A Quickie Wedding Jewelry FAQ

Should I choose my wedding jewelry based on my wedding gown?

Absolutely! Your necklace, earrings, and bridal accessories should complement your wedding dress in terms of not only color, but also style and any embellishments like rhinestones or pearls. An antique white gown, for example, will look good with wedding jewelry that’s quite different than what you’d choose if you were wearing stark white or cream.

What comes first, my wedding dress or my wedding jewelry?
Your wedding dress should be your first purchase unless you’ve been planning to wear certain wedding jewelry and accessories since you were a little girl. This way, you can choose jewelry that harmonizes perfectly with your gown.

Can I go overboard with my wedding jewelry?
Yes, and on the other side of the coin, you go underboard, too. Part of harmonizing your wedding dress and jewelry involves picking accessories that won’t overpower your look or be so underwhelming that they disappear when worn next to your gown or other accessories.

Can I wear jewelry at a beach wedding?
For beach weddings, we think mother of pearl jewelry and natural freshwater pearls are perfection itself. Natural pearl wedding jewelry is a great tribute to the venue but not so theme-y as to be déclassé.

Is faux wedding jewelry a super faux pas?
No way. Today’s wedding jewelry includes both the real deal and faux gems that have all the sparkle and shine of the real thing. This isn’t your grandmother’s costume jewelry! And trust us when we say that no one at your wedding is going to approach you to do an analysis of your gems.

Are there bridal earrings for those of us with unpierced ears?
You bet – there are plenty of clip-on bridal earrings options!