The USABride Guide to Honeymoon Style, Part I

Honeymoon style? How can you think about honeymoon style when you’re planning a wedding? We totally get it. You’re busy. Your bridesmaids are busy. That lace bridal veil isn’t going to choose itself. There are reservations to be made, shoes to be broken in. Being a bride-to-be is a lot of work! But hear us out… your honeymoon may be the first real vacation you ever take with your sweetie. If not, it will be the first you take as spouses! When you’re on your honeymoon, everyone around you is going to know it. (Which you want because, hello, freebies.) Don’t you want to look the part?

Consider yourself lucky that dressing for your honeymoon is largely guided by climate and not convention. Brides sometimes freeze their shoulders off. Honeymooners? Dress for the weather. Ultimately the temperature of your honeymoon destination is going to determine what you wear, clothing-wise. As for your post-bridal accessories and post-bridal jewelry? That’s all up in the air and, even better, all up to you! Casual is cool, formal can be fun – there’s nothing and no one to tell you how to dress on a honeymoon.

Which doesn’t mean we don’t want to make at least a few recommendations for your honeymoon style, especially where jewelry and accessories are concerned!

First, putting a flower in your hair like the Andalusian girls used to do is the ultimate in honeymoon style. If you’re going tropical, that is. The classic hair flower doesn’t work quite as well if you’re hitting the slopes post-wedding. In that case? Buy and wear a flowered snowboard helmet – better chic and safe than sorry.

We know that right now you’re experiencing one of the most joyful – and stressful – periods in your life. You’ll probably never plan another party on this scale again… don’t you deserve a little something pretty that’s just for you? Like maybe a gold bracelet that will go with everything in your honeymoon suitcase? We think you do, and hey, we’re experts!

Next, it’s time to think about a night on the town. It’s your honeymoon! It’s time to celebrate! Soon enough, the doldrums of real life will be knocking at your door. For just a little while at least, you should be wearing chiffon dresses and carrying a tiny red satin clutch and walking tall in rouge satin shoes (these are from Nina).

Finally, maybe you’re not going anywhere warm for your honeymoon, but we do hope you’ll be going somewhere with an indoor swimming pool at the very least. In which case, a white tankini can be accessorized like crazy. We paired it with black crystal drop earrings and an amazing statement ring that will have people staring at your hands and wondering just where you got it.

Happy honeymooning!