How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Necklace Length

The vast majority of brides choose a wedding dress long before they even think about choosing wedding jewelry, and that’s just as it should be. Think of your wedding dress as the focal point of your big day look – your accessories are the icing on the cake! When you’re picking out the perfect bridal necklace, for instance, your taste won’t be the only factor dictating your choice. Your gown’s neckline will largely determine the kind of bridal necklaces you’re choosing between. Some necklaces will accentuate the beauty of your gown while others can make a dress look awkward.

Are there rules for picking a bridal necklace? But of course! Just two, really, so this is one of the simpler to-dos brides-to-be need to tackle.

First, think of your neck. Brides with long, graceful necks can pull off bridal chokers and collar necklaces – provided they’re wearing wedding dresses with necklines that fall between the collarbones and the decolletage. On the other hand, brides whose best features lie elsewhere can make their necks look longer and more graceful with a teardrop pendant bridal necklace that brushes the top of the decolletage. A rope length necklace will be the most dramatic choice and will draw the eye up and down the body.

The second step is to consider your wedding dress’ neckline. On most brides, bridal necklaces should fall somewhere between the collarbones and the neckline of the gown – usually at least one inch higher than the latter or lower than the former. Very short and very necklaces can be absolutely gorgeous as long as they don’t overlap with a gown’s neckline. For the rare bride who has strong ideas about bridal necklaces before buying a wedding dress, we recommend cutting a ribbon that’s the same length as the perfect necklace and wearing it every time you hit the bridal salon.

And that’s about it! Happy shopping!

Shown: a rhinestone bridal choker; teardrop pendant necklace; elaborate bridal necklace; rhinestone wedding jewelry set