Know Your Wedding Jewelry: 4 Facts About Swarovski Crystal

Did you know that we carry a range of Swarovski crystal wedding jewelry? Our new Dareth Colburn collection features genuine Swarovski ELEMENTS, and we’re very proud of these new designs. But these are not the first Swarovski crystal pieces we’ve carried! In fact, Swarovski crystal wedding jewelry and veils have been one of our specialties since our beginning.

Yet we want to do something here to highlight the new collection and our newest Swarovski crystal pieces. We thought it would be fun to share some Swarovski crystal facts that you probably don’t already know. Oh, you probably know that Swarovski crystals are beautiful, but did you know:

1. Swarovski crystal isn’t actually made of true crystal. It’s actually better! The Swarovski crystals you see in fashion and décor are actually precision cut glass made with a top secret recipe of natural minerals, metals, and quartz. Because of their unique composition, Swarovski crystals are incredibly brilliant.

2. In 1892 Daniel Swarovski invented a new kind of crystal cutting machine that allowed cutters to create quality cuts like never before. His machine changed the crystal cutting process forever, and that was how Swarovski crystals came to be.

3. In 1995, the Swarovski group built an indeed theme park to celebrate its 100th birthday. The Swarovski Crystal Worlds theme park located in the heart of the Alps outside the town of Wattens, Austria features attractions like pieces created by Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol.

4. You can tell true Swarovski crystal apart from imitation in two ways. First, real Swarovski crystals will never have imperfections or bubbles within – instead, they are uniformly clear all the way through. And second, the facets on Swarovski crystal always meet at a single point.

We’ll admit that we didn’t know all of these facts until looking them up! Did you?

Shown: Naomi Swarovski earrings (part of the Dareth Colburn Collection); Corina Swarovski crystal and pearl bracelet (part of the Dareth Colburn Collection); a Swarovski monogram cake topper; Isadora Swarovski and pearl necklace (part of the Dareth Colburn Collection); single layer Swarovski edge veil