For Bridal Jewelry, Think Tiny!

Who says your bridal jewelry has to shout? Some of this year’s wedding gowns are loud enough without adding too much noise to the mix. For Friday, we’ve chosen four delicate bridal accessories that are feminine, subtle, elegant, and sophisticated. When you look this lovely, you don’t have to shout it to the world because the world will notice you without your having to say anything at all. If you’re a bride who is worried about her wedding accessories overshadowing your gown – or playing a sad second fiddle – follow our suggestions for a balanced wedding day look that will have all of your guests singing your praises for months to come.

Our Swarovski crystal bridal bracelet and jewelry set just goes to show you that beautiful doesn’t always mean big. Our genuine Swarovski crystals are large… for Swarovski crystals, and they offer exceptional shine and movement. They’re as delicate as they are brilliant.

Pink rhinestone drop earrings are perfect for the bride who wants delicate colored bridal jewelry for her big day. They add just the right pop of pink to any bridal ensemble so you have a splash of color that doesn’t overshadow your look.

Our Charlotte jewelry set is a chic as it is subtle. Simple Austrian crystal marquis rhinestones have botanical beauty in a bridal necklace and jewelry set that is reminiscent of flowers.

The genuine Austrian crystal rhinestone necklace and earrings in this crystal bridal jewelry set are simply stunning. And we mean simple in the nicest possible way. Linked crystals move with you, making your every twist and turn brilliant. And, lest we forget, they look radiant in photographs! (As do all of the above suggestions, hint hint!)

Are you considering going small when it comes to your bridal accessories? If so, we’d love to hear why!