Choosing Wedding Jewelry: Necklaces and Necklines

Before you get your hopes up, we need to say that there are no hard and fast rules for choosing wedding jewelry. We might say pair like with like, but there are plenty of brides who mix gems and pearls and gold and silver and still look gorgeous. We might suggest such and such a bridal earring set with this or that hairdo. We might even think that gold wedding jewelry goes better with a particular shade of white. But in the end? It’s your decision. This is our way of letting you know that our necklaces and necklines guide is just that… a guide.

Typically, a lowest part of any bridal necklace should fall halfway between the base of your neck and the neckline of your wedding dress. That said, there are necklace styles that go particularly well with certain types of necklines – this being out opinion, of course – and knowing what tends to pair well with what can help making choosing wedding jewelry that much easier. Here’s a quick look at necklaces and necklines with some examples from our collections so you can visualize.

Square neckline: This neckline presents with a strong straight line that can feel kind of, well, edgy. Take the edge off with something gently rounded like a bridal choker, princess necklace, or simple strand of crystals or pearls.

Sweetheart neckline: The curves and tiny plunge of this neckline mean you can wear almost any necklace style effortlessly. We recommend a drop pendant if you want to call attention to your neckline or a choker if you’d prefer people look at your face first.

V-neck neckline: Any kind of pendant or drop necklace will work well with this neckline because both will center this look and subtly draw onlooker’s attention upward.

Halter (or deep V-neck): If the straps of your wedding dress sit wide on your neckline, follow the guidelines for the standard v-neck. Straps that sit high and narrow – essentially coming to a point at your neckline – are usually striking enough on their own that no necklace is required.

Jewel neckline: This high, rounded neckline calls for a necklace that sits high and close on your throat. Can’t find a necklace that doesn’t overlap the neckline? Consider nixing the necklace and opting for a bridal belt instead.

Scoop neckline: This versatile neckline will take almost any type of bridal necklace, from princess necklaces to chokers to pendants.

Bateau neckline: One or two – or three – strands of pearls or a crystal bridal necklace worn close to the throat are the best pairing for this feminine, vintage look neckline.

Portrait (or off the shoulder) neckline: For this neckline, follow the initial guidelines and choose any necklace whose lowest point falls between your collarbone and the top of your wedding dress.

Asymmetrical neckline: Skip the necklace! We’re not kidding. The symmetry of a necklace can clash with this already striking neckline. Focus on earrings, your bridal headpiece, and other accessories.

We’d love to hear whether you’re following these guidelines – or making up your own!