Cabana Cool: A Beach Bride Board

We don’t know where you are in the world, but around here? Winter has finally hit, and it only took until midway through February. Up until last week, most of winter has felt like an early spring. That means that while we warm our hands over our laptops, we’re just now starting to dream about summer. And that means beachy-keen summer weddings!

Now, unless you’re on an expedited wedding planning schedule, the summer wedding you’re thinking about may be taking place in the warmer months of 2013. But whether you’re on the fast track to say your warm weather vows or you have a whole lot of time left, leave it to us to offer up some beach wedding dress advice!

And this time? We’re not just talking about the accessories!

We started with an amazing pair of nearly flat Valentino sandals with a structured bow. Why sandals? Frankly, we’re amazed at how many so-called beach wedding shoes have heels. Do people not know by now that sand plus heels equals a sinking bride?! Flats have the advantage of no sinkage, plus an open sandal – okay, we’ll admit it, it’s a flip flop – means no having to stop intermittently to empty the sand out of your shoes.

Next, we did like the brilliant budget brides do and chose a white bridesmaids dress over a more traditional (and more expensive) wedding gown. This sweet belted number from Lela Rose is gauzy, flirty, and fun – and the ruffled bodice makes it just perfect for a hot beach wedding.

Then we accessorized with our Melanie Rose hair flower, which is diamond white and reminiscent of the tropics. On top of that, we added the striking Pearl Bliss gold and pearl bridal bracelet. Finally, we finished the look with the chic but simple pearl bridal jewelry set that gives just a hint of shine at the ears and neck without taking away from the drama of the bracelet and the playfulness of the hair flower.

So that’s how we’d wear it – how would you accessorize this white bridesmaids dress? Or would you go short for a sandy beach wedding, just for the fun of it?

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