Bridal Glove Etiquette: Wearing Bracelets with Gloves

One of the questions our bridal stylists get a lot is “If I wear X, can I still wear Y?” where X and Y are various bridal accessories and types of wedding jewelry. As in, if I wear crystals, can I still wear pearls? If I wear a bridal tiara, can I still wear luxurious drop earrings? You get the idea. A particular question that comes up less frequently, but still comes up, is whether a bride can wear bracelets with her gloves.

The easy answer is yes – we support brides wearing whatever will make them feel beautiful – but we wanted to go deeper and find out what the etiquette rules are that deal with bracelets and bridal gloves. As it turns out, the rules for bracelets (as opposed to rings) are a lot more simple and straightforward than we imagined they’d be.

There is actually a long history of prominent women wearing bracelets over opera gloves – which is why some stylists caution brides to avoid wearing bigger bracelets over gloves lest they end up looking like the Queen Mum (or a Material Girl).

But in general, there is no reason to wait until your wedding reception to swap out your gloves for a beautiful bridal bracelet. These days, brides who wear both aren’t breaking any rules, etiquette or fashion. And in fact, a bracelet on each wrist *daring, we know* gives the bride wearing mousquetaire gloves somewhere to tuck the ends during the ring exchange part of the ceremony and while dining.

When it comes to rings over gloves, though… we think not, even if some think doing so is fashion-friendly.