Flower Girl and Ringbearer Gift Ideas

Ballet Slippers
Ballet slippers for her to wear during the wedding. As well as a small lace bag with a pearl necklace and bracelet enclosed. ~ Mandy, Goodlettsville, TN

Child’s Purse

Costume Jewelry
Peal Necklace, Bracelet, etc.

There is a Precious Moments flower girl, it’s so cute because the little girl is holding her flowers upside-down. ~Veronica, St.Louis, MO

Wedding Day Barbie

My aunt is making the flower girls’ dresses. For their gifts, she is making each of them a doll dress that matches their flower girls’ dress. ~ Rebecca, Tennessee

Flower Girl Necklace
A charming Keepsake!

Gift Certificate from Toy Store

Jewelry Box

Keepsake Books

Music Box

I bought t-shirts from a local craft store, one to fit each of my 3 flower girls and 2 ring bearers, and then bought transfer paper for ink jet printers. I then printed a picture of my fiancé and I, along with “Flower Girl” or “Ring Bearer” and the date of the wedding, and ironed them on the shirts! ~ Jennifer, Atlanta, Georgia

Ring Bearer Gift Ideas

Keepsake Books

Stuffed Animal or Teddy Bear

Disney Video

Video, Computer or Hand Held Video

Gift Certificate from Toy Store

Mickey Mouse Watch

I bought t-shirts from a local craft store, one to fit each of my 3 flower girls and 2 ring bearers, and then bought transfer paper for ink jet printers. I then printed a picture of my fiancé and I, along with “Flower Girl” or “Ring Bearer” and the date of the wedding, and ironed them on the shirts! ~ Jennifer, Atlanta, Georgia

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Groomsmen Gift Ideas

* Barbecue Tools with an apron and an oven mitt.
* Binoculars. Great gift for guys to use at sporting events, concerts, etc…
* Beer Mugs (Glass or Pewter)
* Business Card Holder (Engraved)
* Cigars
* Cigar Holder
* Calculator (Engraved)
* Cooler…. We’re giving our groomsmen soft-sided, collapsible coolers filled with a 6-pack of a local microbrew, a couple of cigars and some snacks. ~ Amy, St. Petersburg, FL
* Cuff Links
* Desk Clock
* Desk Set
* Engraved Lighter
* Engraved Pocket Watch
* Flask
* Fishing Gear/Accessories
* Golf Club
* Golf Balls/Golf Accessories
* Hunting/Hiking/Camping Gear
* Key Ring (Engraved)
* Leather Shave Kit
* Lottery Tickets
* Micro-Brewed Beer – We are giving each of our groomsmen a bottle of our own home brew. Each bottle will have a personal computerized label thanking each groomsman for sharing in our special day. ~ Amanda, Yakima, WA
* Money Clip
* Monogrammed Terry Cloth Robes
* Monogrammed Travel Bag
* Pen and Pencil Set (Engraved)
* Personalized Stationary
* Razor Set
* Sun glasses
* Silk Boxers & Socks – We gave each of our groomsmen a pair of silk boxers and a pair of socks with a note that stated, “Just wanted to make sure everyone had a pair of clean socks and drawers for the wedding.” ~ Danielle, Moscow, Idaho
* Swiss Army Knife/Pocket Knife
* Tickets to a Concert or Sporting Event
* Travel Kit
* Wallet

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Female Attendant Gift Ideas

At my sister’s wedding, being an English teacher, she gave each of her attendants a book which she had picked out special for each person. Inside the front cover she had written a personal note highlighting memories shared. It was a very thoughtful, and relatively inexpensive, gift. ~ Kristina

Bridesmaid Lunch
I am taking all of my bridesmaids out to lunch where they will receive a necklace. After lunch we will be going to Estee’ Lauder for a “Master Class”. Each girl will have an individual makeover in which SHE will learn to apply her own makeup. The Master Class is free with purchase of a product, which of course I will be supplying a gift certificate for each girl to spend. ~ Patti, Illinois

I stood in a wedding in which, at the bridesmaid’s luncheon, the bride had a cake with charms in it. The charm is attached to a ribbon which extends from the cake, and each bridesmaid pulls a ribbon and the charms have meanings (clover = good luck, wedding bells = next to get married, high chair = your life will be blessed with children). As a gift at the end of the luncheon, the bride gave us CHARM BRACELETS! I have been having so much fun building on my bracelet since! ~ Karen, Louisiana

Business Card Holders
Personalize it with their names or initials. Click Here.

Candle Holder/Candle Sticks
Canvas Tote Bag
I am buying a canvas tote bag for each of my bride’s maids. I am going to dye them to match their dresses & then I am going to put their name on it. Since we are all getting dresses at the ceremony site, it will be a nice way for them to keep all their belongings together. ~ Marci, New Orleans, LA

Charm Bracelet
Heart-shaped engraved charm with a sparkly rhinestone clasp.

Cook Books
I was in a friend’s wedding and she is known for her cookbook collection. For our gifts she gave us each a cookbook that meant something to each of us. I was working at a pizza place at the time, and got a pizza cookbook. Another one of the girls was a vegetarian, and got a vegan cookbook and the mustard lover got a mustard cookbook. ~ Lainie, Saratoga, CA

Cosmetic Bag

Clutch Purse (To Match Bridesmaid’s Dresses)

Cozy Blanket

Crystal Clock
I went to a local engraving store, and bought a crystal clock on the engraving part it stated the bridesmaid’s name, and a little inscription that reads “To Timeless Friendship”. Underneath my name was then inscribed. ~ Rachel, Gulfport, MS

Crystal Vases
I bought my bridesmaids nice crystal vases (each in a different style to reflect their personality). My reasoning was that I had been told by my florist to purchase some cheap glass vases for them to place their bouquets in after the ceremony, since they are carrying hand tied bouquets (thus no oasis). I figured why buy cheap ones – so I have bought them something that they will hopefully enjoy for years to come. ~ Stefanie, St. Louis, MI

Decorative Tea Light Candle Holder

Desk Clock

Foot Massager
I was recently a bridesmaid in which all of the bridesmaids received a foot spa/massager. This was a great gift after a long day on our feet! The unit could be filled with water, which would be heated, and it vibrated to give the ultimate foot massage. ~ Lisa, Toledo, OH

Framed Poem and Picture
Because I have been friends with all of my bridesmaids for a minimum of 10 years, I am writing a personal poem for each one. I will have a calligrapher make them attractive and place it in one side of the two pictured folding frames. The other side will house the picture of just the two of us from the wedding. ~ Lori, Alabama

Throughout the last 6 months I’ve taken snapshots of each of my bridesmaids. I wrote a cute, original poem about experiences I’ve had with each of them. Then I put the picture and poem in cute little picture frames. I’m planning to put them on the table at each girls’ seat at the bridesmaid luncheon. ~ Kristin, Texas

I have known my 3 attendants forever. I am going to buy silver multi-picture frames and engrave something personal on each. For pictures, I will include pictures from kindergarten, high school, college and weddings that are just of the attendant and myself. Each frame will be full of memories. ~ Kim, Sonoma, California

Friendship Ball
I purchased a Friendship ball for each of my bridesmaids and my mother for the wedding. This metal ornament-like ball has cut-out hearts and other shapes and hinges shut. Inside, it holds bath salts for now, but the legend behind the Friendship ball is that in Old English times friends, sisters, and mothers used to exchange the ball on special occasions, each time filled with something different – a lace handkerchief, chocolates, jewelry, etc.
For now, it can be used as a Christmas ornament or to hold potpourri. The best part is the tradition explains “it is not what is inside the ball, but the friendship and love it represents”. ~ Kim, Brighton, MI

Gift Baskets
(Soaps and Bath Oils, Gourmet Food, Wine, Coffee, Gardening Basket, etc.)

I’ve put together beautiful baskets containing loffas, massagers, scrubbers, those cool blue face masks you freeze, and bath oil balls, hand cream, body lotion, etc. with each girl’s favorite scent such as Vanilla, Raspberry, Pear, and Peach. For my maid of honor, I also purchased an elegant perfume spray bottle. ~ Janine, East Windsor, NJ

We made gift baskets that included a small (red and ivory) fabric covered photo album and disposable camera. The attendants will be able to take candid shots at the reception and later insert them in her keepsake photo album. Also included in the baskets will be the necklace, earrings and bracelet to be worn in the wedding along with a personal thank you note from me.
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Best Man Responsibilities

The groom selects his Best Man. It is typically his brother, father, a close relative or friend. In the case of a second marriage, he can even choose his son to be his Best Man.

The Best Man plays an important role. He is responsible for:

* Getting the groom to the church
* Holding onto the rings
* Giving the first toast to the bride and groom

Now, if you read the etiquette books, the best man has a long list of responsibilities, such as…

* Host the bachelor party for the groom
* Arrange for ushers to be fitted for tuxes
* Coordinate ushers’ activities on the wedding day
* Help the groom get dressed
* Stay with the groom up until the time of the ceremony and offer moral support
* Make sure the groom is packed “appropriately” for his honeymoon
* Make and/or confirm the couple’s honeymoon arrangements
* Drive the groom to the ceremony
* Hold on to the marriage license and wedding rings
* Pay the Officiant and other vendors
* Give the first toast to the bride and groom at the reception
* Oversee the timetable to make sure everything runs on time
* Drive the couple to their hotel or their destination after the reception

The best man’s responsibilities depend largely on who the best man is and how much responsibility and other tasks YOU would like him to perform.

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Tips for Selecting Your Bridesmaids

You’ve got one sister, he’s got two. Your college roommates were the only ones that pulled through all-night studying sessions with you. You get along so well with those two co-workers. Then, there is “the group” from high school. So, how can you possibly choose between them? While it’s great to have all those close friends, 20 bridesmaids isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Below are a few tips for selecting your bridal party.


* Less is more. The more people you choose to be a part of your bridal party, the more opinions you will have to consider, the more difficult it is to schedule events and fittings, and the more expensive it is for you! The more bridesmaids you have means more gifts to buy, more bouquets to purchase, more people at the rehearsal dinner, more limos to rent…
you need to figure that you should have one groomsman for every 50 guests. Since the amount of groomsmen and bridesmaids are usually equal, you can use that as a guideline.

Making the Cut

* Choose family over friends. Friendships come and go, but your family will be a part of your life for a long time to come. In addition, friends will understand if they are not chosen because of family obligations.
* Decide how much work you expect from your bridesmaids. Choose people who you know will be happy to help you and can help you because they live locally.
* Consider financial needs. If you have potential bridesmaids that are struggling financially, do not put the extra burden on them that comes with being a bridesmaid. If you think they will be hurt if they aren’t asked and you really want them in your wedding, discuss the situation with them.
* You do not need to include people in your wedding party even if you were in theirs. Hopefully, they will understand how hard it is choose and not take offense.

There are many other ways to honor those who are close to you besides asking them to be placed in your wedding party. Friends can usher, sing, play an instrument or read during your ceremony.

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25 Cool Gifts for the Bridesmaids

Giving gifts to members of the wedding and other special guests is a time-honored way of showing thanks and sharing joy. It’s customary to present a token of appreciation to bridesmaids, ushers, flower girls, ringer bearers, readers and parents, as well as anyone else who helps make your wedding day special.

Here is a list of our 25 favorite bridesmaid gifts that reflect their personality and interest. They’re sure to be a long lasting memory of your wedding.

Aromatherapy candles that fit in with each of their lifestyles (tranquility, energizing, de-stressing).

Beautiful hair jewelry, like a butterfly barrette or rhinestone bobby pins.

A small box of decadent chocolates.

Perfume and a dainty atomizer.

All the fixings for a luxurious bubble bath.

A day of horseback riding (or kayaking or roller-skating, etc.).

Gorgeous candlesticks and candles that fit their décor.

Cooking, art or ceramics classes. (Fun for the creative types, and relaxing for those who are highly stressed).

A pair of margarita glasses, a good bottle of tequila and limes, – of course!

For a business traveler, a tiny blow-dryer and mini sizes of all her favorite toiletries.

A deluxe set of designer makeup brushes for the beauty aficionado.

A fine linen handkerchief (for all those happy tears she’ll shed at your wedding).

A gourmet gift basket – include a tiny cookbook and all the ingredients to make a few delicious dishes!

Decoupage a shoebox with memorabilia: old photos, ticket stubs from movies you saw together, and snippets from letters. Fill it with sweets or some scented beauty and bath items.

Concert tickets for a favorite band.

Manicures and pedicures all around! (Great to give before the wedding.)

A precious evening bag – and not necessarily one for the wedding.

Gourmet coffees or teas in a fun, jumbo-sized cup and saucer.

A beautiful hand blown vase or artful objects, is perfect for her creative side.

Lingerie (they’ll never expect it).

For a movie nut, a small collection of her favorite videos, some microwave popcorn and a video guidebook. (Don’t forget the Junior Mints!)

A lovely photo frame (or two) – and a promise for a wedding photograph of the two of you.

Classy stationary – splurge on a monogram if there’s time.

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15 Favor Ideas For Your Guests

These days, less traditional favors are being given to guests. Brides are being more creative and are letting their imaginations run wild. Favors can include personalized chocolates to potted plants!

1. One new and popular favor idea is to give each guest a bottle of bubble blowing mixture. The bottles can have a personalized label with your names and wedding date printed on them. Bubbles can then be blown by guests instead of throwing confetti or birdseed, which is often not allowed at many reception venues.

2. Candles are a romantic gift and can be tied with ribbon, or decorated with tulle. Candles make a useful favor for your guests and are quite inexpensive.

3. Potpourri is a nice thought and can be used by guests to scent their drawers or wardrobe. You could use different flowers in the potpourri, depending on the flowers you have used in your bouquet. Roses are the most popular choice, and the potpourri will give your reception venue a lovely perfume.

4. Potted plants are another inexpensive favor choice. Try to purchase small seedlings with flowers. The pot can then be decorated with tulle or ribbon for a festive appearance.

5. For a fun favor, you could buy some small terra cotta pots and decorate them with paint, ribbon or tulle. Then, buy packets of mixed flower seed and place one packet in each pot. Your guests will be able to plant their own favor and watch it grow!

6. Different sized and shaped baskets offer a wide variety of favor ideas. You could buy some small baskets, decorate them with ribbon, and fill them with lilies or potpourri.

7. Fans are a dainty gift and can be decorated with fresh or silk flowers, ribbons or satin rosettes.

8. Another new trend is to make chocolate “coffee spoons”. These are simply plastic spoons dipped in melted chocolate and decorated with a piece of ribbon. The spoons are then used by the guests to stir their coffee, whereby it melts. If you like, the chocolate could be flavored with mint, vanilla or rum essence.

9. Gold or silver bells are pretty and can be ceramic or made out of plastic. They can be spray painted to match your color theme, or tied with ribbon for decoration.

10. For a sentimental favor, you could write a poem expressing your feelings about your wedding day and thanking your guests for helping to make it so special. This could be made into a scroll, tied with ribbon and placed on each guest’s plate.

11. For a truly special favor, you could buy some small, antique looking silver frames. These can be used as place cards and will be a real treasure for your guests for years to come.

12. A small book of poetry would make a nice favor and your names and wedding date can be written on the inside front cover of the book by a calligrapher.

13. Personalized chocolates come in many different varieties and are always well received. They can be ordered from professional confectionery companies.

14. Another new trend is to have a “photo tree” which doubles as an ornament for your reception, as well as your favors. Appoint someone to take an instant photo of each guest, or couple, as they arrive at your reception. Then, when everyone has arrived, tie each photo to a tree placed in the corner of the room. At the end of the reception, have your host announce that each guest can find their photo on the “photo tree” and take it home to remember the day by.

15. Brainstorm, and try to think of some unusual favors that tie in with you and your fiancé’s interests and hobbies. If you both like to cook, your favor could be small jars of preserves. If you like to write, or are great readers, you could give pretty notebooks or small books. Your thoughts are sure to end in a favor that gives an extra personal touch that your guests will appreciate.

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12 Great Honeymoon Tips

Set a budget for your honeymoon just like you would for your wedding. Determine how much you want to spend on hotel, transportation (airfare, car, or taxi), meals, entertainment and shopping! When you set a budget and put it in writing, the chances that you will stay within your budget and not over spend are much better!

Your honeymoon is an important event, so talk to your travel agent and ask away! Be specific. Ask questions about the hotel or resort, the room, your flight. Don’t leave anything to chance.

If you can avoid it, don’t book your flight for early the next morning after the wedding, particularly if you’re planning an evening reception. Once you finally get to sleep, it may be hard to wake up at 5:00am for that early morning flight or worse you may not even hear the alarm!

Splurge a little, it’s your honeymoon! Do something special that you wouldn’t normally do on a regular vacation. Spend a little extra for a room upgrade, or the honeymoon suite! Plan a romantic dinner at a gourmet restaurant or go on a sunset cruise. Go on a few excursions or tours.

When packing for your honeymoon, think about packing some romantic items like candles, massage oil and some new lingerie.

Give yourself plenty of time to pack. Make a list of all the items that you’ll need. Anything that you forget, such as suntan lotion, aspirin, toothpaste will always cost more to purchase at your destination.

The new security procedures at airports require you to show a current picture identification. It is important to purchase your airline tickets with your maiden name in order to match your photo ID, license or passport.

If you are using disposable cameras at your wedding, buy a few extra and take them on your honeymoon! Disposable cameras are great for when you don’t want to risk losing or damaging your expensive 35mm camera.

When making reservations for your honeymoon, let your hotel, resort or cruise line know that you are “newlyweds”. You’ll likely receive lots of special treatment like free champagne, breakfast in bed, a “goodie basket” or even the honeymoon suite!

Travel insurance can be a good idea to cover in the case of a sickness or death in the family. Be sure that your contract also covers failure or a default by the tour operator.

If you are looking to save money on a vacation, in most cases an all-inclusive package will be the best value. It is one price that usually includes your airfare, hotel accommodations, food, drink (including alcoholic beverages) and some water sports (i.e. snorkeling, sailing).

How much should I tip?

Here are some guidelines for tipping on your honeymoon:

Doormen: $1 to call or hail a cab

Bellhops: $1 per bag

Valet parking: $1 to park car or retrieve your car

Taxi: 15% of the fare

Tour guides/bus driver: $1 – 2 per day

Powder room attendants: $0.25 – $0.50 cents

Coatroom attendant: $0.50 – $1.00 per coat

Waiter/bartender: 15% – 20% of the bill. Be aware that many countries will automatically add the 15% gratuity to your bill.

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10 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

1. Experience Level – Has this person photographed other weddings? Does he/she do this for a living or for fun? In this industry, photographers come and go daily. A brand new one may be pretty good, and everyone has to start somewhere, but do you want to trust your once in a lifetime event to a newcomer?
2. Photographic Style – Are the images that you are shown, what you would like to see? Can you picture yourself photographed the same way?
Is there a satisfactory mix in different styles? There are “buzz” words flying about everywhere about photojournalism, formal, classic contemporary, and so on. All colorful adjectives aside; do YOU like it?
3. Truth in Advertising – Is this the photographer that will be photographing your wedding or will they send in whom ever is available. Don’t be shocked, this happens more often than you can imagine. Be certain that you know which photographer is going to be there and see HIS/HER work and meet them.
4. Personality – Is the photographer that you meet someone that you can get along with? Is the “chemistry” there? People have walked away from hairstylists and tailors for less. This is a person that you are going to spend most of the day with; the most important day. Could you handle it? Does he or she seem service oriented?
5. Appearance – Ask the photographer how he/she intends to dress. The last thing that you want is a conflict at the wedding about the photographer wearing a sweatshirt and jeans with sneakers at your favorite country club. Is this person well groomed?
6. Price Range – Although, the last thing you want to do is shop by price, is this person within your budget? If not, is he or she worth the difference? A lot of times we tend to surpass our budget constraints to get what we really want. If you see and like it, you’ll find a way. In any case, make sure you understand what everything costs, including reorders.
7. Delivery – How long does it take to get your proofs back, your finished album, your bridal portrait, etc.? Go ahead and ask. Some photographers take months to deliver your proofs. Be sure of how long things take to turn around.
8. Offering – Whether it’s a la Carte or packages, do you understand what you get? Is there any room for changes and will it cost to do so? Sometimes the packages are fixed, sometimes they can be customized, in any case, ask. How much time will he spend? What if you need more time? Make sure that you know what’s coming.
9. Contract – Do you understand the contract. Is it fair? Is everything spelled out? When it comes down going to court, only what is WRITTEN really counts, not what was promised. Make sure that you have no doubts before signing. Read it ALL.
What about deposits and payments? What does it say about cancellations and the photographer not being there? If you are not sure, ask legal counsel to look it over. If the photographer protests, ask him why? This is one area NOT to take lightly. You could be disappointed for a long time.
10. References – A personal reference is always the best and people love to talk. Get a list of references from the photographer and check them out personally. A photographer who doesn’t have references or is afraid to give them to you may not be the person that you need to hire.

Check with the BBB and The Chamber of Commerce. Try the reception facilities and churches. They will be more than glad to tell you all about the people that have worked there. Find out if he or she is a member of any photographic organizations and what is required to join. The Professional Photographers of America is a well known, ethically bound organization, with chapters all over the country. Don’t be afraid to ask. Objection to questions of this kind is an indication of trouble ahead.

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20 Wedding Trends

1. Consider having a theme wedding! Theme weddings are rising in popularity and offer a great, inexpensive way to personalize your wedding. By starting with a theme, you will be surprised at how easy it is to personalize your wedding with your own special touches.

2. You don’t necessarily need to have a period theme, such as a Victorian or Renaissance wedding. Instead, you could make your wedding memorable by personalizing it with your own special theme. There are many themes to choose from, including: “cupids”, “Paris in springtime”, “romantic candlelight” etc.

3. Some brides are starting to use wedding newsletters to keep their family and friends up to date with their wedding plans and schedules. Newsletters can save you from making endless phone calls, and can be revised three or four times leading up to your wedding date. The newsletter can include such information as: when people are needed for fittings, profiles on yourself and the groom (for guests you may not have met) and other personal information.

4. The new trend in bridal gowns leans toward a more elegant and stylish approach. Many brides are now choosing gowns with simple, but stunning, lines.It seems the trend in bridesmaids dresses and accent colors is moving away from pastel colors. Deep shades, such as burgundy, forest green and navy blue are becoming more popular choices, with cummerbunds and bow ties being made to match.

5 Brides are buying more thoughtful gifts for their attendants. It is being recognized that the best gifts are not the most expensive ones, but the ones that are chosen with your sincere thanks. Some popular ideas include: antique looking, silver frames with a picture of both you and your bridesmaid/attendant, or gift baskets filled with beauty products. The gift needs to say “Thank you for being here and helping to make my day so special”.

6 Because wedding costs can be quite expensive, there is a rising trend in the sharing of the total expense, not only by both sets of parents, but by the couple themselves. This is especially the case with professional couples who have been living on their own for a number of years, who may even want to pay for the entire wedding.

7. Some couples are choosing to be married at their honeymoon destination, and are inviting only close family and friends. There are many destination wedding packages available, so ask your travel agent for details.

8. Many couples are personalizing their wedding ceremony by writing their own vows.

9. A wonderful, moving new trend is to face the congregation during the ceremony (as opposed to the traditional stance of having your back to them).

10. More couples are choosing to incorporate their ethnic background into their wedding ceremony and theme, as well as their reception.

11. Many brides are now moving away from formal, posed shots for their wedding photography. Instead, candid photography and a photojournalistic approach to the day are rising in popularity.

12. For the reception, buffets are becoming the most popular menu choice as they accommodate every guest’s taste.

13. Multi-flavored and layered wedding cakes are becoming firm favorites. Some brides like to choose a different flavor for each layer of their cake. For example, a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of marble cake and a layer of vanilla cake. Also, more creative decorative ideas are being used, especially fresh flowers.

14. Cake tops are being ordered to match specific wedding themes and color schemes. Brides are also copying the cake tops used by their parents and grandparents at their weddings. If you like, you could follow the trend of placing wedding photos of your parents and grandparents on your cake table, which gives a sentimental and romantic touch.

15. Less traditional gifts for the guests are being given. New ideas include: personalized chocolates, seedlings, monogrammed wine glasses and small perfume bottles tied with ribbon.

16. Another new reception trend is the replacement of the receiving line. A new, more relaxed way to perform this duty is for the bride, groom and the wedding party to make their way around the room, speaking to guests who are seated at their tables.

17. If you have decided to invite children to your reception, this new trend is for you! By providing a designated play room and a babysitter for children, you will get the best of both worlds. By providing this service, the children are still present, but can be kept entertained and cared for by the babysitter in the play room, leaving their parents to relax and enjoy the festivities.

18. With the wide variety of materials now available, many brides are finding it hard to match their reception decorations, flowers and napkins to the exact shade of their bridesmaid’s dresses. Because of this, a new trend in shading has arisen. By using varying shades of the color you have chosen, you will be able to add depth and interest to your color scheme. For example, if your bridesmaid’s dresses are burgundy in color, you could use a deep red and a light red to achieve a contrasting look.

19. One thoughtful new trend is to donate leftover reception food to charities who provide food kitchens for the needy.

20. More couples are choosing to hyphenate their surnames and some brides are choosing to keep their maiden names, for business or personal reasons. However, it’s not only career women who are deciding to keep their maiden name. If you come from a well-known family, or are an only child, you may feel strongly about keeping your maiden name also.

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