Today We’re Loving Truvelle

rose wedding dress - canadian wedding designers

Love this wedding dress? Us too! Vancouver-based designer Gabrielle Bayona was relatively new to the bridal scene when she created Truvelle in 2013, but her style is certainly established. Her gowns are just perfect for sophisticated yet non-traditional brides who want to feel every bit the princess without looking like one. This particular gown, which goes by the defiantly understated name Julia, is a stunning rose gold sequined number for the bride who will “dance like nobody’s watching, dye her hair a new colour just because she can, and create something out of nothing.” Dazzling? Absolutely. Dazzlingly simple, too!


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Pro Tips: Setting & Managing Your Wedding Budget

Girls, it’s time to set aside the romance for a moment and talk dollars and cents. Unless you’re one of a chosen few for whom the sky is the limit, you are going to need to set a budget for your wedding. I know, I know. Who wants to talk about money when you can be thinking about matrimony? But I speak from experience when I say you’re going to enjoy your wedding (and the subsequent years as someone’s wife) so much more if you aren’t feeling weighed down by debt. A budget wedding can still be a beautiful wedding, and you’re still just as married even if you only spend a hundred bucks.

wedding budget ideas tips DIY planning

So let’s get started. First, you’ve got to determine two very important things:

1. How much money you want to spend on your wedding?
2. Who will be contributing to the wedding and how much?

The traditional rule that said the bride’s family would naturally be paying for the entire wedding is fast becoming history. Today, there is much more sharing of expenses between the bride’s family, the groom’s family and the bride and groom. You may even be paying for your ceremony and reception without any help at all, and more power to you! Many couples are getting married later in life and are well established with their own careers. Sound like you? These brides and grooms are able to pay for more of the expenses. Sometimes they want to pay for the entire wedding from the open bar to the wedding jewelry themselves, just because they can.

And now on to the nitty gritty. A good way to define your budget is to set priorities. What matters to you isn’t necessarily what matters to me or to You need to sit down with your intended to discuss which elements of the wedding are most important to you personally. For instance, is it the reception location, the bridal gown, or the entertainment that is most important to you? How about your spouse-to-be? You should choose 3-4 items that are your top priorities and set the rest of your budget from there. That way you can spend on the things that really matter to you and cut corners on the stuff you don’t care about. Remember, there are literally no wedding must-haves other than the couple, the license, the officiant, and the witnesses. Everything else is negotiable.

Now let’s look at some of the actual costs. Your reception, including the food and beverages, can average 50% – 65% of your total wedding budget. That means the reception location you select and how many guests you invite will have the most impact on your budget. Tread carefully!

Today, the average wedding costs between $12,000 & $25,000. With that in mind here’s a spending guideline based on a $15,000 wedding budget for about 100 – 125 guests:

Category % of Total Avg. Cost
Reception Site, Food & Beverages 50% $7,450
Photography & Videography 13% $2,000
Music 11% $1,600
Apparel 10% $1,500
Flowers 7% $1,000
Invitations 2% $350
Wedding Cake 2% $300
Transportation 2% $300
Miscellaneous 3% $500
Total 100% $15,000

Don’t forget, that’s simply a guideline to help you get started. You can spend your wedding dollars however you like – and you can spend as much or as little as you want. But keep what I said at the beginning in mind. Debt is not a great way to start a life as husband and wife! Good luck!

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christa terry author of iDo

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5 Great Organization Tips for Bumble-Headed Brides

That’s not a burn! Believe me – I was as bumble-headed as they come. Gone are the days when most of the wedding planning was done by a mother-of-the-bride who was herself a housewife or a student bride-to-be who could do it all between classes. In the US, the average bride is 27 years old so chances are she has a full-time job and a rich life. Wedding planning is hard to do during your lunch hour unless you’re doing all your planning online or locally. Today, wedding planning requires organization and lots of it. So here are my best organization tips to help you stay on top of all your wedding planning to-dos.

1. Get a notebook and write everything down that has to do with your wedding plans. Phone numbers, decorating tips you’ve heard, wedding vendor information. The bridesmaid jewelry you have your eye on. Your Instagram password. Keep this notebook with you always! Whenever you get a brainstorm or you havea  question to ask a vendor or someone to add to the guest list, write it down immediately. Don’t wait. You will forget.

2. Buy yourself an accordion folder with sections or pick a notebook with file pockets. Label the sections (flowers, church, good wedding planning ideas, bridesmaids dresses, etc.). Then whenever you see a print article about or a picture of something that you love (like a bridal bouquet with evergreens or a bridal veil), tear it out and stuff it into whichever section it belongs.

wedding planning tips organization

3. Buy a wedding planning software program. It can seem like overkill but I swear they are a useful way to track guests and RSVPs, what gifts people have given you, menu selections, table assignments, and more. It also allows you to create a wedding budget and to keep on top of payment schedules. As expenses go, these are cheap. Most range from $35 – $60. Alternately, use a spreadsheet program to do the same thing yourself.

4. Use index cards and a recipe box to file them. This is very simple and a very effective organization technique. Simply write one index card per couple/family or single guest. Include their name, address, and phone number, then include space to mark off if they have RSVP’d for the wedding and/or shower. Write down what gift they gave you for both the shower and wedding and whether or not a thank you note has been sent. You can also include their table assignment for the reception.

5. Keep a Master Wedding To-Do List with all the tasks needed to be completed. Then from your Master List, break down the tasks into weekly or daily wedding planning to-do lists. This will make you more productive by focusing on a few tasks and at the same time reduce some overwhelming feelings by breaking down the larger tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks.

6. Keep a wedding calendar. Like, a paper calendar that you can hang somewhere you will see it every day. Include all of your appointments with vendors and deadlines required by your vendors (i.e., payments due, menu selections, ordering deadlines, etc.). Be sure to include your self-imposed deadlines as well, such as when to have the photographer chosen and when to have invitations ready to mail.

How are you staying organized while you plan your wedding?

christa terry author of iDo

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Ideas You’re Not Going to See at Every Other 2015 Wedding

Looking for wedding planning ideas and bridal accessories that aren’t going to make the trend lists? I feel you! Once a wedding planning idea hits the trend lists chances are everyone and their sister will be using it in their ceremonies and receptions. So here’s what you do – you stay away from the wedding trends lists that are practically ubiquitous. You look at inspiration without an agenda. No theme. No must-haves. You do what you love. And you mix it up with ideas like these:


Botanicals (omg ferns) are going to be a big deal in 2015 but simple tables? When are simple wedding tables ever really trendy? Pillar candles and not much else can make a wedding reception table feel complete.

glitter wedding inspriation

Glitter, glitter, glitter! If you love sparkle, unleash a glitter bomb on your DIY wedding decor and put it on everything. It’s okay – sometimes too much is just enough!


Industrial weddings may be a 2015 trend or not. I have my doubts it’s going to make it much past the pages of the bridal mags so if you love this look you’re probably going to be in the minority.

outdoor wedding blankets

Boring white folding chairs? AS IF. Take your outdoor wedding to the floor with picnic blankets, baskets, and bottles of wine. (Though be kind and put out a few chairs for older guests who might have trouble getting back up once they’re down.) via

photo table runner wedding

How cute is this pictorial table runner I found on Yes, it’s great for an engagement party but why not use it as sweetheart table decor or a way to gussy up your cake table?

smores wedding favors DIY easy

Who loves s’mores? Everyone loves s’mores. For fall and winter weddings, s’mores favors are not to be missed! via

wedding ceremony arrow decor DIY

This glitter – yes, glitter – arrow I found on guides wedding guests to the ceremony spot in the most fabulous way. That’s one way to wow your guests before they even see your gown.

wedding coloring book DIY

If you love this coloring book for the kids at your wedding, just think about how much your littlest guests will adore you for having it ready and waiting on reception tables! Or skip the DIY and just print the ready made coloring book here.

wedding dress pin DIY

Embroidered initials on the lining of your gown is okay – if you plan to keep your dress. If not, DIY a dress charm with symbols that are special to you and your spouse-to-be. After the big day, it’s a keepsake you can actually keep with you.

wedding matches DIY old fashioned

Super traditional and not at all trendy, wedding matches are making a modest comeback as favors your guests will actually use.

wedding video booth guestbook

And finally, the wedding photobooth is super played out but still a big hit because, well, it’s fun! You can take the idea to the next level with a video wedding guestbook that will be fun to watch for years to come.

What are you doing at your wedding that WE won’t be seeing at any of the weddings we attend next year?

christa terry author of iDo

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Stunning Flower Girl Dresses You Just HAVE to See!

Finally, a roundup of pretty things for flower girls! It’s not a topic we hit very often. Flower girl jewelry and accessories tend to be small – dainty, you might say – and understated. And the dresses? Can be super, well, last-minute. An afterthought mirroring the bride’s gown or something chosen simply because it matches the bridesmaids’ dresses. We say nuts to that! Flower girls deserve their moment in the spotlight, too. If you’re shopping for a tiny attendant, whether she’s your little girl or a loved one’s, try one of these gorgeous flower girl dresses on for size:

maliposha clothes flower girl dresses

From Maliposha Clothes

Weddington Way flower girl dresses accessories

From Weddington Way

Olivia Kate Couture flower girl dresses jewelry

From Olivia Kate Couture

usabride flower girl accessoriesFrom USABride

tutu du monde flower girl dress

From Tutu Du Monde

Kirstie Kelly Design flower girls accessories

From Kirstie Kelly Design

GillyGray flower girl jewelry

From GillyGray

usabride flower girl accessories dressesFrom USABride

GillyGray flower girl dresses accessories

From GillyGray

Cassies Closet flower girl accessories

From Cassie’s Closet

How are you going to dress your flower girl?

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DIY Friendly Favors: Wedding Terrariums

Are wedding terrariums trendy? You bet. But even as this hipster bride must-have becomes ubiquitous, I still think it’s a wonderful idea. I mean, a wedding reception centerpiece your guests can take home? What is not to love? They can get a little expensive – even if you’re buying the tiniest ones – for a wedding with 100+ guests but there are ways to cut costs.

wedding terrariums 1

wedding terrariums 2

wedding terrariums 3

It’s not the most difficult DIY in the world once you get the knack for arranging terrariums at speed. There are even kits. And my guess is that even if you’re not the fastest terrarium arranger, there are much more stressful to-dos to check off of your wedding checklist. Arranging plants and flowers – some people do that to relax. Maybe this is one DIY that will actually lighten your load.

wedding terrariums 4

wedding terrariums 5

wedding terrariums 6

But wait, what is a wedding terrarium, anyway? Wikipedia says: A terrarium is a type of miniature ecosystem of plants. Not all plants require or are suited to the moist environment of closed terrariums. Tropical plant varieties, such as mosses, orchids, ferns and air plants, are generally kept within closed terrariums due to the conditions being similar to the humid and sheltered environment of the tropics. Open terrariums are better suited to dry plants such as succulents.

I say opt for succulents. They’re totes in and they’re just about the easiest plant to care for so you’re not saddling wedding guests with a new plant that requires an extra green thumb.

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Fresh Botanical Wedding Inspiration

The leaves are finally falling off the trees around our studio but since the brides planning autumn weddings are hopefully done by now or have a year – or more – yet to go, we’re feeling springy! Maybe you’re a bride-to-be who still has long months and months to wait before you say “I do,” in which case you’re probably pouring over Pinterest every chance you get to find something gorgeous, whether it’s bridal jewelry or ceremony decor or wedding dresses or whatever.

We love Pinterest, of course – omg follow us – but we wanted to give you something gorgeous right this second! And here it is, botanical wedding inspiration that’ll knock your socks off. You’ll swear it was springtime!

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding bridal bouquet

I love everything about this bridal bouquet from the HUGE pink blossoms to the surprising amount of greenery – the greens to blooms ratio, you might say.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding bridal headpiece

Bridal headpiece au naturel? More blooms than you might find in most bouquets make a pretty radical statement.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding cake

Wedding cake alternative plus big, bold, and beautiful blossoms? YES.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding ceremony backdrop

This wedding ceremony backdrop is definitely different. Don’t expect to see one at the next wedding you’re at unless that wedding is your own.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding ceremony decor

Ditto for this UHMAZING outdoor wedding ceremony decor.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding escort cards

No blooms to be found here, but plenty of botanicals! These reception escort cards come complete with a tiny touch of Mother Nature’s best.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding invitations

Love the font. Adore the styling for the photoshoot. Who needs vases?

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding reception decor

When it comes to wedding DIY, it doesn’t get much easier than this dramatic arrangement of greenery above and plain white pillar candles below. Adore it.

Just remember, if you’re using natural greens in your wedding you want to treat them as carefully as your flowers so they look fresh all day long!

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Featured Piece: The Nadine Tulle Headband

bridal headband ribbon headband

There’s so much to love about this dramatic and feminine bridal headband! There’s the beautiful pattern of crystal beadwork with pearls and sparkling rhinestones and the wide band of soft tulle – perfect for vintage-look wedding day ensembles and more modern looks.

And the best part? Right now you can snap it up for 15% – all month long! Just use the coupon code TIARA15 at checkout!

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