Inspired By Kim Kardashian (Who Was Herself Inspired by Armenia)

Did you drool over Kim K.’s glam fairytale wedding? Because I did. We all did here in our offices, in fact. And though we loved her stunning gown and those luxe earrings, what really wowed us was her bridal headpiece. Even if you didn’t pore over every detail of her now famous nuptials, you must have noticed it… that dripping with diamonds circlet that’s too striking to be called a wedding headband and certainly can’t be lumped in with tiaras.

Head chain? Hair chain? Crown? You’ll find variants of her look in India and other countries, but word on the street is that Kim Kardashian’s look was inspired by her Armenian heritage.

Kim Kardashian wedding

Now that she wore it best, this look is making its way down the bridal fashion food chain and we’re seeing it on brides here and there. That said, it’s still a fairly unusual choice so if you get on board now you’ll likely be considered an early adopter. We have some amazing CZ hair chains that can be worn across the forehead or in other ways – or you can improvise like Brazilian model Camila Alves McConaughey and wear a bridal bracelet the same way.

kim kardashian headpiece - crystal bridal headpiece

What’s nice for brides-to-be who love this look is that it’s compatible with nearly any wedding hairstyle since it’s drapey and not necessarily integrated into the ‘do itself. This is one wedding trend that’s definitely accessible to all.

I absolutely love these and hope I start seeing them on more brides! Do you?

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