Outdoor Wedding Tips for the Fabulous Bride

Outdoor weddings are a recipe for chaos, right? Not necessarily! All it takes is a little wedding pre-planning on your part to make an outdoor wedding run every bit as smoothly as an indoor wedding. Here are a few tips that have helped those of us who decided to say “I do” and party down under the sky keep it together on the big day.

  • Think comfort, whether you’re choosing bridal shoes or guest amenities. Will there be easy access to bathrooms? How about shade if the weather will be on the hot side? Portable heaters can keep guests comfy in the fall. And don’t make guests wait around outside between the ceremony and reception unless you’re planning to have a well-stocked cocktail hour.
  • Have a backup plan. Rain happens, even in areas that are usually bone dry. Make sure there will be an alternate indoor location available or a tent at the ready in case of showers – or threatening grey skies.
  • Think in terms of unfussy style when you’re choosing a wedding dress and wedding jewelry. An elaborate pearl bridal comb paired with a simple sheath dress can look every bit as elegant as a wedding day look with more embellishment, but you’ll feel more comfortable out of doors.
  • As beautiful as Mother Nature’s creation is, most outdoor wedding venues can use a little sprucing up. Check sites like Pinterest for amazing wedding decor inspiration that will help you improve on nature. We love outdoor chandeliers, arches, and bunting, but there are literally thousands of ways to decorate outside.
  • Are the right permits in place? If you’re planning to say your vows in a park or on the beach, you may need to apply for permission from your city and play a small fee. Even if you feel sure that you won’t need a permit, we suggest taking a minute to call City Hall for complete instructions on how to have a legal wedding in a public space.
  • Make a list and check it twice. While couples like to think of outdoor weddings as casual and easy, they can also mean having to coordinate more of the details yourself. Like trashcans. Tables and chairs. A dance floor rental. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before deciding to get hitched outdoors, then double check to make sure you understand exactly what you need.

Are you planning an outdoor wedding?