Bold Bridal Jewelry Sets are About Getting Comfortable with Color

Brides, are you still looking for that perfect something blue? (Or pink or red or purple…?) Then have we got news for you. Color, once the sole territory of attendants, is not just for bridesmaids anymore! As more and more brides-to-be look to make a statement with unique, playful, and funky bridal jewelry sets, color has slowly but surely crept in to the daring bride’s arsenal of accessories.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy to think in color! Over the past year, brides have come to us with a lot of questions about the new bolder bridal jewelry on the market today. A common query: How are colored bridal jewelry sets worn… and with what and by whom?

Trust us, we understand the average bride’s misgivings. She has a color scheme picked out, but when she envisions her own wedding day look, she sees the white and she sees the sparkle, but color hasn’t come into play. That doesn’t mean she’s afraid of color, however. Far from it! Her concern is not with choosing her colors – trust us, she’s got that down – but how to use them when it comes to her jewelry.

Blue bridal jewelry might seem like a no-brainer – the aforementioned something blue – but red bridal jewelry? Black bridal jewelry? Green bridal jewelry? Aren’t those just too bold for the bride on the street? We say no! Weddings in 2012, no matter what the budget, are becoming more original and more interesting than ever before. Today’s brides-to-be aren’t willing to settle for a wedding that looks like a clone of a 2011 wedding or *gasp* a 2005 wedding. They’ll settle for nothing less than a creative and innovative look that’s not going to be an echo of the weddings of yesteryear.

For those brides-to-be who are still a little in awe of colored bridal jewelry sets and what to do with them, let us offer up some advice that piggybacks on our article about 2012 wedding trends. When colored bridal jewelry feels a little too bold a statement for your ceremony, pull a switcheroo. Before you and your new spouse are introduced at the reception, that’s when you don the pink bridal jewelry or the purple bridal jewelry. That way, you not only get to make a bold statement, you also get to rock the two look 2012 wedding trend without having to buy a second dress.

Does that sound like you? Are you planning on doing a bridal jewelry quick change before your reception? Or planning to go ultra bold with colored bridal jewelry?