Stunning Flower Girl Dresses You Just HAVE to See!

Finally, a roundup of pretty things for flower girls! It’s not a topic we hit very often. Flower girl jewelry and accessories tend to be small – dainty, you might say – and understated. And the dresses? Can be super, well, last-minute. An afterthought mirroring the bride’s gown or something chosen simply because it matches the bridesmaids’ dresses. We say nuts to that! Flower girls deserve their moment in the spotlight, too. If you’re shopping for a tiny attendant, whether she’s your little girl or a loved one’s, try one of these gorgeous flower girl dresses on for size:

maliposha clothes flower girl dresses

From Maliposha Clothes

Weddington Way flower girl dresses accessories

From Weddington Way

Olivia Kate Couture flower girl dresses jewelry

From Olivia Kate Couture

usabride flower girl accessoriesFrom USABride

tutu du monde flower girl dress

From Tutu Du Monde

Kirstie Kelly Design flower girls accessories

From Kirstie Kelly Design

GillyGray flower girl jewelry

From GillyGray

usabride flower girl accessories dressesFrom USABride

GillyGray flower girl dresses accessories

From GillyGray

Cassies Closet flower girl accessories

From Cassie’s Closet

How are you going to dress your flower girl?

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DIY Friendly Favors: Wedding Terrariums

Are wedding terrariums trendy? You bet. But even as this hipster bride must-have becomes ubiquitous, I still think it’s a wonderful idea. I mean, a wedding reception centerpiece your guests can take home? What is not to love? They can get a little expensive – even if you’re buying the tiniest ones – for a wedding with 100+ guests but there are ways to cut costs.

wedding terrariums 1

wedding terrariums 2

wedding terrariums 3

It’s not the most difficult DIY in the world once you get the knack for arranging terrariums at speed. There are even kits. And my guess is that even if you’re not the fastest terrarium arranger, there are much more stressful to-dos to check off of your wedding checklist. Arranging plants and flowers – some people do that to relax. Maybe this is one DIY that will actually lighten your load.

wedding terrariums 4

wedding terrariums 5

wedding terrariums 6

But wait, what is a wedding terrarium, anyway? Wikipedia says: A terrarium is a type of miniature ecosystem of plants. Not all plants require or are suited to the moist environment of closed terrariums. Tropical plant varieties, such as mosses, orchids, ferns and air plants, are generally kept within closed terrariums due to the conditions being similar to the humid and sheltered environment of the tropics. Open terrariums are better suited to dry plants such as succulents.

I say opt for succulents. They’re totes in and they’re just about the easiest plant to care for so you’re not saddling wedding guests with a new plant that requires an extra green thumb.

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Fresh Botanical Wedding Inspiration

The leaves are finally falling off the trees around our studio but since the brides planning autumn weddings are hopefully done by now or have a year – or more – yet to go, we’re feeling springy! Maybe you’re a bride-to-be who still has long months and months to wait before you say “I do,” in which case you’re probably pouring over Pinterest every chance you get to find something gorgeous, whether it’s bridal jewelry or ceremony decor or wedding dresses or whatever.

We love Pinterest, of course – omg follow us – but we wanted to give you something gorgeous right this second! And here it is, botanical wedding inspiration that’ll knock your socks off. You’ll swear it was springtime!

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding bridal bouquet

I love everything about this bridal bouquet from the HUGE pink blossoms to the surprising amount of greenery – the greens to blooms ratio, you might say.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding bridal headpiece

Bridal headpiece au naturel? More blooms than you might find in most bouquets make a pretty radical statement.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding cake

Wedding cake alternative plus big, bold, and beautiful blossoms? YES.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding ceremony backdrop

This wedding ceremony backdrop is definitely different. Don’t expect to see one at the next wedding you’re at unless that wedding is your own.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding ceremony decor

Ditto for this UHMAZING outdoor wedding ceremony decor.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding escort cards

No blooms to be found here, but plenty of botanicals! These reception escort cards come complete with a tiny touch of Mother Nature’s best.

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding invitations

Love the font. Adore the styling for the photoshoot. Who needs vases?

botanical wedding inspiration - wedding reception decor

When it comes to wedding DIY, it doesn’t get much easier than this dramatic arrangement of greenery above and plain white pillar candles below. Adore it.

Just remember, if you’re using natural greens in your wedding you want to treat them as carefully as your flowers so they look fresh all day long!

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Featured Piece: The Nadine Tulle Headband

bridal headband ribbon headband

There’s so much to love about this dramatic and feminine bridal headband! There’s the beautiful pattern of crystal beadwork with pearls and sparkling rhinestones and the wide band of soft tulle – perfect for vintage-look wedding day ensembles and more modern looks.

And the best part? Right now you can snap it up for 15% – all month long! Just use the coupon code TIARA15 at checkout!

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The Style and Art of Bridal Hair

A bad hair day is cause enough for us to shutter, stutter and utter “What will I do with my hair?!” And that’s just any old bad hair day. Now think about your wedding. That’s the day a bad hair day turns into an epically bad hair day. But wait! No panicking, ladies. Bridal hair is definitely more complicated than your everyday ‘do but you’ve got this. I swear.

pearl bridal earrings

Coiffeur confusion? Doesn’t have to be your bridal reality. Here are some expert wedding hair tips from Gretchen Maurer, creator of

1. Say yes to the dress! Maurer says to start with the dress because, “the bride’s total bridal look has to be taken into consideration – every thing must balance. The bride’s dress choice sets the tone for the entire ceremony and the hair design (and her bridal headpiece) has to be a part of that.”

babys breath bridal bouquet 42. Think in terms of texture. “Believe it or not the wedding gown can also dictate the texture of the finished hair design. A smooth, shiny bridal updo of curls or glossy stick straight hair complements a smooth satin gown. Where a gown of sweeping tulle is beautifully accented by soft flowing curls.”

3. See the final silhouette. “Your look from head to toe has a silhouette, either horizontal or vertical. A full skirt is horizontal and best balanced by a wider hair design and or full veiling. A vertical look being narrow and slim is complemented by a hair design of the same lines; it could be a bob tucked behind the ears or a narrow pile of curls on top of the head.”

lace wedding dresses4. Your look might have a history. “No, we are not back in school. But is there a period of history your gown reflects? Theme weddings such as renaissance or swing make a great excuse to have some creative fun with your hair.”

5. Practice proper proportions. “Again the full effect needs to balance. The bride with short hair who is wearing an ornate full traditional dress needs to remember to balance her look with the appropriate headpiece. Like wise the petite bride with too much hair might think about wearing it up to draw the eye vertically.”

bridal headpieces - wedding headbands6. And don’t forget the time of day. “Next to the dress, the time of day should have some bearing on the hairstyle and headpiece you choose.” Maurer suggests for a day or morning wedding less glitz and sparkle. “Save the crystals, sparkle and tiaras for more formal evening weddings. Bridal headbands, flowers, wreaths, and hats are perfect for day or morning ceremonies.”

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Putting Your Best Face Forward: Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Countdown

Brides, this is your guide to looking beautiful on your wedding day. It’s a timeline because, as we all know, beauty is a process. I mean just consider that if you’re waxing, you need to grow your hair out first. If that’s not work I don’t know what is. The good news is most of the items on this wedding beauty timeline are simple – and sometimes even fun when you do them with your besties. Facials, anyone?

With that in mind, here’s your long-term guide to looking great on your wedding day:

bridal facial - bridal skincare3 Months Before: The Skincare Stage

  • Schedule facial treatments every 4 to 6 weeks starting now
  • Drink A LOT of water
  • And start “eating clean”

bridal nails - wedding beauty countdown

2 Months Before: Let’s Talk Nails

  • Enhance and strengthen your nails with a manicure every other week
  • Pedicures don’t hurt, either

1 Month Before: Hair, Hair, Everywhere

  • Color or do any other hair processes involving chemicals
    Grab a professional deep conditioning treatment

3 – 4 Weeks Before: It’s Game Time

  • Get a final haircut
  • Practice and experiment with different hair styles
  • Decide on a hairstyle and do a “trial run” with your bridal tiara and veil
  • Practice make-up with make-up artist (or)
  • Have a make-up lesson or practice on your own
  • Purchase all make-up you will need

bridal beauty practice run

2 Weeks Before: Home Stretch T0-Dos

  • Get a full set if choosing acrylic nails
  • Schedule facials for you and your bridesmaids
  • Mention haircuts for the groom and the men in the wedding party

1 Week Before: Are You Excited Yet

  • Yet another pedicure
  • And waxing (lip, eye brows, underarm, leg, or bikini, eek)

1 – 2 Days Before Wedding: This Is Really Happening

  • Another manicure for you
  • A manicure for groom if he’d like
  • And a celebratory massage for the you

And then It’s Finally Your Wedding Day!

bridal beauty

Today it’s all about the makeup and the bridal hairstyle. All that drinking water, strengthening your nails, and eating clean has paid off. Your skin? Is glowing. Your nails? Are amazing. And you look beautiful even before your stylist gets started.


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Off-the-Shoulder Gowns Dominate the 2015 Wedding Runways

Marchesa Spring 2015 Bridal Collection - wedding dresses

Classic, ultra-femme and almost universally flattering, off-the-shoulder necklines are making a comeback on the Spring 2015 bridal runways pushing out strapless wedding dresses, cap sleeves, and asymmetrical styles in almost every collection. But lest you worry about emerging dowdiness in the bridal market, these necklines are being paired with modern silhouettes that make this look feel timeless. If you want to feel like a princess, you can do that. If you want to look fierce, you can do that, too. Romantic softness can be found and more surprisingly, super mod minimalist styles are also walking the runways. Have a look at just a handful of the off-the-shoulder styles brides will be wearing (or mimicking) next year:

Anne Barge Spring 2015

Anne Barge Spring 2015

Carolina Herrera 2015

Carolina Herrera 2015

House of Mooshki 2015 Wedding Dress Collection

House of Mooshki 2015 Wedding Dress Collection

Jenny Packham Spring 2015 Bridal Collection - wedding dresses

Jenny Packham Spring 2015 Bridal Collection

Marchesa Spring 2015 Bridal Collection - wedding dresses

Marchesa Spring 2015 Bridal Collection

Oscar de la Renta 2015 wedding dresses

Oscar de la Renta 2015

Pronovias 2015 pre-collection wedding dresses

Pronovias 2015 pre-collection

Romona Keveza Collection Spring 2015 wedding dresses

Romona Keveza Collection Spring 2015

Rosa Clara 2015 Bridal Collection - wedding dresses

Rosa Clara 2015 Bridal Collection

So how to you accessorize an off-the-shoulder wedding dress? Ready to get excited? Okay, then here’s the best news: massive amounts of visible decolletage means nothing for your bridal jewelry set to compete with. Anything goes – or just about anyway. With that much empty real estate your necklace and earrings can play center stage up top while your gown is the star of the show below!

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Must Have Wedding Photos: The Enveloping Bridal Veil

Brides wearing wedding veils take note! This is one of my favorite romantic wedding photo ideas. All you need is you, your veil, and the love of your life. A little wind can turn a veil into something more like a personal shroud for two in two seconds flat, but before you extricate yourselves have your photog snap a few pics. The results? Gorgeous. See for yourself:

bridal veil discount

bridal veil photographer

veil pics bridal veil wedding

veil pictures wedding

bridal veils photos

bridal veils pictures

bridal veils - wedding accesories

bridal veils

Still shopping for the perfect bridal veil? Try one of ours – use the code veil15 at checkout until the end of the month for an unbelievable discount on an unbelievable veil:

cheap bridal veils - discount bridal veils - bridal accessories

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Ten 2015 Wedding Trends That You Need to Know About

1. Back to basics! Not every wedding has to be a production fit for the pages of the Rue Magazine wedding issue but you wouldn’t know that because Pinterest lies. And when I say consider having a simple wedding I don’t mean a wedding fit for the pages of Real Simple, either.

pearl bridal earrings

2. Pearls! This mainstay of bridal fashion is back in a big way – possibly because brides-to-be really are going back to basics. Are pearls and pearl wedding accessories a wedding trend? I say they’re timeless.


3. Simple ceremonies! Do we really all need the same rituals to feel wed? I do, you do, we do and we’re done – whether that includes your own vows or the standard vows of your people (whoever they may be) your guests will thank you for jumping on this wedding ceremony trend.

4. And simple wedding photos! The days of the overly processed wedding pics are numbered. Seriously, trends come and go but your wedding photos are forever. Trust me when I say it’s nice to look back at wedding photos in which you will look like you and not some filtered version of you.

5. Wedding cake! Like, just wedding cake. While it’s nice to offer guests options when it comes to edibles the idea that couples need to provide full-on buffets is pretty ludicrous. Have wedding cake alternatives or a full spread of sweets if you want, but don’t feel obligated. And candy bars? They’re a great way to end up with lots of leftover candy.

6. Personal hashtags! Wedding photo booths were definitely cute but all the pics of guests with faux mustaches are starting to look a little derivative. You’ll get more personal, more meaningful shots by snagging your loved ones’ IG pics thanks to your hashtag. Share it on your wedding invite and wedding website so guests know to tag pics from the ceremony and reception.

cinder block wedding centerpieces DIY

7. Cinder blocks! DIYing your reception with pallets and rusty old bathtubs is way five minutes ago. The cool new DIY material can be found in the contractor aisle at Home Depot. Or check Craigslist for freebies.

8. Industrial weddings! Barns are out, factories are in. I’m so done with burlap and lace and mason jars – if that’s your absolutely favorite look great but if your goal is to be on trend then leave the farm to the chickens.

After Six Bridesmaid Dress 6667

9. Vibrant colors! Muted palettes were all the rage a while back and were nice but when I got to a wedding I want to be wowed. We’re loving bright yellows, raspberry, navy, rose gold, and tangerine on bridesmaids, on tables, in bouquets, and even on brides.

10. Bubbles! Wedding sparklers for reception send-offs were big but frankly always made me nervous. That many people with sparks around a wedding gown? Yikes, right? Meanwhile bubbles are fun for all ages (making them great for weddings that include kids), won’t hurt anything or anyone, and maybe most importantly ARE NOT ON FIRE.

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