T.S. Asks About Choosing Wedding Jewelry

Have we mentioned that we love reader questions? Please share your questions about choosing wedding jewelry and more with us at our Facebook page – or connect with us on Twitter and ask there! The most recent question we received is all about balancing your wedding jewelry, wedding accessories, and wedding dress!

Q: I love big bold wedding jewelry like statement necklaces, drop earrings, and tiaras, but I’m really afraid of overwhelming my dress. How can I make sure I don’t go overboard with accessories? – T.S. in Cupertino

A: First off, T.S., congratulations on having such a conundrum – and for thinking about wedding jewelry as part of your overall big day ensemble. Too many brides buy their accessories without ever considering their gowns (or hairdos or wedding venue, etc.) so we’re pretty psyched when we encounter brides like you who actually care about this stuff!

There’s no one right way or wrong way to choose your wedding jewelry – as we’ve mentioned in the past – but we do suggest that brides think in terms of letting their wedding dresses, and not their wedding jewelry, stand out. After all, you can always wear your wedding jewelry again. The chances of you wearing your dress again are probably pretty low.

So when you’re buying wedding jewelry, make sure whatever you’ve chosen works with your gown. That might mean choosing a delicate bridal necklace set if your wedding dress is quite simple – or a funky, stand out statement necklace if your dress is a showstopper. Does your gown have an amazing neckline? Maybe skip the necklace altogether and choose longer, flashier bridal earrings. Then again, a wedding dress with a plunging strapless neckline practically screams out for a stunning, somewhat longer than usual necklace! An ornate necklace? Will always look better with a gown that has a large pattern of embellishments.

Don’t forget your other accessories, T.S.! If you’re wearing a bridal tiara with a very strong presence, choose simple earrings like jewel studs or single pearls. Unless your dress is quite lavish, in which case, go big! Brides who wear gloves seldom need bracelets. If you’re not sure whether your wedding jewelry and your accessories will play well together, do a trial run with a hairstyle that’s as close as you can get to your wedding day hairdo.

Finally remember that proportion is key. Your necklace, earrings, and bracelet should be balanced in terms of color, metal type, gemstone or pearl size, and design. This can be difficult if you’re not buying a bridal jewelry set, but remember that your jewelry doesn’t have to match exactly. Each piece just needs to compliment the others! One last piece of advice: Think of your wedding jewelry as an accent, rather than a focal point and you can’t go wrong.