Candle Centerpieces

Hurricane Lamps and Lots of Kisses

We’re having candles in hurricane lamps with silver foil doilies and Hershey’s kisses instead of confetti. I’m a chocoholic, so what could be better than an endless supply of chocolate on every table? ~ Submitted by Holli, Sikeston, MO

Candle and Mirrors–Mini Lanterns

My fiance and I had a smaller ceremony and placed four mini lanterns with tea lights on each table. They served as a centerpiece as well as a favor! And they were very inexpensive! ~ Submitted by Sarah, Phoenix, AZ

Floating Candles

I am using floating candles in little bowls. Original idea? Nah I know, but in the bottom of the bowls I found little strands of pearls in the wedding colors and so it adds an attractive look in the midst of all the water. Plus, I am going to put gold wrapped Hershey kisses on the tables. ~ Submitted by Christi, Divide, CO

Warning!: At my daughter’s friend’s wedding, she had small candles floating in fluted bowls. They were beautiful, but the bowls were not heat resistant. After a couple of hours of the candles burning down, the bowls broke. Glass was everywhere, so they had to blow out all of the candles that were left. I hope this doesn’t discourage anyone, but they just need to make sure the glass is heat resistant.

Table Runners

I will be laying down fabric table runners in assorted jewel tones, then some silk ivy (or fresh if I can afford it), and then either a floating candle in a brandy snifter or three tapers of various heights (hopefully I can find some that *will* drip and look all Gothic). ~ Submitted by Katie, Richardson, TX

Brandy Snifters

Take two medium brandy snifters and one large brandy snifter. Fill the bottom of snifters with colored marbles about 1/3 way up. Fill with H2O and float a candle. Have your flowers around the base of the snifter. My tables will have small glass candle holders with silk flowers inside, candle an d flowers at the base–very inexpensive, and pretty!!! ~ Submitted by Barbara, Glassport, PA

Personalized Hurricane Shade with Votive

I am using a hurricane shade with a votive candle cup and votives, since tapers sometimes tend to “blacken” the glass. Around the bottom I am using grapevine wreaths and since the wedding is only next August, we are drying flowers to decorate the wreaths with. Hydrangea & straw flowers in pinks, yellows and mauves will set off the navy color scheme of the day!

Centerpiece: Flower Pots with Candles

I am using terra cotta flowerpots that I found in the cellar of my grandparent’s home. I plan to whitewash them and then add a bow and place tapers in the pot. I will also embellish the pots with silk ivy. On either side of the pot will be a votive and some decorating stones. ~ Submitted by Tricia, Sterling, IL

Centerpiece: Homemade Candles

We made our centerpieces. We took candleholders and put sand and seashells in them. Then we finished them by making them into gel candles. Our reception theme was under the sea so this was perfect. These candles can be made with any decorations. I found the gel wax on the internet. ~ Submitted by Sandra, Arkon, OH

Silver Lanterns

We are using silver lanterns that hang from a stand. I strung eucalyptus around the stands and will place a tea light candle in each lantern. Our reception is in the evening outdoors, but the lantern will prevent the candle from the wind. It’s beautiful. ~ Submitted by Andy, California

Ivy Bowls

Small glass “fish bowls” with a ruffled edge that contain a rose scented, red shaped candle floating in water. This is put on a mirror, with ivy wrapped around the base. Small white and yellow daisies will be tucked in the ivy for added color. ~ Submitted by Karen, Bloomington, IN

Hydrangea Candle Rings

For a centerpiece, I am using hydrangea candle rings with a medium size ivy bowl placed in the center. In it will be floating a white rose shaped candle,
atop rose colored water. ~ Submitted by Jakeisha, Cincinnati, OH

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Unique Centerpiece Ideas Using Fruit

Looking for something a little bit different? A new trend in centerpieces is to add fruit. Below are a few ideas if you want your decorations to be “tasteful”:

1. Purchase cornucopias made from baskets or ceramics. Fill with assorted colorful fruits and vegetables. For an added touch, throw in flower petals or hardy flower heads, like sunflowers.
2. Candelabra. Below the lit candles, drape small grapes and greenery with wire. For a more complex look, have your florist tie in ribbons or flower blooms.
3. Hurricane Lamps. Place a tall pillar candle into the base of the lamp. Fill the bottom of the lamp with cranberries, real or fake. This makes for a simple, yet elegant centerpiece.
4. Silver Bowls. Purchase decorated silver bowls and place chocolate covered strawberries on it, or an assortment of fruits. Your guests will appreciate your edible centerpieces.
5. 3-Wick Candle. Around the 3-wick candle, place a grapevine wreath. Decorate the wreath with greenery, grapes and ribbon.

Adding flowers, candles and fruit together can add a gorgeous touch to any wedding ensemble. Get creative with your ideas, but make sure you (or your florist) create a sample centerpiece BEFORE your wedding day.

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Holiday and Seasonal Table Centerpieces

Are you having your wedding on or near a particular holiday? How about coordinating your centerpieces with it? Pumpkins for Halloween, for instance. Or how about Chocolate Bunnies for Easter?

Spring Table Centerpiece Ideas:

Centerpiece: Basket of Eggs

For our Easter wedding, we are going to use pastel or white baskets filled with plastic Easter eggs (pastel colored) and decorated with tulips and Easter lilies. You can even make the eggs favors by placing something inside of them! ~ Submitted by Jaime, Elberton, GA

Centerpiece: May Day Baskets

We are getting married on May 1st. For our centerpieces, we chose to have May Day Baskets. We are decorating the baskets with flowers and tulle and filling them with popcorn and candies. ~ Submitted by Felicia, Des Moines, Iowa

Centerpiece: Sponge-Painted Pots

My sister just got married, and for her centerpieces she got a bunch of friends together to sponge-paint pots in her wedding colors. We then contacted a garden center and had them plant pansies in her colors in the pots. The centerpieces did not cost a lot, looked great, and one guest at each table got to take the plant home as a nice memory of the day! ~ Submitted by Betsy, Wales, WI

Centerpiece: Straw Hat

I’m having a garden wedding! My mom and I bought straw hats at a local craft store. We are going to decorate them with silk flowers and ribbon then place them in the middle of each table. ~ Submitted by Beci, Clackamas, OR

Centerpiece: Herbs and Greenery

I am planning to use herbs and greenery for my centerpieces. I’m having a summer garden wedding. I plan to use fresh mint and rosemary mingled with some ivy and just a few flowers. ~ Submitted by Maria, Mendon, MA

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Unique Table Centerpiece Ideas by Brides

Centerpiece: Photos of the Bride & Groom

We are placing photos of ourselves through the years on a small stand on each table. The photos have been copied and are being put back to back. This will give all of our guests something to look at and laugh about during dinner.
~ Submitted by Roxanne

Centerpiece: Wishing Well

Put pens, paper, and a wishing well on the tables for centerpieces. Guests can put advice, best wishes, little notes, etc… I will decorate the wells to match the theme, and colors of my wedding. ~ Submitted By Cynthia, Houston, TX

Centerpiece: Wine Bottle

We are getting married at a winery in Napa Valley in September. Our centerpieces will be wine bottles made into “lamps.” We filled them with candle oil and added a wick. There will also be bunches of grapes around the base of the wine bottles. ~ Submitted by Suzanne, St. Helena, CA

Centerpiece: Wrought Iron Birdcages

They are green and my Mother and I are spray painting them gold (antique effect) then placing votive candles inside with sprays of pale gold leaves at the base. The reason behind our choice was the need for a centerpiece that would could be reused. My reception will be on my parents property and since the tents we rented would be at our disposal until that Monday, we decided to have brunch for all of our out-of-town guests and family the day after the wedding. Since flowers would wilt, we came up with the idea of the BIRDCAGE! ~ Submitted by Kristin, Mendham, NJ

Centerpiece: Wedding Cake

Rather than have a wedding cake and then a sheet cake for the guests, we are using the cake as the centerpiece. Each table will have a cake on a stand with a few flowers on top and tea candles around it. The table for the bride and groom will have a two tiered cake instead of one with our custom centerpiece.

We found the price for 20 round cakes was similar to sheet cakes and a huge wedding cake and they make an interesting centerpiece. (P.S. the cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting.) ~ Submitted by Mamie, Rochester, NY

Centerpiece: Bubbles and Birdseed Bags

We bought baskets on sale at a local department store, lined them with material [using a glue gun]. Then we filled them with the bubbles and birdseed bags. Those helping with the wedding will get to take a basket home with them. ~ Submitted by Jennifer, Midland TX

Centerpiece: Hurricane Lamps with a Twist

We’re using 16″ hurricane globes with glass Christmas balls inside it. You can match the colors very easily to your event and the balls are very inexpensive to use. ~ Submitted by Leigh, Tampa, FL

Centerpiece: Ice Sculptures

I am putting baby ice sculptures on each table. It doesn’t cost as much as you would think! ~ Submitted by Kelly, South Carolina

Centerpiece: Advice for the Newlyweds

We put small baskets tied with lilac and green ribbon (any color) in the center of our tables. Each basket contained pencils engraved with our names and the date of the wedding. In addition, there will be colorful paper inside with “Advice for the Newlyweds” printed on it. It’s inexpensive and a great conversation piece for the people sitting at the tables who have not met. ~ Submitted by Michele, Michigan

Centerpiece: Wooden Birdhouses

We purchased wooden birdhouses from a local craft shop for about $5 each. My bridesmaids helped me paint them in our colors. We then decorated them with some ivy and fall leaves that we sprayed. ~ Submitted by Robin, Buffalo, NY

Centerpiece: Gift Boxes

Get three boxes in varying sizes, wrap them in wedding paper, glue them together and then use wire-edged ribbon to tie them all together….Each table will have different paper on their boxes. It’ll look like a stack of gifts on each table! Inexpensive & elegant! ~ Submitted by Elaina, Frederick, MD

Centerpiece: Greek Statues

We are having a Roman/Greek themed wedding. I found a variety of Greek statues, pottery and columns made of plaster at the craft store. They range in size and shape so it adds to the diversity. We are adding lots of ivy, candles, potpourri (for the bowls), and flower arrangements. All together they cost about $7 each – and better yet, I’ll have some new decorations for our home! ~ Submitted by Monica, Provo, UT

Centerpiece: Straw Hat

I’m having a garden wedding! My mom and I bought straw hats at a local craft store. We are going to decorate them with silk flowers and ribbon then place them in the middle of each table. ~ Submitted by Beci, Clackamas, OR

Centerpiece: Love Poems

For a very romantic touch, have a calligrapher write out different love poems (by Pablo Neruda, E.E. Cummings, the Brownings, or your favorite poet) and place them in antique silver picture frames. Surround the frame with roses, and you have your centerpieces! I decided to use white pedestals with cherubs on the top of them (like a Greek statue). I am wrapping ivy around the pedestal. ~ Submitted by Lori, New York, NY

Centerpiece: Cherubs, Ivy and Hurricane Lamps

We used a large potted English Ivy, with many trailing vines. This was beautiful, but lacked height! Then we inserted medium ceramic cherubs (we found unfinished ones at a craft store and spray painted them gold) put on a thin dowel and then inserted them into the ivy in groups of three. Over this, we placed a large hurricane globe. In the center of these cherubs (inside the hurricane globes) we added a large pillar candle. It was really spectacular! ~ Submitted by Diane, Nashville, TN

Centerpiece: Wreath and Champagne

For the reception centerpieces, I’m making 8″ grapevine wreaths decorated in tulle, ribbon and small silk flowers that coordinate with my color scheme. At the time of the champagne toast, they will each have a bottle of champagne that fits in the center of them.
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Centerpiece Ideas For Every Season

Winter Centerpieces

Gingerbread Houses
Sylvia, New York

I’m having a Christmas wedding. I am buying gingerbread houses from my baker and using them as my centerpieces. They will add to the festivities of the holiday and add both color and fun to my wedding.

Dana, Illinois

At my future Mother-in-Law’s suggestion, we are using cranberries. Each table will have a round (ivy-like) bowl filled with cranberries. Sunken into the cranberries will be a white candle. The bowl will be nestled in the center of a pine wreath decorated with Christmas ribbons.

Table Runner
Mari Linn

Using a runner instead of a centerpiece is a wonderful idea! I have been going crazy trying to think of a way not to use the mirror, glass bowl thing (I find them tacky). However, by using a runner I can find a rich, tapestry-like material and it will also add the right touch of color to the hall.

Pine Cone Wreath
Kristy, Williamstown, MA

Since we are having a winter wedding, we decided to try something other than flowers (which are expensive) for our centerpieces. My fiancé and I are collecting pine cones of all shapes and sizes. We will be painting them gold and making wreaths out them. We are going to decorate the wreaths with a navy ribbon to match my wedding colors. In the center, we will place an extra large pillar candle (three wicks) also in navy.

Spring & Summer Centerpieces

Sponge-Painted Pots
Betsy, Wales, WI

My sister just got married, and for her centerpieces she got a bunch of friends together to sponge-paint pots in her wedding colors. We then contacted a garden center and had them plant pansies in her colors in the pots. The centerpieces did not cost a lot, looked great, and one guest at each table got to take the plant home as a nice memory of the day!

Straw Hat
Beci, Clackamas, OR

I’m having a garden wedding! My mom and I bought straw hats at a local craft store. We are going to decorate them with silk flowers and ribbon then place them in the middle of each table.

Terra Cotta Pots
Jennifer, Villanova, PA

We’re using five 4″ terra cotta pots per table ($.39 each). Each one is spray painted white which gives it a sponge-painted look. Then, we are tying ribbon ($.55 per yard) around each one. The pots are getting planted (by a florist) with tulips and pansies and other seasonal potted flowers in multitudes of spring colors. The centerpieces will double as favors.

Herbs and Greenery
Maria, Mendon, MA

I am planning to use herbs and greenery for my centerpieces. I’m having a summer garden wedding. I plan to use fresh mint and rosemary mingled with some ivy and just a few flowers.

Heather, Salem, Indiana

My sister has a collection of interesting teapots. We are filling them with small bouquets that have various flowers in them. The teapots are free, and the bouquets are from the local grocery store. The flowers only cost $4 a bunch. I have twenty tables to decorate, so this is cheap and easy. Also, it is very different because none of the teapots are the same. Great discussion pieces!

Fall Centerpieces

Floating Pumpkins
Maria, Attleboro, MA

We’re having floating candles shaped like miniature pumpkins and multi-colored leaves in clear glass bowls. We also bought strands of leaves to put around the bottom of the bowl. We’re getting married next October so it will be perfect for our fall wedding!

Carving Pumpkins
Connie, Phoenix, AZ

I am using FUN-KINS in my centerpiece. FUN-KINS are an artificial carving pumpkin. They are great for the Autumn/Halloween themes. They can be carved or left as is for a more organic feel. We are carving Celtic love knots and my new last name in them. Everyone in the wedding party will receive one as a gift or token from us. They can be stored in their own boxes for years to come – my plan is to leave my out year round.

Terra Cotta Pots with Mums
Kathy, MN

I am using sponge painted (off white) terra cotta pots with mums. I have a fall wedding theme, so they will be fall colored mums (wine, rusty orange, yellow & white). I will place the mum into the painted pot & top it off with some craft store moss. I will tie raffia or ivory tulle in a bow. Wa-la, for $8 bucks or less I have huge, colorful centerpieces that will last for months.

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Questions to Ask Your Caterer

Food plays an important role in the wedding festivities, so you’ll want to take plenty of time and care when choosing your caterer. Here are some great questions to ask your caterer to ensure that you have a great “wedding feast” without any surprises!

Menu Options and Reception Styles – There is so much variety and choice when it comes to menu selection. It’s no longer “chicken” or “beef”. You can have a traditional sit down dinner, buffet, food stations or cocktail reception. It all depends on your personal preference and budget.

Budget – Let your caterer know your budget up front. Don’t assume that a buffet or food stations is less expensive than a sit down dinner. Remember, it depends more on what type of food you serve that determines the price.

Food Preparation – Does the caterer use all fresh food and produce? Will any of the food for the reception be previously frozen? Most of the “top notch” caterers do not use any frozen foods or anything that comes from a can!

Taste Testing – Ask if your caterer will do a “tasting”. This is where the bride and groom can go sample and taste some of the caterer’s dishes. Yum Yum…

Leftovers – Ask what is done with the leftover food. Particularly, if you are having a buffet or food stations there can be food leftover. Some brides choose to have the leftover food given to a homeless shelter or similar charity organization.

Many couples don’t get a chance to eat much or really enjoy the food during the reception because they’re so busy with their guests. So, ask your caterer to prepare a “leftover basket” with a sampling of all the delicious hors d’oeuvres, main dishes and even dessert. Late that night, the bride and groom can enjoy a wonderful, romantic picnic for two!

Sometimes the leftovers are given to the bride or groom’s parents. It’s especially nice if they are entertaining any out-of-town relatives and don’t have time to cook!

Family Recipes – Ask if dishes can be prepared that are not included on the regular menu. Some brides have a special “family” dish they’d like or a particular type of ethnic food prepared. This is a great way to really personalize your dinner and reception.

Guaranteed Numbers – Many caterers will quote prices based upon a certain number or minimum number of guests. For instance, many caterers base their figures on a minimum of 100 guests. If you’re final guest count is for only 80 guests, there may be an additional fee.

Wedding Cake – Do they offer wedding cakes? Is a wedding cake included in the price? Is there an additional cake cutting fee?

Tax and Gratuities – Are they included in the price? Are there any additional fees that are not included in the quote or proposal?

Ratio of Servers to Guests – Now, this can vary depending on the type of reception you have. One good rule of thumb is to have one server for every 8-10 guests.

Dress Code for Wait Staff – Will they be dressed formally in a black and white tuxedo look?

Decorations – Ask to see pictures of their table displays. Some caterers that do buffets or food stations will include floral arrangements and other decorations. As your wedding plans progress, talk to your caterer about your color theme so that all decorations and floral arrangements will coordinate.

Tableware and Linens – Does the price include table linens, napkins, dishes, and glassware? Ask to see samples. Remember, if you don’t like the tableware or linens they offer, most everything can be rented, but usually at an additional price!

Menu Board – A recent trend when doing buffets or food stations is to have a menu board. This when the names of the entrees and items served are scrolled elegantly onto a piece of paper displayed on a board or in a picture frame. Many guests love to know the names or what’s in those delicious dishes they’ll be eating.

Licenses – Your caterer should be licensed by the state. Most display their license in their office, but if you’re not sure, ask!

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Liquor Guidelines for 100 Guests

If you have the ability to purchase your own liquor for the reception…that’s great news because you can save lots of money! However, deciding what to buy and how much can be confusing. Here are some general guidelines for a suggested amount of alcohol based upon 100 guests:

9 Total Cases

* 3 Domestic cases
* 3 Imported cases
* 3 Light cases

5-8 Total Cases

* 3-4 Chardonnay cases
* 1-2 White Zinfandel cases
* 1-2 Cabernet Sauvignon cases

* 1-2 cases
Hard liquor

* 5 liters vodka
* 3 liters gin
* 2 liters rum
* 2 liters scotch
* 2 liters bourbon
* 750ml vermouth
* 3 liters kahlua
Others to Consider (1 liter of each)

* Bailey’s Irish Cream
* Grand Marnier
* Amaretto
* Sambuca
* Brandy
* Frangelico
* Chambord
If you are responsible for setting up the entire bar,
be sure to include the following:

* Ice
* Milk
* Glassware
* Lemons
* Limes
* Cherries
* Olives
* Lime juice
* Lemon mix
* Orange juice
* Cranberry juice
* Soda water
* Tonic water
* Coke, diet coke
* Seven up, ginger ale
* Straws
* Cocktail stirrers
* Coolers for beer, etc

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Tips for Serving Alcohol at Your Wedding

You need to provide your guests with some type of refreshments (food & drink) at your reception. However, the choice is up to you as to what you serve and how you serve it. You decide what type of alcohol to serve or you can choose not to serve any alcohol.

The bottom line is …. You should not feel obligated to provide an open bar for guests for the entire evening. It is your decision (based on your wedding budget and other factors) whether to have a cash bar, limited bar, open bar or some other variation.

* Open Bar throughout the entire reception. This is usually the most costly option. Some facilities will charge a per person rate (i.e. $15-35/per guest) or charge you based on the amount of alcohol consumed such as per open bottle, by tenths of bottles consumed or per drink.
* Another issue to consider with an open bar is the liability involved as guests may be tempted to drink more. Each state has different laws, so be sure to check with your reception facility and caterer regarding liability insurance.
* Open Bar for the cocktail reception(1 – 1 ½ hours) and cash bar during the remainder of the reception.
* Cash Bar for liquor (mixed drinks) and serve complimentary beer and wine throughout the reception. You can serve a variety of bottle beers or purchase a keg of beer.
* Be creative – instead of offering your guests the typical run of beers, try to include some of the newer micro-brewed beers. You can still offer the old stand-bys for those guests who are committed to “their” brands, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the feed back you’ll receive on being somewhat adventuresome!
* To save money on your alcohol bill, serve a champagne punch as your choice of alcohol.
* Always include a wide assortment of interesting and delicious non-alcoholic beverages. Try hot apple cider for a winter wedding, pink lemonade or fresh brewed ice tea for a summer time wedding.
* Serve specialty drinks like Margaritas, Pina’ Coladas or Sangria. For an early afternoon reception, try Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.
* Have a wine bar that serves a variety of specialty wines. These don’t have be expensive either — there are plenty of great moderately priced wines available.
* To save money, serve house brand liquors versus top shelf… (i.e. Smirnoff vs. Absolut).
* During the cocktail hour, have the wait staff serve wine and champagne on trays to your guests. First, if you have many guests, it will cut down on the line to the bar. Second, it will make your guests feel as they are receiving “top-notch service”. Third, you can save money on your bar tab when guests choose a glass of wine or champagne versus hard liquor.
* If you’re having a champagne toast, find out if the guests will see the champagne being poured. If not, it’s a good place to save some money by selecting an inexpensive brand, since most people just sip for the toast! It may enable you to spend a bit more on the wines you’ll be serving with dinner.
* Offer your guests a choice of red or white wine with dinner. Many times if wine is served with dinner, guests will be less likely to order another drink (i.e. hard liquor) which can cut down on your bar costs.
* Consider an international coffee bar during the dessert hour. You can serve Kahlua, Bailey’s, Tia Maria, Grand Marnier and other cordials that your guests will enjoy with coffee.

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Top 10 Ways to Save on Flowers & Decorations

1. Use candles for centerpieces instead of flowers.
2. Decorate with balloons.
3. Use silk flowers. They always cost less than fresh flowers, plus they can be rented!
4. Bridal bouquets can double during the reception as decoration for the head table, cake or gift tables.
5. To really save costs, have each bridesmaid carry a single bloom.
6. Make your own pew bows instead of purchasing them. See Making Pew Bows.
7. Use more greenery, tulle, and baby’s breath for decorating, and less flower blooms.
8. Use only flowers that are in season.
9. If your ceremony site is having more than one wedding that day, contact the other bride and talk about sharing decoration expenses.
10. Purchase candles, white lights, and other decorations after the holidays when everything goes on sale. After Christmas sales are great!

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12 Month Wedding Planning Countdown!

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s a time where your will, wit, organizational skills, and humor will be put to the test. Weddings take a lot of planning and you will likely spend over 100 hours on the phone, visiting with vendors, planning, and chasing after details. To help you get off to a good start, we’ve put together a complete outline of the things you’ll need to do for your wedding and the approximate timeline for getting those things done!

6 – 12 Months Before Your Wedding

____ Visit regularly for great ideas & some fun
____ Select a wedding date and time & possibly a backup date
____ Announce your engagement in the paper
____ Plan an engagement party with family and friends
____ Talk with a bridal consultant or wedding coordinator
____ Find out what bridal shows are in the area and plan on attending
____ Agree on a preliminary budget
____ Decide who will pay for what and how expenses will be shared
____ Call your church or synagogue for an appointment with the Officiant
____ Consider and ask friends and family to serve as wedding attendants
____ Start a “planning system” and system of organization
____ Start your wedding guest list
____ Start thinking about ideas/themes for your reception and catering plans
____ Determine what type of entertainment you want to have for your reception
____ Decide the type of wedding you would like to have (size, formality, and setting)
____ Think about your color schemes
____ Explore pre-marital counseling
____ Start health and fitness plan if you’re not already in one!
____ Select your reception location
____ Select your professional photographer
____ Select your videographer
____ Select professional caterer (if necessary)
____ Select Musician or Disc Jockey
____ Select your florist
____ Shop together for your wedding rings
____ Select wedding dress and headpiece, and set a date for fittings and delivery
____ Select your bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories
____ It’s time to choose a honeymoon and location
4 Months Prior to the Wedding

____ O.K., now it’s time to spend some real time at; details, details…
____ Check the requirements for marriage license
____ Select and discuss your color schemes with the florist/decorator of choice
____ Again consider pre-marital counseling
____ Reserve your wedding day rental equipment
____ Decide upon a gift registry and select your gift choices
____ Order your invitations and related stationery needs
____ Start shopping for the men’s’ wedding attire
____ Reserve your wedding day transportation
____ Research and select readings for ceremony
____ Make music selections for ceremony and reception
____ Decide upon and order favors
____ Select your baker, then choose your cake, and groom’s cake
____ Help both mothers coordinate and find their wedding day clothing
____ Review your contracts with all of your vendors and service providers (DETAILS!)
2 Months Before Your Wedding

____ Well, at this point you could be writing for
____ Have engagement portraits taken
____ Place your engagement announcement in the newspaper
____ Mail out invitations and announcements
____ Decide on the men’s wedding attire
____ Arrange and plan your rehearsal dinner
____ Purchase your wedding day accessories
____ Arrange attendant’s parties
____ Prepare accommodations for out-of-town attendants and guests
____ Consider a hairdresser and/or makeup artist and book appointments
____ Finalize all honeymoon plans
1 Month Left!

____ Final wedding dress fitting
____ Final fitting for your wedding attendants
____ Obtain marriage license
____ Have your attendant’s parties
____ Purchase your going-away outfit
____ Create a calendar of events for the wedding day
____ Make sure your accessories are in order (rings, pillow, garter, etc.)
2 Weeks Remaining!

____ Finalize arrangements with the entertainer(s)
____ Provide a list of music you would like played (or not played)
____ Make sure they fit!
____ Contact the guests who have not responded to your invitations.
1 Week to Go!

____ If you can, take the week, or part of the week off from work!
____ Make sure your marriage license is in order
____ Prepare seating arrangements, if necessary
____ Purchase travelers checks, confirm honeymoon reservations
____ Pack your baggage for your honeymoon
____ Have your wedding ceremony rehearsal
____ Instruct your wedding party on what they will be doing on the day of the wedding
____ Have your rehearsal dinner
____ Make sure all wedding attire fits properly
____ Give the best man the amounts your vendors are to be paid on the wedding day
____ Inform your caterer of the total guest count
____ Confirm out-of-town guests have transportation and sleeping accommodations
____ Check with your florist and/or balloonist to make sure they will arrive when scheduled

Your Wedding Day

____ Your primary goal today is to get married! Have fun! Forget about!
____ Relax, enjoy yourself, and remain calm!
____ Allow at least two hours for dressing
____ Allow plenty of time to apply your makeup and style your hair
____ If professionals are doing your hair and/or makeup, determine the time they need
____ If photographs are to be taken before the ceremony, allow plenty of time for that!
____ Remember to bring the rings and marriage license
____ Seat guests as they arrive
____ The groom’s parents should be seated about 5 minutes before start time
____ Mother of the bride is normally seated last
____ Take a deep breath, don’t worry, be happy and smile!

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