We’re Fascinated by Fascinators

Last year’s couldn’t-miss-it royal wedding gave Americans a look into the big and beautiful world of British wedding accessories, and brides haven’t looked back since. It could be said that Kate Middleton introduced the rest of us plebes to the fascinator, but the fact is that feather bridal fascinators have been a mainstay of UK wedding wear forever.

We in the U.S. have just been a tad slow on adopting this versatile style.

What’s a fascinator? Just a flexible piece of millenary that can be worn in place of a veil or hat anytime one finds oneself at an occasion that calls for a veil or hat. Like, for instance, a wedding. Bridal fascinators are the go-to option for brides who aren’t enthralled with veils, but also don’t feel quite right walking down the aisle bareheaded. Is it any wonder that we here on this side of the pond have become fascinated by fascinators?

You may be asking yourself whether bridal fascinators are just part of the trend that has brides coveting all things vintage and/or royal, but we think they’re here to stay.

We’re not only seeing feather fascinators on brides… bridesmaids in fascinators have been a part of at least a quarter of the weddings we’ve attended recently. And wedding guests are getting in on the accessories action, too, with colorful fascinators that are entirely evocative of the aforementioned royal wedding. In fact, American weddings are starting to look a lot more like British weddings, and we love it because we’re fascinated, too.

-Our extravagant comb
-The demure starburst hair clip
-The Chrissy flower and feather comb
-The Sophie
-A satin flower and feather hair brooch

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