Is Flower Girl Jewelry a Must-Have?

Let’s talk flower girl jewelry. If a flower girl is little enough, the jewelry she wears at a wedding may be some of the first real jewelry she ever receives. You can probably guess that it’s not unusual for the bride and groom to give the flower girl a gift of a necklace and bracelet and maybe even earrings if she has pierced ears. But is flower girl jewelry a must-have line item on the average wedding budget? The short answer is no.

In terms of actual responsibility, the parents of the flower girl are typically on the hook for the flower girl dress and accessories. That said, we love the idea that our hypothetical flower girl will always think back on her first time in a wedding party as the first time anyone – in this case, the bride – gave her a special gift of jewelry.

Flower girls don’t even have to wear jewelry when it comes right down to it, of course, but what little girl wouldn’t go gaga over the opportunity to wear a grownup jewelry set? We say if you’re on the fence about putting flower girl jewelry in your wedding budget, consider that these accessories in miniature are usually very reasonably priced – and the sparkle in your flower girl’s eyes when you present her with her very own wedding jewelry set will make the cost worth every penny.