorian wedding, we are making fans out of old wallpaper sample books. We fold the sheet in half, then fan-fold them, put a thin strip of tape around the bottom and tie a matching thin ribbon into a bow. On some designs that are rather plain, we’ve glued halves of paper doilies onto the folded wallpaper sheet. You’d be surprised how beautiful some rather old fashioned gaudy print looks when made into a fan! We will give them out at the church, since it is not air conditioned.

Bud Vases
Leila, Yona, Guam

I have a bud vase with a special poem imprinted on it along with our names and date of marriage on the bottom. It is kind of expensive, but gets our point across.
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Beverage Favors

Coffee Mug
Lori, New Jersey

I found a company that will put our names and wedding date on a coffee mug. The mug is white with brown writing (the color of my bridesmaids dresses). I bought instant Cappuccino packets for $10.00 for 32 packets. I also plan on wrapping Hershey kisses in tulle and putting them in the mug! Each favor will cost less than $2.00!

Miniature Champagne Bottles
Kathy, Bradley Beach, NJ

We gave each couple and each single guest a small bottle of champagne. The bottles of champagne had tuxedos on, and on the back we printed our names and wedding date with a gold paint pen. Also, since my husband is a firefighter, we used small fire chief hats with a card that read “chief” and printed every one’s name and table number on them.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
Stephanie and Doug, Waterloo, NY

We are both coffee lovers – we are putting chocolate covered coffee beans into small gold boxes tied with ribbon and a note that says: “The Perfect Blend – Stephanie & Doug 10/9/99”

Corkscrew FavorsMini Wine Bottles
Anna, Austin, TX

We’re giving away miniature wine bottles (they fill one glass of wine), and making our own labels. The labels are our engagement portrait, scanned into the computer. Designed around the picture, are our names, wedding date, and ingredients (love, honesty, friendship, etc.) and the names of the wedding party. The labels are printed on sticky paper by a graphics store. We bought the bottles from the our local grocery store – 4 bottles in a box for $4.69 of Gallo Chardonnay. We spent around $50 printing the labels (175). One note: be sure and get your photographer to sign a waiver of the copyright – we added “Photography courtesy of…” on the label.

Coffee Mug
Barbara, Cape Coral, Florida

For my daughter’s wedding I ordered white coffee mugs with the bride’s and groom’s name and wedding date imprinted on them in the color of her attendants’ dresses. They also have a rose imprinted on them in the same color since rose is her motif. I am making raspberry chocolate coffee spoons enclosed in glassine wrappers tied with a lavender ribbon.

Personalized Sodas
Stacey, Madison, Wisconsin

We are ordering personalized sodas! We both love Cream Soda, so we found a company that bottles personalized orders. The labels will have our names and our wedding date on them! Total cost is about $100 for 100 bottles!

Homemade Beer
Aimee, Piscataway, NJ

My fiancé will be home brewing beer for our favors! I’ll be using my computer to design and print out labels. We’ll cover the top of each bottle with gold foil and tie them with ivory ribbon (our wedding colors). The favors will be a true example of our teamwork! Since he already has the brewing equipment, it will cost us about $1.50 each (ingredients, bottle, cap, and decorations). I cannot wait for our families and friends to enjoy his brew!

Amy, Leesburg, VA

We are having a January wedding and both of us love coffee. So, we are having individual bags of flavored coffee and a chocolate dipped spoon for each guest. Just wrap in tulle and ribbon!! We have a friend that got us the favors at cost, since he is the owner of a coffee shop. But they retail for about $3 per person.

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Candy Favors

Candy Favor: Personalized Candy Bars
Susan, PA

I found something that is unique, and great. You don’t have to make anything, so it saves time. You only have to order and wait for them to come. They are personalized candy bars. They are made from a full size Hershey candy bar and personalized with your own message. ~ Submitted by Susan, PA

candy heartsCandy Favor: “Hugs and Kisses”

Cute, inexpensive and easy to make. What you need: Netting ( that either matches or compliments your wedding colors) ribbon (we’re going with personalized ribbon with our names & date), Hershey Hugs, Hershey Kisses and some nice paper. First, take 2 “hugs” & 2 “kisses” and put them in the netting. Next tie it off with the ribbon but make sure that you leave a little extra (don’t make a bow yet). On your computer you can make little cards that say “Hugs & Kisses from the New Mr. & Mrs. ….”. Punch a hole in the top left corner and slip on ribbon, and tie and fasten with a bow.

Candy Favor: Wedding Shaped Chocolates
Melissa, Alexandria, VA

We are using candy molds to make chocolates in the shape of wedding bells and bride/groom. After you pour the melted chocolate in the mold, place a lollipop stick in the bottom of the mold, and pop it in the freezer! (The molds are pre-made with a notch to hold the lollipop stick.) This is easy and can be made months in advance. The supplies (molds, chocolate wafers, sticks) can be found at any local decorating/cake supply store and the favors can be made for less than $1 each. The finished chocolate is wrapped in colored plastic wrap and tied with a matching ribbon.

Heart Shaped Cookie CuttersCandy Favor: Heart Cookie Cutters

For my best friend’s wedding which took place near Valentine’s day, we bought medium sized heart shaped cookie cutters and put 3 Hershey’s Kisses in each one, wrapped them in tulle that matched the colors of her wedding and then tied them with ribbon.

Candy Favor: Painted Pots
Lisa, Covina, CA

I bought 3″ terra cotta pots and lightly hand painted them with white. The around the rims, I painted roses and leaves. Under the rim, I tied forest green ribbon to match their chosen color. I purchased pansy shaped chocolates, wrapped 3 of them in tulle, tied it with a ribbon and placed them inside the pots. I printed scrolls on my computer with a poem about pansies, tied that with ribbon.

Candy Favor: Chocolate Heart Lollipops
Erika, Ashland, WI

All you need to do is melt down chocolate, use a candy mold, put in a sucker stick, freeze–and viola!! Just put it into a plastic bag and tie with a ribbon. This can be done months in advance and all of the supplies are at a craft store.

Candy Favor: A Kiss & Lottery Ticket
Heidi, Cresskill, NJ

Each of our guests is getting Hershey’s kisses wrapped in tulle which we bought in the colors of our wedding, and to make the favor more interesting we are including a scratch-off lottery ticket. This is a very inexpensive favor and it is a lot of fun when everyone scratches at the same time.

Candy Favor: Cream Cheese Mints
Emily, Atlanta, GA

We are making our own cream cheese mints, putting them in a small truffle box and tying ribbon around the box with our name and wedding date on the ribbon.

Candy Favor: Salt Water Taffy
Corri, McKeesport, PA

Long pieces of gourmet salt-water taffy in pastels wrapped in a complimenting ribbon.

Candy Favor: Chocolate Dipped Spoons
Melissa, Ontario, Canada

I’m going to have plastic spoon handles dipped in flavored chocolate. These are great for stirring into your coffee for flavoring.

Candy Favor: Gummi Bears
Michele, Kirkland WA

We’re giving away Gummi Bears! We both love the little things and are purchasing the little boxes truffles usually come in, buying a couple 5 pound bags of the things and packaging them up ourselves, using embossed ribbon. Total cost is around $30 for 100 favors.

Candy Favor: Chocolate Airplanes
Donna, Ontario, Canada

My fiancé is a commercial pilot. So for our favor, we are going to have chocolate airplanes. You can use either white or milk chocolate. The molds can be purchased at the craft store. When they are hard, just put them in a clear plastic candy bag and tie a ribbon around the end and attach your card so it looks like a banner is coming off the tail of the airplane. Your could put your name and date on the card. It’s quite cute!

Candy Favor: Chocolate Boxes
Kay, Simi Valley, CA

I am making heart-shaped dark chocolate boxes. The lid will be white chocolate and has a detailed cherub face and wings. I will highlight the cherub with iridescent sugar powder. I bought the molds at a candy store. They are easy to make and probably cost less than $1 each, but they look very expensive! Since our ceremony will be very emotional, I’m filling the boxes with green M&Ms for a bit of a laugh. I’ll wrap them in cellophane and tulle, tied with pretty ribbon.

Candy Favor: Glassine Envelopes
Kimberly, Mountain View, CA

We are using Glassine Envelopes and putting Swedish mints called “peps” inside. (My fiancé is Swedish). We will hole punch 2 holes at the top and weave our personalized ribbon through and tie! An inexpensive, elegant favor!

Candy Favor: Hugs & Kisses in a Spoon
Danielle, Swansea, Illinois

As an alternative to the “Hugs & Kisses” idea, we are putting the Hershey’s treats in plastic spoons and wrapping them in tulle with a note stating, “A spoonful of kisses from the Mr. & Mrs.”

Candy Favor: ROSE with a Kiss
Amber, Festus, MO

For my reception, I am making Hershey kiss roses. You will need: stems, you can find them at any craft store, floral tape, Hershey kisses, leaves from an artificial vine, and some see through plastic wrap or cellophane paper in the color that you like.
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Simple Ways to Decorate Favors

The finishing touches you choose to add to your favors can transform them from “blah” to “bellisimo”. Don’t fret if you can only give your guests a votive candle or a bag of candy. Below are some clever and inexpensive ways to wrap your favors in order to add elegance and personality.
The Wrapping

* Tulle: Commonly used, tulle adds elegance to any favor. It comes in different colors and can be bought on a roll or in circles. Although circles cost more, consider going with those because it gathers into a fuller look than its roll counterpart

tuxedo favor boxes

* Cellophane: Inexpensive, cellophane is a shiny material manufactured in a variety of patterns and colors. With its brightly colored options and designs, cellophane screams fun, especially when paired up with matching curling ribbon.
* Fabric: From a lacey look to gingham check, this option empowers you to be super creative, without breaking the old pocketbook. On the downside, because you’ll need to cut your own squares, it also requires more work.
* Corrugated Cardboard: Wrap votive candles in corrugated cardboard of the same height, then secure with ribbon wrapped around the middle and tied in a bow. It makes a smaller votive look instantly more substantial.

Tying Loose Ends

* Personalized Ribbon: The priciest of options, the ribbon will proclaim the name of you and your new hubby as well as your wedding date. It’s a nice touch, but because it is usually quite thin, consider tying it along with another ribbon in a different color.
* Ribbon: Experiment with different widths, textures and colors of ribbons. Two thin ribbons in different colors creates a beautiful display, as does large bows from thick, shimmery ribbons.
* Raffia: For country-lovers, this wrapping option pumps plenty of personality into your favors. It can be frustrating to create a bow, but it depends on the pliability of the brand you are using. Some definitely work better than others.

Creative Touches

* Faux Flowers, Shells & Heart Candy: Miniature versions of these items can be hot-glued to the center of the bow. It is an easy and inexpensive way to connect simple favors to a larger theme, or simply to add that final touch.
* Layer: Try wrapping your favors in two different colors of tulle or tying with two different colors of ribbon for a stunning effect.
* Heart Confetti: Mix candy with shiny heart confetti before tying together.

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The Wedding Dress

By Brittney Bonds

Since childhood, women often fantasize about weddings and the beautiful dresses that brides wear. We like to play dress-up and pretend it is our wedding day. Our earliest fantasies involve ourselves, a prince and a dress. The dress is what captures our attention.

We have seen beautiful weddings on TV and glorious pictures of brides in their gowns. Perhaps we were flower girls in someone’s wedding. Regardless of our differences as adult women, we have all fantasized about our dream dress from childhood.

Choosing the wedding dress makes all the other decisions pale in comparison. Once the gown is chosen, the tone of the wedding is set. If you chose a heavily beaded gown with a cathedral length train, then you should plan a formal wedding. If your heart is set on a knee-length dress that shows off your figure, then you should plan a more informal wedding.

Many of the “old rules” do not apply anymore. A formal wedding does not have to occur after 6 PM, and most grooms choose not to wear tails on their tuxedos. The formality of the wedding dress should be reflected in the degree of formality of the wedding. Since you already have a style of dress in mind, begin shopping for the dress before planning any other aspects of the wedding.

A good guide to trying on dresses is to try on 5 dresses and then choose 2 to try on again. Then try on up to 5 more dresses. After the second round of dresses, pick two or less from that group to try on again. Now you have tried on 10 gowns and have narrowed it down to no more than 4 dresses. Try on all four dresses again and linger in them.

Walk around the store in them. Is the dress comfortable? Is the material of one scratchy? Is the dress well lined? Are there any defects?

Have another person come with you to the bridal stores, usually your Maid of Honor or your Mother. Have that person bring a notebook and pencil to record details about each of the final choices. Note such things as material of the dress, length of the train, design of beadwork, shape of sleeves, shape of the neckline, and color. If you don’t know the type of material or exact color, etc., ask the saleslady. These notes will help you to remember the unique details about each dress.

Another guide for purchasing your dress is to visit only 1 or 2 bridal stores per day. It is also advisable to give yourself one day in-between shopping expeditions. This way, you can reflect on the dresses you tried on yesterday, without being bombarded with different dresses to confuse you.

A bride planning a wedding in 2000 has more leeway than her predecessors. Every detail can be set by the bride to create a wedding that is uniquely her own. Tradition is accommodated, but modern touches overrule the antiquated etiquette. While others can advise you, do not allow them to make final decisions or dominate the planning. If you are able to accomplish this monumental task that all brides face, choosing a dress should be a piece of cake!

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Where To Buy Your Wedding Dress

On a small budget? There are many other places where you can get a wedding dress besides ordering from expensive bridal salons. Below are a few ideas for the discriminating, yet frugal, bride.

Bridal Warehouses: These facilities offer dresses that you can purchase off-the-rack for prices often much cheaper than bridal salons. Many of these places carry designer gowns that were either bridal shop samples or overstocks.

The advantage to these stores is that there is no ordering, no waiting and no worrying about whether your dress will come in on time. David’s Bridal has been servicing brides since 1950 and has over 100 locations nationwide.

Mail Order Discounters: You can save 20-30% off the retail price of most major designer gowns. All you need is the name of the designer, the style number of the dress and your measurements. The dress is then mailed to your home. Then, alternations and pressing are usually required. has been satisfying customers for more than 10 years and discounts wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses up to 25% off retail.. with free shipping.

Consignment Shops: Although selection is limited, it is possible to find the deal of a lifetime here.

Sample Sales: Many salons have annual or semi-annual events where they sell their samples that have recently been expired. While probably not as cheap as the preceding two choices, you can still save a ton of money.

Seamstress or Tailor: He or she will be able to create a dress completely designed for you. While this isn’t always a cheaper option, it is definitely something to look into, especially if your gown will come from a fairly simple pattern. Before deciding on your seamstress, check references!

Borrow: If you don’t mind not owning your own dress, you can always borrow it from someone. Before doing this however, check and see what their policy is on making alterations to fit your body frame.

Before grabbing a dress that is two sizes too big just because it’s a good bargain, don’t forget to figure in the cost of alterations. These can be very expensive so purchase wisely! Always check your dress for stains, rips or missing beadwork and bring someone with you so they can carefully examine the back of your dress for you. They might notice an imperfection that you are missing.

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Preserving Your Wedding Gown

Your wedding dress should be preserved for a number of reasons. For many families, the wedding dress is an heirloom that passes from the hands of a mother to her daughter, or perhaps even a granddaughter. Other families will use just the preserved fabric to create dresses for their children’s important events, such as communion or their own wedding. Even if it is never worn again, it is a great memento to cherish and one that should be taken care of.

After the wedding is over, professionally clean and store your dress so that it will last for years to come. Even though you might not get anything on your dress, it is still important to send it off to a dry cleaner’s. While you may not notice perspiration stains now, they will become more prominent through the years.

How you store your dress also makes a big difference. Dresses inside plastic bags tend to accumulate mildew and hangers can stretch a dress out at the neckline.

Find a dry cleaner that will place your dress in an airtight box, which will preserve the delicate material and allow your dress to keep its shape. Be sure to find a reputable dry cleaner that will do this for you – your carefulness now will pay off in the long run.

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Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Bridal Fashion

1. Choose a simpler style gown with less beading, lace and detail. If you really want more beads and sequins, they can always be added later by a seamstress or by a friend or relative who sews.
2. Hire a seamstress to make your wedding dress.
3. Purchase your wedding gown at a place other than a bridal salon. See Where To Buy Your Wedding Dress.
4. Rent your wedding dress.
5. Make your own veil. Most craft stores sell how-to books and supplies. You can save hundreds of dollars by making your own.
6. Don’t dye the bridesmaid’s shoes. Instead, have them wear white or black shoes, depending on the shade of their dresses.
7. Borrow. You can get everything from a crinoline slip to your wedding dress.
8. Forget the purse, you don’t need it.
9. If you opt to go with a bridal salon, choose all your dresses from the same place. They might give you a discount, or at least free alterations.
10. Save money by not purchasing a going away outfit. You’re only going to wear your wedding gown once, so why not enjoy every single moment! Plus, the 20 minutes or more that it takes to change, will take you away from your reception and your guests.

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The Right Fit for Your Wedding Gown

By Kathy Boyd-McLaughlin

It’s not everyday you go out and buy a white, formal gown, made of expensive silks and lace that weighs 30 pounds or more. It’s not everyday you wear this dress, but this dress is the only dress you’ll ever care about.

So why does every bride worry excessively over this one particular dress? Well, most likely because it is the dress she will be wearing that will be photographed over and over again. It is the dress she’ll be wearing when her new husband sees her for the first time as his wife. It is the dress she’s dreamt about ever since she was 3 years old.

Many thoughts go into choosing the right dress. You get an image of what you like and how you want to look and feel. When a bride finds the right dress, she just “knows” it is the right dress because she’ll get an emotional flood that takes over all her senses.

She’s happy and thrilled to have found the perfect dress. She’s nervous thinking of how she’s going to look when the final alterations are done. She’s eager to have the wedding day arrive so that she can wear the dress “for real.” And finally, she’s a little sad because now she is grown up and no longer a little girl. Moms usually cry hysterically, when they see their little girl in her wedding gown. When that happens, you just know it is the ONE.

Few things to remember about that dress:

* First, keep an open mind. That ugly thing hanging on the hanger just may be the dress of you dreams in hiding.
* Dresses take on a whole new shape when they are worn on the perfect body.
* Larger sized brides will look wonderful in A-line or Empress dresses but will look frightening in a mermaid style.
* Extremely thin and shorter brides will get lost in a big, ornate and pouffy ball gown style. But try them anyway. This will give you a feel for what you don’t want as well as what you do want.
* When you decide, and the dress has been fitted, do make sure it feels comfortable.
* Your hemline should stop just above your toes in the front.
* You should be able to walk in your gown without fear of tripping, getting a heel caught, or having to carry or hike up the skirts.
* Walk normal in your dress. The only time you should lift the skirts is when you are climbing or descending stairs or steps or getting in and out of a car. Oh, and kneeling. Don’t feel silly to “pretend to dance.” Do the twist and do the YMCA. Move girl, move!!
* Do make sure you bring the exact shoes and under garments you will be wearing on your wedding day to every fitting. Even a slight difference in a bra, can make or break the bodice after it’s been altered.
* Which brings me to another point: No matter what sleeve and neckline you choose, you should be able to lift your arms over your head without fear of ripping any seams, popping any buttons, or unraveling any lace.

Any seamstress, who tells you that the dress is supposed to be a little tight, is not a professional. After all, a bride needs to hug, kiss, shake hands and dance all day. She has other things to worry about without adding the stress of not being able to give a big hug to her father or a great big kiss to her mother. If your dress feels snug, tell them to let the seams out a little. If they say no, take the dress to another seamstress or tailor who will fit it properly.

You’ll wear this dress, on an average of 10 hours.
You should be comfortable in it as well as beautiful!

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