Vintage Wedding Accessories: A Blast from the Past

Deciding on a vintage bridal look – or a full-on vintage wedding theme – doesn’t mean you need to go digging in grandma’s jewelry box in the hopes that she saved *her* grandmother’s heirlooms. Vintage wedding accessories these days, more often than not, are reproduction vintage accessories rather than originals. In some cases, vintage jewelry and other accessories have gotten an update that makes them just a bit more fashion forward and a bit easier to pair with today’s wedding dresses.

Why is vintage back with a vengeance? Why not! The classic bridal jewelry and accessories of gram’s day had a lot to offer, from serious sparkle to elegance to the kind of charm it’s hard to find in some modern wedding accessories.

And yes, we’re bringing this up because we have some lovely vintage style wedding accessories that harmonize beautiful with retro wedding dresses or even modern gowns. Like this pearl and crystal bridal headband that wouldn’t be out of place on a bride in the 30s or the silver bridal jewelry set that looks like it could have come straight out of the 1920s. Of course, as always, our gushing recommendations come with the caveat that if you aren’t a fan of vintage style wedding jewelry, feel free to go as mod as you want to! For every retro-loving bride-to-be there are plenty who’d rather stay as far from grandma’s closet as possible.

Happy accessory shopping!